Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


9. Free

            Jack opened the door and practically dragged me through the hall despite my protests.
            “Jack” I hissed. “Where are you taking me?”
            “You’ll see when we get there.” He said really quickly. He dragged me around a few more turns until he found and entrance to a balcony. He pulled open the door and practically carried me outside.
            “Wow, you really like balconies.” I realized. He smirked as he shut the doors.
            “There’s a reason why I like them.” He said.
            “So… what are we doing here?” I asked. Jack came up to me.
            “This.” He stated as he scooped me up off the ground and into his arms. My instincts forced me to wrap my arms around his neck.
            “Oh my god! What are you-?”
            “How much do you trust me right now?” he cut me off again as he looked me in the eye.
            “Um… I don’t know. I guess I have to since I have no choice.” I replied.
            “Good. Hold on to me.” Was the last thing he said before he started running,
            “Jack? What are-?” I was cut off again because I started screaming. Jack jumped up and he flew into the air with me in his arms. I felt him tighten his grip around my legs and my back while my arms wrapped tighter around his neck. I kept my eyes shut since I was too afraid of what I might see.
            “Elsa, it’s okay.” Jack assured me. “You can open your eyes.”
            “I’m going to fall!” I shrieked. I felt him chuckle.
            “I’ll never let you fall.” He whispered in my ear. I could hear the sincerity in his voice… he would never allow me to fall.
            “Come on.” He encouraged. “Let me see your eyes.” I slowly forced my eyelids open and I gasped at the wonderful sight. We were flying over Arendelle. We were high enough to look like birds to citizens, so nobody realized that the queen was soaring above their heads. I’m not going to lie, it was breath takingly beautiful.
            “Wow.” I gasped as I tightened my grip around him.
            “It’s not so bad you see?” he pointed out.
            “Yeah, I’ve never seen Arendelle like this. Only in maps and on the ground.”
            “Well I didn’t take you up here just to see the view.” He admitted. “Hang on.”
            “Wait, what?” As soon as those words left my mouth, we zoomed in the sky at an alarming speed. I bit my lip to keep from screaming and Jack kept his eyes in front of him. The ground was coming up close, and Jack stood up right so his feet landed on the grass.
            “Okay, we’re here.” Jack said as he set my feet on the ground. Even though he set me down, I still clung to him and put my head in his chest. I was still shaking from what just happened before.
            “Just give me a minute.” I said into his hoodie. I felt him nod, but he wrapped his arms around me. I felt his hands rub my back and the side of my arms to help calm me down.
            “I’m sorry. I should’ve asked you before-“
            “It’s okay.” I cut him off. “It’s fine. I just wasn’t expecting you to do that.” I looked up to meet his gaze. Even though his touch was usually cold, it was very comfortable. Actually everything was fairly comfortable. The way my body kind of fit his like a piece of a missing puzzle. The way his hands rested nicely on my hips… the way his eyes gazed into mine…
            “Are you okay now?” he asked me.
            “Um… yeah.” I replied as I pulled myself away from him.
            “Okay. Well, we’re here!” he exclaimed as he gestured to the area around us. We were at the bottom of the North Mountain. The bottom was like a borderline between spring and winter. Right now, I was on the spring side.
            “You coming?” Jack asked as he stretched his hand to me.
            “Why are we here Jack?” I wondered as I took his hand.
            “Just trust me.” He said as he led me up the mountain. When we were about a castle’s height up the mountain, we stopped. My feet were buried in snow and the cold air began to seep through the pores of my clothing.
            “Here. No, let’s see what you can do.” Jack smirked as he backed away from me.
            “You heard me. Let me see what you can do.” Jack repeated.
            “You’re absurd!” I exclaimed. “I already know what I’m capable of!”
            “But your powers have gotten stronger and will only continue to grow.” Jack reminded me. “And you let fear control you back then as well. What can you do without fear?” he leaned on his staff and faced me.
            “What do you expect me to do?”
            “Just let it go! Be free!” he encouraged.
            “Jack… I don’t know.”
            “Come on! What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll do what I can to stop you if it does get too hectic. You did it once before. Why can’t you do it again?”
            “You don’t understand Jack. That was when I ran away. I’m the Queen now. I have duties and responsibilities. My people look up to me and expect a leader, not anything less. I can’t be free anymore.” I ranted.
            “Yes, they’re looking for a leader, someone to look up to. That means they’re going to follow you as an example. Yes you have duties and responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Your people want you to be happy and free, so why don’t you deliver?” he pointed out.
            “Well it isn’t that easy.” I said falling to my knees. Jack sighed. He stretched his hand out and blew into his palm. A glowing snowball was created in his hand, and he tossed it up.
            “What are you doing?” I asked as he caught it in his palm.
            “I didn’t want to do this.” He teased. Before I knew it, Jack whipped the snowball at me. My arms raised to block it, but it landed on my chest. I felt a feeling rise up, so I stood expecting to yell. Instead a rush of happiness spread inside me, and I started giggling.
            “What- did- you- do?” I said between laughs. Jack readied another snowball with a smile.
            “Hey that wasn’t the only one.” He smirked as he tossed the ball of ice in the air. I quickly created a snowball in my hand.
            “Bring it on.” I challenged. I whipped the snowball and it hit Jack square in the chest.
            “Oh, it’s on.” He teased as he chased me. We kept throwing snowballs as we ran up the mountain. Not long after, we weren’t running up but straight.
            “Plateau!” I warned Jack. The plateau had rocks the size of trees scattered all over and a lake in the centre. I ran behind the rocks to take cover.
            “Now we’re talking.” I heard Jack say from the other side of the rock. The crunching of snow alerted me that he was coming. Quickly I formed a panel of ice my height to block what was going to come. The crunching stopped, so I leaped and started running. Jack’s snowballs hit my shield of ice.
            “Hey! No fair!” Jack chuckled. I just kept running. I threw my shield aside and ran onto the lake. Jack came not too far behind me.
            “This can go on for a while.” I pointed out.
            “Shall we put this battle on hols My Lady?” Jack suggested.
            “I think that would be most wise Mr. Frost.” I played along. I stuck my hand out for a deal. Jack however had other plans. He took my hand and shook it, then twirled me around and brought me towards him. When I stopped, Jack was pressed right up against me; his hand in mine, and his other on my hip.
            “May I have this dance Queen Ica?” he smirked. I pulled away.
            “Um- I don’t dance.” I admitted.
            “Neither do I.” he said as he placed my hand on his shoulder and his hand on my hip. I didn’t stop him… I followed his moved and yes we danced on the ice. With the wind zipping by with every movement I felt as if I was flying again… Only this time my breath taking view was Jack. The way his hair blew in the wind. The way his cold hand felt in mine. The way he hummed to a song so we had some sort of rhythm to dance with. The way he smiled when he looked into my eyes. Everything was breath taking. Neither of us were paying attention, and we tripped and fell on the edge of the lake. I fell on the snow… with Jack on top of me.
            “I’m sorry, are you alright?” Jack panicked. I giggled.
            “I’ve never felt better.” I exhaled. “Thank you.”
            “I was happy to do it.” Jack answered. It was then when I realized that our legs were intertwined, his body was lightly on top of mine, and out faces were only inches apart. Neither of us said anything for a little while. We just looked at each other in silence… then his fingers traced my jaw… and my hands found its way into his soft hair. I felt his fingers take my chin and tilted my head up. Jack leaned in, and I did the same, then…-
            No Elsa! Stop. I said to myself. I pulled away from him, and I felt my cheeks heat up.
            “Um… we should get back.” I murmured. Jack looked away and nodded.
            “Yeah, they’re probably looking for the Queen…”

HEYYYY!!! I'm sooo sorry for not posting yesterday. i actually felt like crap, so to make up for it i tried to make this chapter as long as i could. So yeah i hope you enjoyed it ;) I'm going to let you guys know now that since i'm starting school on friday (wahhhhhhhh!!!! I don't wannaaaa!!!!) i'm going to be posting wayy less. Even though i really don't want to, i was thinking that i may post on the weekends... and maybe a few times in between. so yeah that's gonna happen. And i just wanted you guys to know that your comments encourage me to continue writing for you, and give you more chapters like this (meaning getting feels... i got feels writing this chapter). I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'll edit it later. I Love You All!! Happy Reading ;)  

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