Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


49. Honour Part 2

“Thank you for keeping her safe.” I whispered in his ear. I felt him smile.
            “Of course I would protect her; even if you weren’t my future sister-in-law.” I hugged him tighter.
            “Did you-?”
            “No, not yet.” He sighed. “Soon though.”
            “Sorry to cut your reunion short, but could we get on with this initiation?” North cut in. Kristoff released me and Jack immediately put a protective arm around my shoulders.
            “Careful ice boy. She’s mine.” Jack teased. Kristoff chuckled and wrapped an arm around Anna’s waist.
            “I got my own here Jacky.” Kristoff kidded. Since when did the two of them have a close relationship?
            “Elsa.” North started. “We’re ready when you are.” He was standing with a book in his hands with the other guardians standing behind him. Jack led me in front of North and took his place beside Bunny. I could practically hear Anna’s squeals in her mind once North cleared his throat and began.
            “Do you, Queen Elsa of Arendelle, pledge to protect the children or the world alongside the other Guardians?” he read.
            “I do.” The words came out naturally. Even though I was nervous as hell and I was trying my best not to shake, I knew this was the right thing.
            “Do you promise to spread the good and joy to the world through the minds of the children?”
            “I do.”
            “Do you pledge to fight against evil at all costs and refuse all temptations to do so for as long as you live?”
            “I do.”
            “Then by the power invested in us, Queen Elsa shall now become an honorary Guardian.” North announced. A smile stretched on my face as everyone around me cheered. Anna came from behind me and engulfed me in an embrace, followed by Cue, Kristoff, Julian, Olaf then the rest of the Guardians. All except Jack were suffocating me in a group hug. He looked at me with an amused expression. I shot him a glare that said ‘How could you leave me like this? Help me!’  Then he gave me one that said, ‘Hey you had this coming.’
            “Okay you guys.” Cue’s voice said. “Let’s let her go before we suffocate her.” Almost immediately the bodies started to leave me, allowing air to flow back into my lungs.
            “I wasn’t expecting that.” I gasped for air.
            “I don’t think either of us were.” Tooth giggled as she patted my back. “Congratulations.”
            “Thanks. I wonder what my first job will be.” I joked.
            “I have something in mind.”  North said. He motioned for me to follow him. I guess he must’ve given orders because Bunny and Jack were already gone.
            “What do you need?” I asked. North stopped in front of the scene of Lisa’s puppets.
            “You brought back Julian, you should probably bring these good people back too.” I nodded and looked down at Sandy.
            “You up for this?” I asked him. He smirked as he cracked his knuckles and stretched before walking over to one of the unconscious bodies.
            “So everything’s okay now?” Anna asked for what seemed like the millionth time. Even Kristofff noticed as he rolled his eyes.
            “Yes Anna. Arendelle is safe, I am safe, it’s all okay.” I replied as I walked in front of my door. She sighed in relief and Kristoff pulled her in close.
            “Would you stop hounding your sister? This dark circles under her eyes say she needs sleep.” He smiled. “Go get some sleep, you deserve it.”
            “Hey you don’t have to tell me twice.” I giggled as I started to feel the exhaustion start to creep into me. “Good night guys.”
            “No Elsa, good day.” Kristoff corrected as a very drowsy Anna yawned, they turned to leave and I entered my room without checking if anyone was in there. A set of arms snaked around my waist and a head rested on my shoulder, hugging me from behind.
            “I was wondering where you went.” I smiled as I touched his hands.
            “Sorry. North had me repair a few things they broke during the fight. Not fair at all really.” He chuckled as he planted a kiss on my cheek. I turned around to come in contact with his beautiful blue eyes.
            “You still haven’t congratulated me yet.” I smirked. He leaned in and brushed our lips together.
            “Congratulations Ica.” He said before bringing our lips together. I let my fingers rake into his hair as he held me close. As much as I wanted more, the extreme exhaustion was dragging me down.
            “You’re going to fall asleep on me aren’t you?” he teased.
            “Sorry.” I giggled. Before I realized what was going on, Jack swept me off my feet and flew us over to my bed. He gently laid my head in the pillows, but my fingers gripped his sweater before he could walk away from me.
            “Stay. Please.” I practically whispered. He nodded and climbed into the bed with me.
            “Hey now, just because you’re a Queen and an honorary Guardian doesn’t mean you have special privileges.”
            “No, I get special privileges because I’m yours.” I teased. He smiled and kissed my forehead. We stayed in silence for a bit, just reminiscing about our past together; from our first meeting, to our first dance. From the first time he made me smile, to our first kiss. From our first date, to the first thing he taught me. None of those gorgeous and brilliant memories would’ve happened if-
            “If I never said Hello on the ice.” He finished.
            “Was I thinking out loud again?” I blushed.
            “Yes, but that’s one of the many things I love about you.” He smiled before kissing my nose. I stole a peck from his lips just as a wave of exhaustion hit me hard.
            “I don’t want to sleep yet.” I groaned.
            “Well you have to.” he bossed. “Do you need anything that could help you drift?” I thought about it. Even though a serum or warm milk would help a lot, there was one thing that came to mind that stuck out like Olaf in a crowd.
            “Sing to me?” I whispered. I heard him chuckle as my eyes started to close.
            “Alright, my lady.” He agreed. I scooted closer to him just before he started to sing an unfamiliar, yet beautiful tune.

Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
Cause you're waiting for me
And I know, you're gonna be away a while
But I've got no plans at all to leave
And would you take away my hopes and dreams?
Just stay with me
All my senses come to life
While I'm stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I'll never leave again
Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you'll never leave again
Cause you are the only one
Take my hand and my
Heart and soul, I will
Only have these eyes for you
And you know, everything changes but
We'll be strangers if, we see this through
You could stay within these walls or leave
But just stay with me
All my senses come to life
While I'm stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I'll never leave again
Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you'll never leave again
Cause you are the only one…
            Without any hesitation, I pressed my lips to his before sleep could drag me down. He gladly kissed me back with a smile on his face.
            “I love you Jack.” I said before I felt myself start to drift.
            “I love you Elsa.” He hummed as he stroked my hair. I felt myself start to pull away from my body as I was being dragged into my dreams. A dream that in this moment was also a reality; no more fighting, no more fears, no more stress. It was just me in the arms of my beloved Jack Frost…

ANNDDDD SCENE!!! LOL The final author's note will be a whole 'chapter' so please read it :)

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