Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


4. Frost

            “Um… hello there. Who are you? Could you please show yourself?” I said to who or whatever it was. They/ it began to write on the ice again.

            You know who I am. You were wishing I was real just now.

            “When? I don’t even know who you are.”

            Yes you do. You were looking at a picture of me not too long ago. 

                Picture? The only picture I was looking at was…
            “Jack Frost?” I guessed. Suddenly, I felt another body behind me and a head hovering over my shoulder.
            “Correct answer… Queen Elsa.” A man’s voice said in my ear. I slowly spun around to find a tall boy standing behind me. He had a hooked wooden staff in his hand and a hood over his head so I couldn’t see his face. He was barefoot on the ice… but he still stood tall and proud.
            “I-impossible.” I stuttered as I stepped back. I slipped on the ice under my feet and fell back. He quickly caught me by my waist before my head could hit the ice.
            “Possible.” He simply said as he helped me stand straight. His hood fell to his shoulders and the moon shined down on his face. His hair was short and was white as snow. His eyes were big, blue… and beautiful. And his skin was so pale, it was almost as if he came from a black and white painting. I quickly released myself from his grip and stepped back.
            “No, no. This is impossible. I must’ve hit my head pretty hard somewhere. You don’t exist!” I rambled as I walked off the ice.
            “Yes I do. How do you think I caught you?” he countered as he followed me.
            “I think I’m dreaming. That I’m just asleep in my bed right now.” I guessed.
            “Well… sorry to burst your bubble but you’re actually talking to Jack Frost.” He answered as he grabbed my shoulder to stop me from walking.
            “You’re lying. I’m just going crazy, or you’re just a normal person who’s trying to crack a joke.” I snapped as I slapped his hand away. When our hands made contact, his hands felt colder than ice.
            “Oh yeah?”
            “Yeah.” I nodded.
            “Then how did the lake freeze over?” he asked as his face got closer to mine.
            “I did that.” I defended.
            “Then obviously you can thaw it out.” He smirked as he crossed his arms.
            Maybe I will.” I said as I raised a hand to thaw the ice. Nothing happened. I used both arms and all the energy I could to thaw the ice… nothing.
            “Having trouble there? Do you require some assistance? Would you like a hand from Jack Frost?” he said the more I struggled.
            “Okay smart one, let’s see you try.” I tried. Jack raised his hand and the ice quickly thawed out and dispersed. I stood there astonished as Jack started to chuckle.
            “Done deed.” He smirked.
            “I still can’t believe this.” I said making my way back to the castle.
            “Well what do you want me to do? Fly across the world with you? Decorate your palace with ice? Have an undefeated snowball fight like the one you had with your sister?” he asked.
            “Wait, how on earth did you know I had a snowball fight with my sister?” I asked as I spun around. Jack hesitated… and I already knew the answer.
            “You were watching us weren’t you?” I answered for him.
            “Well, it’s kind of my job, you know? I have to watch people around the world. More specifically children, but yeah that’s my job.” He explained.
            “To do what? What is your real job? Because I know your job isn’t just watching people.”
            “To help people have fun.” He answered. He looked away from me as if he remembered something painful.
            “Okay, we were having fun? So why were you watching us?” I asked as I walked by his side.
            “You’ll find the answer to that late- wait… you’re talking to me.” He quickly changed the subject.
            “Yes I am… so?”
            “You do believe I’m real.” He answered.
            “Don’t push it Frost.” I said walking into the palace again.
            “Last name basis. That’s cute.” He said as he followed me into the halls. I spun around and pushed his chest.
            “Could you leave me alone?” I snapped.
            “Elsa?” Anna’s voice came from behind me.
            “Anna, what’s wrong?” I answered her.
            “I think I should be asking you that question. Are you okay?” she asked as she felt my head.
            “Yeah, I’m fine. What’s wrong?” I asked her.
            “You were just talking and pushing at… well air.” She explained.
            “No I wasn’t.” I countered.
            “Yes you were. I saw you. Who do you want to leave you alone?” she asked me.
            “Me…” Jack whispered in my ear. Jack walked up to Anna and started waving in her face. She didn’t react at all. Then he tried to push her aside, but his arms went right through her. Only I saw Jack, only I could touch him. Soon my body felt heavy, my knees caved in. I fell to the floor and let my mind be dragged into a deep sleep.

TAAA DAAAA!!!!! YAAAYYYY THEY FINALLY METTTTT!!! I bet this is what you guys were actually waiting for. So yeah, here's chapter 4. I might post chapter 5 either today or tomorrow because i have my final exam tomorrow! And i'm like kinda panicking so yeah i'll just post it tomorrow. Please leave a comment to tell me what you guys think, and by all means tell what you think might happen. I'll see you guys again tomorrow (not literally since i can't actually see you) LOVE YOU ALL!!! Happy Reading ;) And for those of you who have exams like how i do, GOOD LUCK!!! YOU'LL DO FINE :D

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