Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


36. Future

            “You should sing more often.” I stated as I played with his fingers with my good hand. Jack had lay down beside me after we were both done crying. One of his arms was under my shoulder and his other in the air playing along with my fingers.
            “Why?” he chuckled.
            “Your voice is so nice. You should be proud of it.” I explained.
            “But there’s really no reason for me to sing.” He defended.
            “… touché.” I pouted. Jack chuckled.
            “Okay, how about this? Once a day I will sing only for you.” He offered.
            “But now I feel like I’m forcing you.” I looked up to see his face. “Once a week- no… once every two weeks you’ll sing to me, since you might leave for long periods of time.”
            “Deal.” He agreed as his pinkie wrapped around mine. “Seal this promise with a kiss?”
            “Fine.” I sighed pretending to be annoyed, but really was more than happy to do so. Before our lips could meet, there was a knock on the door. The door slowly opened to reveal Cue on the other side.
            “You’re awake!” she cheered as she quietly shut the door behind her. She came up to Jack’s side and basically back handed the side of his head. “Jack you snake, you should’ve told us.”
            “Well in all fairness, I only woke up forty five minutes ago.” I defended.
            “Please tell me I don’t owe Anna another ten coins. She’s slowly draining me.” Cue teased. I remembered the bet her and Anna had made only a day ago, I didn’t know they were still betting.
            “Yeah… you owe her.” Jack said bluntly before I could answer.
            “Jack!” I whined as I playfully slapped his chest.
            “Fine!” he gave in. “You don’t owe her.”
            “Thank god! I only have five on me right now.” Cue sighed as she sat on the bed.
            “Wait, what did you guys bid on anyway?” I asked.
            “If you guys… did the dirty deed; And how many times you did it.” She admitted.
            “And you’ve lost how many times?”
            “Twice, but now we expanded it to whenever you’re alone… do you do it?” Cue explained.
            “Twice?” Jack smirked.
            “Yeah. Once in the morning, once at night… right?” she asked. “That’s what Anna said.” I started blushing at the realization of what we were talking about. How was I suddenly so open to it? Did that much of Jack really rub off on me?
            “Anna lied.” Jack admitted.
            “You guys didn’t?...” Cue asked confused.
            “No we did. But- wait why are we talking about this?” I questioned. “Change the subject.”
            “Wait, wait. So just once?” Cue clarified. I nodded and felt Jack nod as well.
            “Anna owes me 20 coins!” she cheered. I hid my face in Jack’s chest as I felt myself turn red. Jack on the other hand was chuckling out of sheer amusement.
            “Okay, okay. Subject change.” Jack requested as he rubbed circles on my back. He sat up against the headboard and brought me up with him.
            “Fine.” Cue sighed. “How are you feeling Elsa?”
            “I’m fine. I’ve actually never felt better, especially after what happened a few minutes ago.” I smiled. Jack tensed up when he realized what I was talking about.
            “Don’t say it.” Jack groaned.
            “I thought you only did it once.” She stated.
            “Not that Cue!” Jack and I said in unison. I looked up at Jack.
            “She has no clue I can do it.” He said looking down. “Actually, nobody knows.”
            “Do what?” Cue asked really intrigued for the answer. I looked at Jack and silently asked if it was okay to tell Cue. He just shrugged it off as if it wasn’t adorable yet sexy that he could sing.
            “He has the voice of an angel.” I sighed as I leaned on him. His arm around my shoulders tightened its grip waiting for Cue’s answer. She didn’t really have much to say… but she looked at Jack like she saw a new born puppy for the first time.
            “You guys are too adorable for words!” she squealed.
            “You shouldn’t have told her.” Jack whispered as Cue looked like she was about ready to explode. From what? I have no clue…
            “Yeah… sorry.” I whispered as we witnessed Cue fall to the floor and have a little freak-out. “She’s worse than Anna.” I said between my teeth.
            “Oh, don’t you dare tell Anna. She’ll flip.” Jack requested.
            “No… she’ll do more than just flip.” I pointed out. “Probably start rambling so much she can’t breathe, or start crying because she’s imagining what it would be like if we sang together, or worse, start planning out a wedding.”
            “That sounds about right.” He agreed. Then he said something else I never expected him to say. “But if we did have a wedding of our own, I wouldn’t mind it if it was a simple one.” I felt my fingertips run cold and my stomach constrict. I slid out of his grip and looked up at him.
            “What did you say?” I asked. Jack’s smile faded.
            “That if we were to have a wedding, I wouldn’t mind it if it was simple…” he trailed with a worried expression.
            “Do you realize what you’re talking about?” I started panicking.
            “What? I’m just thinking about a possible future. I never said I wanted to get married right now.” Jack defended.
            “Okay…” I sighed and calmed down. “It just sounded like-“
            “I know. But you and I both know it’s too early.” He finished. I nodded and sighed back into his chest.
            “I agree with you…” Then I started to wonder. “Do you think about that type of stuff often?” He shook his head.
            “Not really. Just when it comes to mind.” He admitted.
            “When what comes to mind?” Cue asked as she finally got up from the floor. Her eye make- up was smudged and she now has her hair in tangles.
            “Random thoughts about the future.” I answered trying not to laugh.
            “Oh, yeah. That’s normal. I used to do that a lot.” She said as she was about to sit on the bed with us. “Actually I should get going. Julian’s gonna worry about me.”
            “Okay. We night turn in too.” I lied. Cue walked towards the door.
            “I’ll see you in the morning.” She said as she shut the door closed.
            “Good night Cue!” Jack and I exclaimed.
            “Good night!” she shouted back from the other side of the door. I sat up and stretched. My shoulder was feeling okay, just a sore feeling on my muscles, but other then that everything felt normal.
            “Are we really turning in?” Jack asked.
            “If you want to; I don’t mind staying up.” I said as I shifted on the bed to get in a more comfortable position.
            “Just for a bit; It’s you that needs to rest.” He said as we continued our previous conversation.
            “So, what other things do you think about?” I asked him as I sat cross- legged in front of him.
            “Hey now, that’s not really fair. You didn’t answer the question I answered.” He whined.
            “What? About a wedding?” I asked.
            “Yeah.” He continued.
            “So we’re playing 20 questions again?” I clarified.
            “Well, it doesn’t have to be 20 questions, but if you ask me a question, you should answer it too.” He explained.
            “Okay, go one with your wedding invitation.” I encouraged.
             “Simple? Or so luxurious that the celebration lasts for an entire week?”
            “Well if it was up to me, I would have a simple wedding; but you and I both know Anna won’t let that happen.” I answered. “She’d make me wear this huge and puffy dress. She’d probably make the groom wear a prince’s suit, not to add that she’d invite all the kingdoms to come.” Suddenly I imagined what Jack would look like on the other end of the isle…. And my heart hurt because he looked so amazing.
            “Yeah. Okay, you’re turn.” He encouraged.
            “Okay… when you were out there, and Julian brought me here… did he see you? Like does he believe in you?”
            “Yes. Yes he does… and I’m not too proud about our first encounter.” He admitted.
            “What did you do?” I asked kind of worried for his answer.
            “Well, I pulled the same thing I did on you; the writing on windows. I wrote on the mirror when he was brushing his teeth. Poor guy thought he was being haunted by a ghost.” Jack told.
            “That’s mean!” I giggled.
            “Hey it worked on you! And I need to keep an eye on him too now that I know he has fire powers.” He defended.
            “Fine.” I let it go. “And I can’t really answer that question… so you ask one.”
            “Okay…” he said as he thought of one. His ears turned red and he cleared his throat before he asked me the question.
            “Back in the house, last night I mean; was I really your first time?” he asked. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and my throat went dry.
            “Um… yes. And I, uh, don’t know how I knew how to do those things to you. It just felt… right to do them.” I admitted looking away. Jack nodded and he cleared his throat.
            “Yeah, me too.” He said. “You were my first.”
            “Why is that surprising?” he questioned.
            “You seemed like you knew what you were doing… pretty well.” I explained. “Come on, not even Cue or another girl 300 years ago?”
            “No. And ew no! She’s not like that. It’s just you I’ve been with.” He said, but murmured something after. I don’t know if I was going crazy, but I swear he said ‘And hopefully only you.’
            “Wow… I just thought, you know. Have you seen you?” I giggled. “I thought you’d have girls all over you.”
            “Well they have to believe in me; so no. And I should be saying this to you. Guys should be all over you, AND they can see you. Why wouldn’t they be all over you?” He said as he looked in my eye. I realized how red I felt when he looked at me. Seriously, it was like Jack’s power to make me blush. I looked away and he chuckled.
            “Okay, change the subject.” He reminded me. “It’s your turn to ask the question.” I took a breath at I thought about what to ask him.
            “What else do you think about? Like, do you think about having kids?” I blurted.
            “Um… yeah. Well I’m not even sure if I can have kids.” He said in a glum voice. “They’d be fun to have around.” I giggled in response.
            “Jack Frost, spirit of winter, a father.” I giggled.
            “What’s so funny about that?” he questioned.
            “Nothing. It’s just that i can’t imagine you without your free spirit.” I answered.
            “Hey, I can teach the kid how to have a free spirit. Plus… I just love kids.” He defended.
            “How many would you want?”
            “Two. Ideal would be on boy and one girl. What about you? Have you thought about any of this?” Jack switched the talking to me.
            “I haven’t given that much thought to it.” I admitted.
            “Well to be fair, I did have 300 years to think about it.” He pointed out. “Come on; You’ve gotta have something in mind.” I inhaled and gave a lot of thought about it.
            “I think two would be nice. An older boy and a younger girl so the boy could look after his little sister.” I answered.
            “I was thinking the same.” Jack smiled. I looked up into his eyes as he met my gaze. I doubt it, but maybe he was thinking the same thing as me right now.
            “And as for the father… he would have to love the kids with all his heart. He would have to know how to have fun, but can also be serious when the time comes. And… he would have to be a protective type of man, because he wants to protect everyone he loves.” I felt Jack swallow before I asked him. “Who would you want for the mother of your children?”
            “Well, I already know she’d love her kids more than anyone can imagine. She’d be sweet, funny and knows how to take control.” He replied.
            “You don’t care what she looks like?” I teased.
            “No. she could have as many imperfections she thinks she has… but I’ll love her with all my heart. Even if she got old and wrinkled and she doesn’t see herself as pretty, she’d still be the most beautiful woman in the room.” I felt my heart melt and my stomach flutter. I got up and straddled Jack. He hands on my hips and my hands on his shoulder and cheek. We looked into each other’s eyes.
            “How am I so lucky to be with you?” I smiled. “To find someone so sweet and kind… and handsome. How did someone like me catch your eye?” Jack’s hand reached up and touched my hand on his cheek.
            “I just felt it.” He answered. “The moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you would change my life.” I felt myself blush and look down, for I suddenly felt insecure. Jack’s hand moved to my cheek and his thumb stroked my skin.
            “I don’t think you realize how beautiful you are.” He said as he leaned in and pecked my lips. I followed him as he pulled away, wanting more.
            “No… I don’t.” I whispered against his lips. Jack then did something I didn’t expect. An arm snaked around my waist and he supported my neck with his hand as he laid me on the bed.
            “Let me show you how beautiful you really are.” He growled in my ear. Shivers ran down my spine as I felt his teeth graze my earlobe.
            “Yes.” I sighed as my hands slid under his sweater and clutched his bare skin, and his lips came onto mine…

Hey guys!!!! I posted this one a little early because.... idk i had it ready. As you read, you know what happened. if you want me to i can write another chapter like last time. If not, then it's implied that... they did the dirty deed. Okay i have some things to tell you. First is, this chapter is a breather chapter for you guys. I didn't want to get into the action too fast after the possible sob fest from the last chapter. The rest of the story is pretty heavy, so yeah i just wanted to prepare you guys for that. And Next would have to be a favor from you guys. So as you know this story is coming to an end, however i do want to keep writing. sooo... i've narrowed it down and i want you guys to vote on what you want the see next. Would you want me to write a sequel to this fic, maybe featuring the Big Five (Hiccup, Merrida, and Rapunzel), or would you want to read an AU (alternate universe) of Jack and Elsa, like they would be in college or summer camp. Yeah so just let me know what you'd want next. Sorry if there were any mistakes, i'll fix that at the end.And let me know what you thought of this chapter ;) Luv you all! Happy REading;)

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