Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


27. Heartburn

            His flames grew larger and larger. Eventually his entire hand was engulfed in the fire.

            “Julian! Stop it before you burn the castle down!” I exclaimed trying to get away from the fire.

            “Sorry, sorry.” He said as he closed his fist to extinguish the flames. He patted down the ones that were still ablaze on the back of his hand.

            “That’s what I need to control.” He sighed as he took a bite of his bagel. I took a bit of time to calm down from what just happened.

            “H-how long have you been able to do that?” I stammered.

            “All my life… it was okay when I was a kid, except for whenever I got scared. But recently I’ve had trouble controlling it, and I need help.” He explained. “Back in Elrondy, we had our own kind of trolls, but they were elves. They all either died or moved on before I could ask for help. My mother told me of another source I could go to, and it happened to be here.” I nodded.

            “I see. What’s the worst thing you’ve done?” I accidentally asked. He tensed up and looked down.

            “I’m sorry, you don’t need to-“

            “It’s fine.” He cut me off. “It was a house fire… more like a club house fire. When I was eight, my brother and I had our own little hideout in the woods. One day we went and we both fell asleep… I had a nightmare, and when I woke up the room was on fire.” He told me. Tears started to form from his eyes as I felt the room get a little stuffy. “I can still hear Christian’s voice yelling for me to run… and the look on his face before the roof came crashing down on him…” I took hold of his shockingly cold hand.

            “It’s okay, you didn’t know any better.” I attempted to confront him. “It was an accident.”

            “I just wish it was me under the rubble. It was my fault, I killed him.” He cried.

            “That’s what I think whenever I see Anna.” I admitted. “I almost killed her… twice. And now I’m afraid I’m going to hurt Ja-“ I stopped myself mid- sentence.


            “Anna.” I tried.

            “You were saying another name before. Who’s was it?” he asked.


            “Is it the guy?” he teased. I felt heat rise to my head as I looked away. Julian laughed and patted my arm. “It’s okay Elsa. He’s really lucky to have you.”

            “No… I’m lucky to have him.” I smiled.

            “Okay seriously, you need to give me a name.” he continued.

            “Wha-? No!” I laughed.

            “Not even the first? Fine, how about the first letter?” he offered.

            “Fine…” I groaned taking a sip of juice.

            “Okay, let’s start with odd letters.” He said to himself. “S?”





            “Not even close.”


            “N-“ he face popped in my head. I wonder if she’s awake.

            “Really? Wow, what name begins with Q?” he thought out loud. “Quinncy?”

            “No… his name starts with J, and you just reminded me of something.” I said getting up.

            “Jeez, what made you so busy?” he huffed.

            “I’m going to check on a friend. You can come meet her if you like.” I invited.

            “Um… sure.” He said getting up. “Wait… what’s wrong with her?”


            “Well you suddenly want to visit a friend. What happened to her?” he asked as we started walking.

            “Oh…” Crap. Think of a lie. “Well she’s an old friend. She came here to visit, and yesterday she was… walking around and… fell down a hill? Anyway she wasn’t feeling too well so she stayed here for the night.” I lied, and a pretty good lie if I do say so myself.

            “Oh, okay. Where’s she from?” he asked as we got closer to her room.

            “… Here… She’s an old friend, so- Okay we’re here.” I cut before I could lie anymore. “She might be asleep, so let’s be quiet.” Julian nodded as I turned the door knob. Well, Cue wasn’t in her bad; she was up and stretching on the floor.

            “Oh, good morning Elsa.” She greeted. “… and Elsa’s handsome friend.”

            “Good morning to you Elsa’s surprisingly flexible and… gorgeous friend.” He greeted shyly.

            “Oh, sorry. Cue, this is Julian. Julian, she’s Cue.” I introduced.

            “What does the q stand for?” he wondered.

            “Q stands for…” I tried thinking of a name.

            “Quinn. I just rather people call me Cue.” She lied as she slowly got up from the floor. I went to her side to keep her upright.

            “Are you hungry? Do you need anything else?” I offered.

            “I am a little hungry, but I don’t think I can walk there yet.” She admitted. Just then an idea popped into my brain.

            “Okay. I’ll go get you something. Julian, could you get her to bed. I’ll be right back.” I commanded. To my surprise, Julian did not hesitate. He swiftly walked to her side and took her against his side.

            “Thanks.” Cue thanked both of us, but turned to me and gave a confusing look.

            “I’ll be back with some food.” I stated walking to the door. Julian was helping Cue onto the bed. While Julian wasn’t looking, Cue shot me a glare and I returned a wink. I quietly shut the door and made my way back to the dining hall with a smile on my face. Both of them looked like they needed someone, so why not get them together?

            “There you are.” Anna sighed when I walked in the dining hall. “I was wondering where you went. Where’s Julian?” I didn’t look at her; I just kept smiling as I made my way back to my seat.

            “He’s with Cue.” I smiled. “And they’re… binding.” Anna’s face lit up.

            “Tell me everything.” She squealed. As I started to explain, my favourite server Cassandra, walked in.

            “Cass, could you bring an assortment of fruit and bread to the guest room closest to mine. I have a few friends staying in there.” I ordered.

            “Certainly My Lady.” She bowed.

            “Cassandra, how many times have I told you to call me Elsa?” I asked.

            “And me Anna.” Anna nodded. “You’ve known us since we were children. You don’t have to call us ‘My Lady.’”

            “I am honoured that you think of me like that, but you are my mistresses until you say otherwise.” She said in her light voice. “Anything else… Elsa?”

            “I order you to call me Elsa and my sister Anna-“

            “Until we say otherwise.” Anna finished.

            “Very well… Anna.” Cassandra bowed as she left the room with a platter ot food in hand.

            “I love her.” Anna sighed.

            “Me too.” I agreed.

            “So anyway, continue.” She pushed on. I went back to how Pitch stole her immortality.

            “Oh, so that’s how he can see her.” Anna concluded.

            “Yep. And now they’re in her room, probably talking or doing things that shouldn’t be spoken of.” I teased. Anna leaned back into her chair smiling at the ceiling.

            “Wow. Good job Elsa. Didn’t know you were such a match maker.” Anna cooed.

            “Well it’s the least I can do for the both of them; especially Cue.” I muttered the last part.

            “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked as she sipped her juice.

            “She basically got Jack and I together.” I explained. Anna stopped chewing her bagel and looked at me.

            “What?” she muffled. I sighed, should I tell her? This was Cue’s business and I didn’t feel right sharing it.

            “Nothing. You should ask her yourself.” I waved it off. “And I need to go.” I got up from my seat.

            “Where’re you going?” Anna pouted.

            “I don’t plan on procrastinating anytime soon. I don’t have much to do, so I might see you later.” I answered.

            “Fine, I’ll just hangout with Olaf until then.” She whined.

            “Okay you do that.” I giggled ad I made my way to my study. I had a lot on my mind right now. Yes I had to take care of my people with my regular duties, but now I have a new duty. I don’t know if I will ever be ready for what comes next, I just know that I have to be ready. I guess my thoughts got to my head because I wasn’t paying attention to my footing. I literally tripped and fell flat on my face I was lucky enough nobody saw, so I pushed myself up and walked to the doors of my study ignoring the pounding in my head.  I touched the doorknob and felt something grainy. I lifted my hand to see my fingertips had black grains of sand.

            “No.” I gasped as I shoved the doors open. Books were off of the shelves and thrown onto the floor. My papers were scattered everywhere, and the furniture was flipped and tarnished. Black sand was spread all over the shelves and floor. However the mess didn’t bother me, my ink was what got to me. My container of ink was smashed on my desk and the content was smeared all over the window, leaving a clear message.

            North Mountain in 5 days. Alone. -P

Heyyyyy Guyssss!!!!! I hope you enjoyed this  chapter, because.... it wasn't that bad. Lol. i apologize in advance for spelling mistakes, i used my ipod to type most of this chapter. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys who are reading right now. i was just talking to my friends about this earlier. I was actually thinking about deleting this story in the beginning because i felt that nobody was reading. Now, here i am and here you all are, joining me in this fic and i just want to thank you for that. Tell me how i did please, it's the only way i can learn how to make this better for you guys :) i luv you all! Happy reading ;)

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