Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


44. Fears *Jack's P.O.V*

            Cue and I followed the trail of black ice. The longer we followed the trail, the faster the temperature dropped and the walls became plastered in black frost. We stopped when we approached the bottom of a spiral staircase.
            “The top of the tower.” Cue stated. “How cliché.”
            “Well what would you prefer? The damp and dark basement where nobody goes? Or the dungeon?”
            “Where Pitch belongs? Yes.” Cue snapped as we started to climb the stairs. At first there was just a small trail of ice, but then it stretched to the entire step the farther we climbed up. Not long after, there were sharp black icicles sticking out from the wall and railing prepared to impale anyone who wasn’t cautious. We tried to maneuver ourselves around the spikes, but got a few scrapes and scratches in the process. By the time we reached the top of the stairs, Cue’s cloths were fairly torn, especially her top, and my cloths had a few tears at my pants. Lucky enough, the shards of ice didn’t pierce our skin, but there were scratches all over our bodies.
            “Imagine if we slipped on the ice.” Cue panted.
            “I think that’s what it’s meant for.” I pointed out looking down. The ice was so strategically placed, if you slipped on the ice you would either get an icicle in you, or fell down the stairs. Either way, it was a clever defense. We turned to face our final obstacle, the door frozen shut with black ice.
            “Kick it down?” Cue suggested.
            “I’d break my leg.” I countered. I touched the ice to see if anything could be altered. The moment my fingertips connected with the cold surface, little spots formed under my fingertips and turned the ice grey. The image of Elsa flashed in my eyes and a small wave of fear washed over me. I retracted my hand immediately, to see my fingertips had left blue spots on the onyx ice.
            “What the hell did you do?” cue asked.
            “Found out a way to get in.” I answered as I put my staff against the wall. “This is gonna suck.”
            “Why? What happened?”
            “Fears enter you once you touch the ice; but as it enters you it leaves the ice meaning you can go through.” I explained as I readied myself for what was going to come. Cue grabbed one of my wrists before I could touch the fear again.
            “You can’t do this alone.” She argued. “Maybe I could help you in some way.”
            “Jack, I need you in there. I’m helping you.” She protested as she took the other side of the frozen frame.
            “Fine. Just resist the feeling to retract.” In all honesty, I didn’t know if I should do this. I have no clue what the effects could be if I held on for too long. Cue looked at me as she drew a breath.
            “I’ll just fight the fears as they come.” She told herself. I nodded and at the same time we lay our palms on the cold onyx surface. I shut my eyes as the fear washed over me.
            I was in a dark place. I wasn’t touching the ground, nor was I floating. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my breaths. Then-
            “Jack. I’m scared.” A familiar voice said in front of me. I blinked and the scene changed. I was in my brown cloak, barefoot on the cracking ice. In front of me was a litte girl with brown hair and brown eyes… my little sister. Underneath her feet, the ice was breaking.
            “Emma…” I gasped as I took a cautious step forward; the ice broke a little more and my sister looked at me with even more fear. “You’re gonna be alright, you’re not gonna fall in… We’re gonna have a little fun instead.”
            “No we’re not!” she cried as the ice continued to crack.
            “Would I trick you?” I repeated like last time.
            “Yes! You always play tricks!” she cried. I remember how this ends; I save my little sister. I looked around to find my staff… but it was nowhere to be found.
            “N-not this time.” I stuttered. How do I save her now? The ice cracked faster than I remembered, causing my heart to race and my mind to start panicing. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”
            Think Jack. How do people usually get out of this?
            “We’re gonna play hop-scotch; like we lay every day.” I recited. “One.” I took one step and the ice cracked. “Two.” Another. “Three.” I was safe on the more solidified ice. Okay, how do I get her without my staff?
            “Okay, umm forget hop- scotch. Lay on your belly like-“
            “How you sleep?” she giggled trying to calm herself down. She slowly lowered her body on the ice and lay flat on her stomach.
            “Now what?” she cried.
            “Slowly crawl towards me. Try not to use your legs.” I instructed.
            “Jack, I’m going to fall.” She said with worry in her eyes.
            “No you won’t, I promise.” I assured her as I took a few steps forward and got to my knees. She nodded and slowly started to slide herself towards me. I kept telling her assuring things as she got closer so she wouldn’t notice the ice start cracking again.
            “You’re doing great.” I encouraged once she was halfway towards me. She smiled and kept focusing on crawling towards me. I smiled… then something came into my peripherals.
            A set of red eyes glowed in the shadows of the forest behind Emma. The creature slowly walked forward; a black wolf baring its teeth.
            “Jack?” Emma’s voice cut in my thoughts. “What’s wrong?”
            “Nothing.” I managed to keep my voice straight. “Just keep your eyes on me and keep coming.” She didn’t protest, she just kept going as I monitored the hound. The closer Emma got to me, the more terrifying the wolf became. I saw him prepare to pounce when Emma was 2/3s away. Without even realizing, my sister was only 5 feet away from me. A smile started to form on both of our faces as she realized how close she was.
            “Quickly.” I urged… but the wolf pounced and charged onto the ice. Emma heard the growls and turned to see where they were coming from. At that moment, I blacked out; I just heard a high pitched scream of terror and the sounds of shattering ice. There was a split second of clarity to reveal what I had done; I had leaped up from my position and tackled the canine before it could sink its teeth into my little sister. I caught a glimpse of Emma as she got up from the ice before the animal’s back connected with the broken ice and we fell into the freezing water. It was so cold, it felt like I was being stabbed by 1000 knives all at once. I tried my best to shove away all the pain that came to me and kick to the surface… until I felt a set of jaws catch my right ankle and drag me down. I closed my eyes and started fighting to the surface. Not long after, my lungs were burning and I felt my limbs go weak.
            “Ouch Jamie! I’m telling mom!” a girls voice screamed nearby.
            I opened my eyes to find that I wasn’t at the lake anymore. I was sitting on the fence of Jamie Bennett’s yard.
            “Oh come on Sophie! It was just a snowball.” He called to his sister He looked older than when I last saw him. He looked like he was 16 years old now, and Sophie looked like she was 10; what happened?
            “It could be messed up like this weather we’ve been having! You’re throwing snow at me in July!” she cried as she brushed the snow out of her hair.
            “Global warming does weird things I guess.” He guessed as he made another snowball.
            “Yeah it does; but I’m supposed to be tanning in July, not freezing my butt off!!” she argued as she rubbed her hands together to get them warm.
            “Fine, fine. Buy how would we have gotten snow then? Jack Frost?” he chuckled as he tossed his snowball in the air.
            “Ha ha, very funny.” Sophie snorted as she picked up some rocks to make a snowman. I couldn’t hear any more of their conversation, I needed answers.
            “Jamie!” I exclaimed as I jumped off of the fence. “What’s happening?”
            “Whoa, there’s so much ice on the ground.” Sophie said as she almost slipped on my frost trail.
            “We should make an ice rink.” Jamie suggested.
            “Jamie!” I tried again. He turned in my direction and walked towards me.
            “What’s going on here-?” I didn’t finish asking him because he had just walked right through me. My breath hitched in my throat when I finally realized what was happening; they don’t believe in me anymore.
            “Why?” Sophie asked. “There’s a frozen lake right over the fence.”
            “Yeah, but you won’t fall through in this one…. Wait, did you feel that?” Jamie stopped.
            “Yeah… it got colder.” Sophie agreed.
            “It’s me!” I snapped.
            “Should we go inside?” Sophie suggested.
            “Yeah, and have some hot chocolate.” Jamie added. He took her hand and they started walking to the back door. Think Jack, make them believe in you. When Jamie’s hand touched the doorknob, a layer of my frost sealed it shut.
            “Crap.” He cursed as he tried to open the door.
            “Can we go through the garage? It’s freezing.” Sophie pleaded.
            “Yeah, let’s try.” He agreed. They walked towards the exit of the backyard, but I froze that shut too. I had to make them believe in me… like how I made Elsa believe in me. My frost spread from the door and onto the window closest to them.
            “Jamie.” Sophie stopped him before he could try to exit. “The window.”
            “What is it?” he asked as he looked. When both of them were focuses on the glass, that’s when I began to write.
            “J-Jamie, this isn’t funny.” Sophie stuttered as she gripped his arm.
            “I know; that’s impossible.” He said. “There is now Jack- Sophie.” I turned away from the glass to see what was happening. Sophie was looking right at me with wide eyes and a red face.
            “Jack Frost.” She gasped I cleared my throat.
            “Hey Sophie.” I smiled. I thought she would have reacted differently; instead she rolled her eyes back and collapsed.
            “Sophie!” Jamie caught her before her head hit the ground. I ran to them as Jamie gently lay her head down. He tried shaking her awake, even giving light slaps on her cheeks to try and wake her up.
            “Do I have some magic power?” I sighed as I bent down to help. I pushed some hair away from Sophie’s eyes. “I mean, she’s the third girl that’s fainted.” It took me a few seconds to realize that Jamie wasn’t moving either. I turned to him and saw he was looking at me with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open.
            “Jamie?” I asked.
            “J-Jack Frost.” He gasped. A small wave of relief washed over me.
            “You can see me now.”
            “Jack Frost?!” he repeated again a little louder.
            “The one and only.”
            “You’re real?!”
            “Better believe it… wait, you already do.” I smiled. Jamie smiled too, but then a bright light flashed in my eyes. It was so bright I ended up falling on my back to get away from it.
            I blinked a few times to adjust to the change.
            “Jack.” A familiar voice said to me. I blinked one more time. I was in Elsa’s room… in her bed.
            “Hey, are you okay there?” the voice said beside me. I looked beside me just as her familiar touch fell onto my cheek. I caught her gaze in mine; she looked fine, normal even.
            “Yeah, I’m okay.” I sighed as I touched her cheek. “Just a dream.”
            “Nightmare? What happened?” she asked. “You were scaring me Jack. You started thrashing and screaming.”
            “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” I said. “It was just a really bad dream. Go back to sleep.”
            “Actually, I have to pee.” She admitted as she got up from the bed. Her long platinum hair hung loosely down her back, and she wore my blue sweater.
            “Jack, go to sleep. I’ll be right back.” She cut through my thoughts and made her way out of her room. I lay my head back into the pillows.
            Was it all a dream? Elsa becoming Pitch’s puppet? Julian’s death? The battle between nightmares and dreams? Was it all just one big nightmare? I sighed and got off the bed since I wasn’t tired anymore and I needed to stretch. I walked around the empty spaces of Elsa’s room, that’s when I realized… where was my staff? It wasn’t leaning on her dresser like how it always was. Maybe I left it on the balcony by accident.
            I walked to her balcony doors and forced them open… nothing. A gust of cold wind blew into the room causing me to shiver. Damn it was cold out tonight; wait…I thought it was cold out, I shiveredbecause I was cold. How was that possible? I shut the doors and walked to the closest mirror. Now I knew I was still in my fears; my hair was brown and well as my eyes, and my skin wasn’t as pale as it normally was… it was kind of golden and rosy. Okay, I was in my fears, but what exactly was-
            “Jack!” Elsa screamed from the halls. My feet carried me out the door and towards her cry.
            “Elsa!” I called out. Right in the hall a black figure held Elsa captive with a blade pressed against her neck. Where were the guards? I looked again and realized… we weren’t in the castle; maybe in a house of our own. There was one main thing that was different; Elsa’s hair wasn’t platinum anymore, but brown… she had lost her powers too.
            “Don’t come near, or I’ll cut her pretty head from her shoulders.” He said as he held Elsa tighter. She looked terrified and helpless, like how I was feeling right now.
            “Whoa.” I started putting my hands in front of me. “What you want, we can give. Just don’t hurt her.”
            “Jack, run.” Elsa whimpered.
            “Shut it you!” the figure screamed. I took a few cautious steps forward. “Valuables. That’s what I’m here for.”
            “Valuables, you got it. Gold, jewels, silver…” I trailed off when I saw a crystal ball on the table beside me. “All yours.” I slowly inched towards it.
            “I’ll give you five minutes, or she gets it.” He threatened.
            “You got it dude. Let’s start with-“ I didn’t finish cause I grabbed the hard rock and whipped it towards his head; It hit the target right where I wanted it to. His grip released on Elsa as he toppled over and she ran into my arms.
            “Are you okay?” I quickly asked.
            “Yeah, let’s go.” She sped. Just as she turned, I saw movement in the corner of my eye. I quickly jumped in front of Elsa to cover her body with mine and felt a sharp pain in my back. My left arm instantly went numb as the pain dug into my chest too. I fell to the floor and started to feel a hot liquid leave me along with my body heat. It hurt to breath and my eyelids felt heavy; so I closed my eyes and waited for what was coming to me.
            I was forced away from the cold surface. My head pounded and my chest felt heavy, but I was free. I rubbed my eyes so my blurry vision could focus. I looked up to see what we had done. The ice was purified and was now shining a normal light blue.
            “Cue.” I croaked. My throat felt scratch, but it wasn’t too painful. “Cue we did it.” She didn’t answer.
            “Cue?” I turned to her side; she lay unconscious on the ground.
            “Oh god, not now.” I panicked as I ran to her. “Wake up Cue! Come on! It’s okay now.” She looked sick, and her forehead was covered in beads of sweat.
            “Come on Cue wake up!” I said as I lightly slapped her face.
            “You were right.” She groaned. “That sucked.” She winced as she sat up to stretch.
            “Are you okay?” I asked as I helped her up. She was shaking like crazy, like she was freezing.
            “Yeah, I just need a moment to recover.” She confirmed as she stretched. I did the same and massaged the knots in my muscles.
            “Ready when you are.” She said as she gripped her bow.
            “Let’s go.” I nodded as I pressed me hand on the ice; it started to crack underneath my palms. Soon the barrier shattered and left the door free for us to enter.
            “Remember, we work together. Don’t do anything rational in there.” I reminded her before she opened the door.
            “Same goes for you.” She responded as she loaded her bow with a gold arrow.
            I inhaled once more before I silently opened the door and burst into the room of darkness…


Make a mental note guys; when i say i'm gonna post something on a specific day, dont believe me. So much crap is happening to me now that it's summer, plus my computer crashed on monday and erased the chapter so i couldn't update when i wanted to. so you I AM SOOOO SORRY FOR THAT!!!! On another note, I'M FREEE!!!!! NO MORE EXAMS, NO MORE STRESSING OUT!!!!! Well you guys should know that i applied for a position at a summer camp, so if i dont post that often that's probably whats going on with me :)  just a fair warning. and i want you guys to let me know something; the next several chapters are like one right after the other, so do you want me to give them to you one at a time with less waiting, or would you rather wait a longer time but i give them to you all at once? just let me know so i can plan stuff out. Hopefully i'll be able to post faster than i normally do. Luv you all! Happy Reading ;)

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