Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


48. Honour Part 1

Hey guys! Before you read this chapter i just want to inform you that there is another song that goes with this chapter. It's called One- Ed Sheeran. You'll know when to play it ;)

            My body was aching and the exhaustion fell onto my eyes, but I’ve never felt happier. In this moment, we had won; we had defeated Pitch and everything was like the way it should be. Happy thoughts flooded my mind as I watched the beautiful sun rise, yet his touch would always bring me back down to reality.
            “Hey you.” Jack murmured as his fingers laced with mine.
            “Hey you.” I repeated with a grin on my face. Without any hesitation, Jack pulled me into his arms and held me tight. I nuzzled in his shoulder while he did the same at the crock of my neck.
            “It’s over.” I sighed in relief.
            “I know. No more fighting.” He said as he planted kisses on my skin. I pulled away a little so I could see his face; I wanted to stay like this forever.
            “I love you.” It was a simple expression, yet it could still drive me crazy every time he says it.
            “I love you.” I repeated as I got on my toes to kiss him. He met me halfway and pressed our lips together. It was simple and loving, I never wanted it to end but-
            “Go get ‘er Jack!” an Aussie accent whistled.
            “Wooo! Go Jack!” a girl’s voice cheered.
            “Guardian of fun indeed.” A Russian accent teased. I broke our lips apart and hid my face in Jack’s shoulder while he laughed and stroked my hair. I looked up to find the Guardians still laughing and teasing, except Sandy who had an approving look on his face and his thumbs up.
            “You four always know when to cut in, don’t ya?” Jack smirked. Bunny scoffed.
            “Speak for yourself Frost.” He responded.
            “Oh name one time!” Jack challenged.
            “Easter ’68.”
            “… Yeah that was good.” Jack laughed.
            “Boys!” Tooth interrupted. “We’re supposed to be celebrating. We’ve done enough fighting for today.”
            “Sorry.” They said in unison.
            “Wait, where’s Cue?” North interjected. I tensed and my blood ran cold.
            “Crap!” I muttered as I pushed past the Guardians to get inside. They followed me as I ran to her.
            She was now lying in a pool of her own blood. Cue looked sick and pale… but she was still breathing.
            “Cue?” North called her. It took her awhile to respond, but she groaned and she forced her eyelid open.
            “What time is it?” she asked as if waking up. Even on the verge of death she still had her sense of humour.
            “Time for you to get up.” Jack kidded along with her. She started to giggle, but stopped as pain splashed on her face. Her breathing turned into small pants as North and Tooth started to wrap her up.
            “Don’t.” she stopped them and she gripped North’s wrist. “Just let me go. I could be with him.”
            “No!” I cried as I held her hand.
            “Cue stop.” Jack’s voice cracked.
            “Guys, I-“ she started.
            “I don’t think you should stop us Cue.” North interrupted as his brows furrowed.
            “Why?” she questioned and brought got everyone’s attention.
            “I think you want to stay with your baby.” He smiled. The room became silent at North’s words, but Cue was the first to break it.
            “What?” she wheezed. North chuckled as Jack and I exchanged a mixture of confused yet joyous expressions. North placed a hand on her belly.
            “It’s still very early, but I can feel his strong spirit already. You are pregnant Cue.” He explained.
            “How are you so sure it’s a boy?” Tooth smiled.
            “How can you not?” North defended.
            “Guys.” I stopped them before they could continue. I turned to look at Cue’s unreadable expression. “What do you want to do Cue?”
            “I-“ she became overwhelmed with her two decisions, however she knew what she wanted. “I want you to save me.” We all nodded and helped North and Tooth patch her up.
            “Good thing you’ve been taking Sandy’s serum. You might not have made it if you didn’t.” North remarked as he searched his pockets for something. He pulled out a syringe with a vibrant green fluid inside. He didn’t find a specific vein to stick her with, but he did poke close to her wound. Cue clutched my wrist without warning and squeezed tight enough to cut the circulation from my hand, but she didn’t thrash around like last time. By the time they finished fixing her, she was covered with a layer of sweat and exhaustion.
            “You need food and water.” North instructed.
            “I need to see him.” She wheezed. “One last time.”
            “Cue-“ North was about to protest.
            “Please…” she breathed.
            “North, just one time.” Tooth agreed. “Then she can rest.” I agreed with her and also pleaded to North. Eventually he gave in and helped Jack lift her to Julian’s corpse. They lay her right next to him, but once she took a glance she turned away.
            “Could you… fix him?” she pleaded with her eyes closed. Jack nodded and I jumped in to cover Cue’s ears before he could snap Julian’s neck in place. I pressed down as hard as I could because the snaps were fairly loud. When Jack and Bunny finished popping his joints back in place and his bones back together, I uncovered her ears to signal she was okay to look.
            “Oh my…” she trailed as she lightly stroked his cheeks as if to wipe away tears. As she touched his skin, I noticed that it would shift from dead grey to a natural pale, like how your skin would if you pressed down on yours and let the blood flow again.
            “Hey Jack, is that supposed to happen?” I whispered in his ear.
            “Look. It’s like her touch is making his blood flow back. I thought that doesn’t happen to a corpse.” I pointed out. “Do you think-?”
            “I don’t know… maybe. Hopefully.” He whispered in my ear. “I think we should tell North.”
            “Tell me what?” he interrupted our conversation.
            “If the blood stops flowing when the person is dead, why is Julian’s blood restoring under Cue’s hands?” I asked. North knitted his eyebrows and looked at what we were talking about.
            “How did Julian die exactly? Before he was a puppet?” North asked as he knelt down beside his body. Cue jerked back with a confused expression on her face.
            “I- Lisa, got him with an icicle.” I responded. “To the chest and stomach.”
            “What’d happening?” Cue questioned.
            “We’re trying to see something.” Jack answered.
            “See what?” Bunny asked.
            “Well there could be a chance that he’s still alive.” North revealed and he unbuttoned Julian’s shirt and exposed his bare skin. He was covered in bruises, most likely Cue’s doing, but that’s not what left us astonished.
            There were patched of ice where Lisa had jabbed Julian, and black veins surrounding each patch. The ice was still Lisa’s onyx hue, and I could feel that there was more ice inside his body.
            “Whoa.” Was all Jack or anyone managed to let out.
            “It’s like-“ Cue tried, but was lost for words.
            “Like the dark frost was healing him during the battle.” I completed for her. Silence washed over us at the sudden realization of what I could possibly do.
            “Elsa, could you try to…” North trailed as he tried to find words.
            “I’ll see what I can do.” I replied bending down, even though I had no clue what I was going to do. I wrapped my hand behind his neck; my fingertips touched ice.
            “Wait, help me lift him.” I ordered to anybody. North and Jack helped me sit Julian up. His spine was lined with black frost, and it branched out like it was outlining his nervous system. At the top of the spine, near the skull and behind his neck, the ice was cracked and separated. That was most likely where Cue broke his neck.
            “Who knew Pitch had this much in mind?” North gasped. “He really did plan out a lot. This probably works like a regular spine.”
            “Healing, controlling, but then stopped working because it broke.” Jack added. “You think if we fixed it, Julian could-?“
            “It’s worth a try.” I interrupted as Cue started to wipe away her tears. “Sandy, could you help me?” He cracked his knuckles and stretched his arms as he walked towards me. North and Jack gently lay him back down as I placed a hand on the patch of ice over his heart and cupped the back of his neck where the frozen spine was broken. Sandy placed his hands on top of mine and his magic began to flow into my fingertips. I felt my power channel into Julian’s body, getting into all the frost and replacing the nightmares with Sandy’s dream sand. I felt the crack form together underneath my touch and rid of Pitch’s evil. Then out of nowhere, I felt his chest rise underneath my palm, causing me to flinch back as if I was burned. Jack was at my side within the same second.
            “What happened? Did the darkness enter you again?” he panicked as he looked at my hands.
            “He moved-no. He breathed.” I gasped, not taking my eyes off of Julian. Cue leaned in and touched his cheek once more while taking his hand in the other.
            “Jul?” she murmured. Silence. Not a sound was heard as we all held our breaths for a response. Jack took my hand to stop it from shaking, but it didn’t stop the heartbeat in my ears. What seemed like minutes passed before North sighed in defeat. Tooth shook her head and Bunny and Sandy had frowns on their faces, signaling they had lost hope. I reached out for Cue once her shoulders slumped down in sorrow, but then-
            “Ouch.” A familiar voice groaned before coughing to clear his throat. Gasps of relief escaped from everyone as Julian squeezed his eyes shut before opening them again.
            “Oh my god! Jul!” Cue rejoiced before crashing their lips together. Jack swiped his thumb across my cheek, making me realize that I was crying.
            “You did it Ica.” Jack murmured in my ear before planting a kiss on my cheek.
            “Did what?” Julian asked as Cue helped him sit up.
            “Saved your life.” North answered as he searched his pockets for something once more. “Here.” He handed Julian a vial of clear fluid.
            “This is?” he hesitated.
            “Dragon’s saliva.” Jack answered nonchalantly.
            “And that will do what exactly?”
            “Get your energy up and help rejuvenate new cells and tissues.” North answered before Jack could make some sarcastic comment. Cue helped Julian raise the vial to his lips before he could protest as North tapped my shoulder.
            “Elsa, may I speak with you for a moment?” he whispered in my ear.
            “Of course.” I got up from the ground and followed him to the balcony. The sky was still orange from the rising sun and the birds were chirping away in a happy song; it was a beautiful day.
            “If only it could always be like this.” I sighed as I leaned on the balcony railing.
            “Well let me remind you that it was you who brought this incredible scene back to reality.” North smiled.
            “So what is it you wanted to talk about?” I asked before things could get awkward.
            “Well, where do I start?” North began. “Who is Queen Elsa if Arendelle? She is a woman who overcame her demons and learned self-acceptance. A woman who cares for her people and will fight with her life to protect those she loves. Am I correct?”
            “I suppose, but you may be upselling me North.” I giggled.
            “No. it is you that is underrating yourself.” North pointed out. “You may not realize just how smart, brave and kind you are. However there are a few souls that have.”
            “Yes, Jack, Anna and I hope the other Guardians.” I listed. 
            “Yes the other Guardians, as well as the main Guardian, The Man in the Moon.” North continued. My brows knit together in confusion. Jack had mentioned that name once or twice; he was the one who decided that Jack would become a guardian. Why would he have an eye on me?
            “Elsa, Manny is our leader. Before Pitch was planning on taking over Arendelle he had chosen another Guardian.” North revealed. “That guardian is you.” My breath hitched in my throat.
            “But I thought Guardians protect the children around the world. I can’t do that because-“
            “You are not immortal. Yet in this night you defeated one of our greatest enemies and saved this world. You are a Guardian Elsa.” North reminded me once more.
            “But I can’t be a Guardian.” I protested.
            “Maybe not at this time, but you don’t have to become a Guardian right now; we still have to find a way to make you immortal. And when we do, you will become one of us.” He offered.
            “Did she say yes yet?” Jack cut in as he walked onto the balcony. He walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my waist.
            “Wait, you knew about this?” I questioned.
            “Of course I knew.” He snorted.
            “So Elsa, what do you say?” North asked. I was lot for words, but in a good way. I was just offered this great honour, something I couldn’t possibly turn down. However I would have to give up so much once I became a guardian. I would have to give up my kingdom, my home and my family… but I would also be with Jack forever. As much as I love him, would I be okay with all of the sacrifices?
            “I- I need to think about it.” I stammered. I expected a different reaction from the both of them. However they both remained calm and respected my response.
            “I understand. It’s a lot to take in, plus you already have the responsibilities of being a queen.” North nodded.
            “It’s not that at all. It’s just, I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my life.” I admitted. Jack’s eyes suddenly brightened with an idea.
            “Then become an honorary Guardian for now. It could be like a trial until you decide if you want to be an official Guardian.” He suggested. “You can still have your normal life, and you can decide what you want to do when we find a way to give you immortality.” His words left North and I astounded.
            “That’s actually not that bad of an idea.” North agreed. They both turned to me waiting for my response. Maybe it was the extreme exhaustion, or the truth; but either way I said-
            “Yeah.” I nodded. “Yeah, let’s do it.” I smiled. “Make me and honorary Guardian.” Jack immediately ran up to me and embraced me while North called everyone onto the balcony. As everyone filed outside, Cue came up to me while supporting Julian on her shoulder.
            “There are other people here who I think you’d like to see.” She informed me.
            “Who?” I asked as I heard footsteps running in my direction. The next thing I knew, a set of arms wrapped around me as I was basically tackled into a hug.
            “Elsa!” her familiar voice cried as her grip on me tightened.
            “Anna.” I sighed as I hugged her back. Relief washed over me once I felt my sister’s touch; she was safe.
            “I saw the barrier! I was so worried.” She rushed in my ear.
            “We were so worried.” Kristoff corrected from behind her.
            “Yeah, you should’ve seen Anna. She nearly broke Kristoff’s arm when that dome thingy was made. But I was telling Anna to calm down because you were just making a ginormous snow globe… without the snow.” Olaf added with a fit of giggles. Sven rolled his eyes and Olaf began to imitate what I guess were Anna’s various expressions during the battle. When Anna finally released me from her bone-crushing hug, Kristoff immediately brought me into one of his own.

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