Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


50. Final Author's Note :')

AND HERE WE ARE!!! The end to this fantabulous book. LOL I honestly cannot believe that it's over. This fic has now become a huge part of my life, and i thank you all SOOO MUCH FOR THAT!! Like i honestly want to cry right now because well, i finished this fic on my 16th birthday (which is the 13th of august sooo yeah...)!!! WOOOOO!!!! 

       There are a few things i want to say before i log off.... lol. The first thing is, Thank you all sooo soo much for staying with me until the end. you honestly have no clue how much it means to me. And yesterday i found out that the total amount of view for this fic from all the sites i used just cracked over 650K!!!! LIke asdfghjkl;lkdfjgbgbkdfb This has never happened to me before and i thank you all soo much becaue without you, this never would've happened.

        I have mentioned before that i'm doing a sequel to this fic, and i'm going to tell you now that my mind has not changed. I recently watched HTTYD2 (which is pretty fricken amazeballz!!! I totally recommend it!) swo now i've got everything i need to make it. i just need to do some tweeking in the plot before i actually get started. And no i have not come up with a title yet, but just stay tuned because i will let you guys know when i do.

        Next order of beeswax, I do have another fic in mind. I even have a title, and a plot in mind. It's a College Au of Jelsa with either jocky Jack or punk Jack. It's called Ice Skates & Guitar Strings. The prologue Will be up soon, and by soon i mean when i have a chance to type it, and by that it might be later today :D

            I know i talked about this before, and i shall mention it again. Plagiarism.... there was another person who did this. And i was truly debating  on deleting this story... but then i realized how stupid and pretty heartless that would be, so i'm keeping this up. All i ask of you guys is, if you see any more plagiarism, report it for me, and if they still don;t take it down just to please let me know. I'll see what i can do :)

        If you want to get a taste of my life, follow me on twitter- Raysay813 ,Tumblr- kickassrey ,and kik- reyzel813

And finally, I just want to say again THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!! I LUV YOU ALL DOWN TO YOUR BONES AND SOULS... that sounded weird, but then again i am an odd child soooooo it doesn't even matter :). YOU GUYS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I'LL SEE YOU SOON!! HAPPY READING ;)


P.S- I'll edit when i've got the time ;)

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