Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


7. Fresh

            A ray of sun was what disturbed me from my beautiful slumber. It shown down directly on my eyes blinding me when I opened them. I groaned as I rolled over to the other side of the bed. My hand hung over the edge, but it came in contact with something soft. My fingers moved around the surface to see what it was… hair?
            “Mmm, that feels nice.” A deep voice said as I pressed my fingertips harder into what I assumed was a scalp. I opened one eye and peered over the other side of the bed to see who or what was on the floor.
            “Hey, why’d you stop?” Jack groaned as he was finally waking up. I shrieked and unexpectedly toppled over the other side of the bed and onto the floor.
            “Ica!” Jack exclaimed. He jumped on my bed and crawled to the other side to see me. “Are you okay?” I scrambled to my feet to meet his level.
            “What are you doing in my room?!” I practically screamed.
            “You said I could sleep in here last night… remember?” he replied.
            “I never said that Frost.”
            “Yes you did.” He countered. “Right before you knocked out, you said I could sleep here as long as I wasn’t on the bed… Then again you were practically half asleep.”
            “Yes, half asleep. Meaning I didn’t know what I was doing or saying.” I defended.
            “Half asleep, meaning you were half conscious.” He teased. I think he got my mood because he stopped smiling and he sighed.
            “Look, I’m sorry. You really did say that as I was about to leave. I was actually going to leave, but I needed to talk to you.” He admitted.
            “I’m listening.” I said as I crossed my arms. Jack got off the bed and looked me in the eye.
            “Okay, I know yesterday I didn’t give off the greatest first impression. I know I did come to you as a surprise, but I am here for a reason. A reason I can’t tell you, the less you know the better.” He explained.
            “So, since I may be here for some time, I want for whatever this is to start over.” He said as he made gestures towards me and him.
            “So you want a fresh start?” I clarified.
            “It would be nice.” He nodded and he scratched the back of his head. His apologetic face looked so god damn adorable.
            “I’d like that.” I agreed. He gave me a sweet crooked smile which made me smile too.
            “And I just realized that I’m a sucker for nice smiled.” I laughed at myself.
            “I realized that too. Maybe I should smile around you more often.” He winked.
            “Don’t push it Frost.” I smirked. I crawled back onto the bed. Jack sat cross legged beside me.
            “What are you doing today?” he asked me.
            “Well I plan to do what I’ve been doing for the past few days… paper work.” I admitted.
            “Yep. I’m very excited about it.” I said sarcastically as I began to stretch.
            “You’re the Queen. Aren’t you just supposed to attend parties and represent your country?”
            “No. Why do so many people think that?” I pondered. “We actually have more responsibilities than we had before as princesses.”
            “Bet you wish Anna could take this job.” Jack said as he rolled onto his stomach.
            “Sometimes, but I don’t want her free spirit to dim.” I explained.
            “What about your free spirit?” Jack asked.
            “Mine dimmed a long time ago.” I simply said. He looked at me sympathetically.
            “You can always get it back.” He pointed out.
            “Yeah, but it’s going to take a whole lot of work.” I added.
            “I could help with that.” He offered with a small smile. I didn’t answer because I heard someone knock on my door.
            “Come on.” I said. The door opened and I saw a small white figure walk towards the bed.
            “Good morning Elsa.” Olaf greeted.
            “Good morning Olaf.” I smiled.
            “You made a talking snowman? Impressive.” Jack observed Olaf. Olaf stopped looking at me and checked beside me.
            “Oh you have a boy here? I’m sorry.” Olaf apologized as he climbed on my bed.
            “Hi I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs.” Olaf said the Jack and he stuck his hand out. Jack took it.
            “Nice to meet you. Jack Frost.” He introduced himself.
            “Wait, Olaf? You can see him?” I asked.
            “Yeah why?”
            “And you can hear and touch him?”
            “Yeah why?”
            “How? Anna can’t, Kristoff can’t, nobody from the ball could.” I explained.
            “I think it’s because you created him.” Jack explained. “Someone explained it to me awhile back, probably Sandy or North. Whatever you create, you give a little of yourself too. Everything you believe, everything you’ve seen, Olaf probably believes and sees too.”
            “Wow, he’s smart.” Olaf interjected. “Is he your boyfriend?”
            “What? No, no. We just met yesterday.” I said,
            “But Anna said you have a boyfriend, and that you met him last night.” Olaf replied.
            “Julian?” Jack and I guessed in unison.
            “That’s him name! I just forgot.” Olaf chuckled.
            “Oh I like him.” Jack said patting Olaf on the head.
            “Julian is not my boyfriend! Why can’t you guys understand that?”
            “Because of last night.” Jack answered. Olaf nodded in agreement.
            “Olaf, you weren’t even there.” I snapped.
            “Even if I wasn’t there Anna told me everything. So it’s almost like I was.” He explained.
            “I have to set things straight with Anna today.” I groaned as I put my head in my hands.
            “Right, tell Anna Julian is not Elsa’s boyfriend, Jack is.” Olaf said to himself.
            “No! Just- Never mind…Olaf, could you get out?” I asked “I need to change.”
            “Okay. Do you want me to tell Anna for you?” he asked as he climbed off my bed.
            “No!... just wait for me outside. I’ll be there in a bit.” I commanded.
            “Alrighty Your Highness.” He bowed before he left the room.
            “What a nice guy.” Jack smiled.
            “Yes he is… now could you leave? Please? I have to get ready.” I asked getting off my bed.
            “Mmm…” he thought about it. I picked up my pillow and slammed it into him.
            “Alright, alright.” He laughed getting up. “I’ll see you later then.”
            “Um… sure.” I nodded, but I didn’t really want to go through last night again. Jack walked to my window and I walked towards him. I opened my window to access the balcony and he walked on. Jack turned to face me before he left.
            “I feel like I have to say a proper farewell to the Queen.” Jack realized.
            “You don’t have to.” I said raising my hands.
            “Well I have to be polite, so” he said taking my hand in his cold one. He bowed to me and looked me in the eye.
            “Farewell Queen Elsa.” He said before I felt his cold lips touch the top of my hand. I felt myself getting goosebumps ant his surprising gesture. Before I knew it he jumped and flew off the balcony, leaving me there in a slight daze. 

Heeyyyy guys! I hope you liked this chapter, because i did. I basically have a week off, so i'm gonna try to post as much as i can. i know this kinda came late, and i'm sorry! I had a bit of stuff to do... yeah. Tell me how i did so i can do better for you guys :) I Love You All!! Happy Reading ;)

P.S- sorry for any mistakes, i didn't have time to edit.... i'll edit everything at the end. :)

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