Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


33. Darkness

            “Elsa” a voice called in the distance. My breathing slowed as I felt myself start to fade away.
            “Elsa!” it, wait, he called again. Another heat shot washed over my body. The next thing I knew, I was being shaken awake.
            “Wake up!” he called again. I groaned as I forced my eyes open. The first thing I saw were his blue eyes, then his brown hair.
            “Hey Julian.” I groaned. “You should be running right now.” Even though my body was numb, I felt him touch my left shoulder.
            “And you should stay awake my Lady.” He replied a little worried. He scooped me up in his arms and ran into the woods. I looked over behind him; the swarm of creatures went down to a dozen, and a huge fire was ablaze on the border of grass and snow.
            “They’re coming.” I murmured.
            “I know, but I have to get you home first.” He panted. He suddenly stopped and lifted me onto something high… a horse. Once he climbed on. We immediately started galloping forward. I felt the wind rush against my body; it felt nice despite the gross and sticky feeling the drenched my entire left arm and side.
            “Hang in there Elsa, we’re almost there.” He said as I heard the hooves of the horse come in contact with the stones of the village.
            “Okay… Just tell Jack I love him.” I said feeling a little woozy.
            “Tell him that yourself.” He encouraged as he forced the horse to go faster. My shoulder was pulsating so hard, it felt like someone was hitting it with a hammer to the rhythm of my heartbeat. My ears popped, and now I only heard feint cries.
            “Open the gates!” someone cried out. I tried to keep my eyes open. But that was like someone playing tug- of- war on my lids. We finally came to a stop, and I felt even heavier than when I was up in the mountain. I was lifted and placed into someone’s arms. I forced my eyelids open, blue eyes… and white hair.
            “Hey Jack.” I croaked as I relaxed in his arms.
            “What happened?” he screamed as he started running.
            “I don’t know! I saw her go down and I ran to her. Some of these weird creature things were after her.” Julian explained. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on?!”
            “Later. Get Cue and meet me in Elsa’s room.” Jack ordered.
            “Don’t worry about me guys. I just need to rest for a bit.” I slurred.
            “No! No resting!” Jack cried. I didn’t even realize how fast he was running, I was already being laid down on my bed. I could feel myself start to fade away. It was getting harder to breath, and I couldn’t feel anything anymore; I was dying.
            “Stay with me Elsa! I’ll fix you! I’ll protect you!” he frantically pleaded as he scrambled to get the supplies ready.
            “Jack…” I forced out my lips. He immediately stopped whatever he was doing at my nightstand and came to my side.
            “Elsa, don’t worry. You’re gonna be fine.” He encouraged as he took my hand. I didn’t have the strength to squeeze his hand even though I wanted to.
            “Jack… I-I’m s-sorry…” I began as tears started to form in my eyes.
            “You should have waited for me.” He said in a stern voice, but in his eyes tears started to flow. “You should have waited for me, so I could be there to protect you.”
            “No… I c-couldn’t have let you come. He would’ve hurt you too. And Cue… and Anna.” I huffed. “It had to be me, just me.” Jack took my hand in both of his and looked me in the eye.
            “I hope you can forgive me.” I gasped. “And understand why I did what I did.”
            “I already have.” He sighed with a smile. “But I’ll never forgive you if you leave me, especially like this.”
            “Then it’s a good thing that I’m not.” I smiled. My chest got stuffier and I was harder to breath, almost as I there was something pressing against my chest. A wheeze escaped my lips as I tried to breath and Jack squeezed my hand.
            “You’re gonna be fine.” He encouraged. “I promise!” At that moment, Cue burst into the room.
            “I heard. Oh my god! Why aren’t you doing anything!?” she panicked.
            “Because I don’t want him to.” I whispered before Jack could reply. “I already know that I’m done.”
            “No you’re not!” she screamed as she got to work on my shoulder. Jack was going to get up and help her, but when he looked at the pleading look in my eyes he stayed at my side. Cue quickly pressed some cloth onto the bite, and cleaned it. She then took the bandages and wrapped them tight around the wound.
            “Drink this.” Cue ordered once she finished binding my arm.” She poured something that looked like milk down my throat… it even tasted like milk. Once I swallowed, I felt the weight on my chest rise, and it was easier for me to breath.
            “What was that?” I asked as the throbbing in my shoulder began to subside. Cue began to clean the blood that streamed down my arm.
            “Don’t worry about it. Your shoulder wasn’t that bad… but there was something…”
            “What?” Jack asked.
            “Umm… How did you get that injury?” she asked as she finished with my arm.
            “Wolf bite.” I answered. “Why?” Jack squeezed my hand once he heard what I said.
            “Nothing… Just rest. You’ll need it.” Cue sighed.
            “But I don’t want to. I don’t want to dream I mean.” I gasped.
            “You won’t.” Jack assured me. “It’s in the potion you took.”
            “Jack, can I talk to you outside?” Cue asked. Jack didn’t move from his spot.
            “Go. I’ll be okay.” I murmured. He sighed.
            “I won’t be long.” He promised as he leaned in to kiss my forehead, and quickly made his way out of the room. Once the door clicked closed, I turned my head to check my shoulder. Besides the fact that I was severely pale already, some of the skin around my shoulder was turning grey. What shocked me though was what I saw blooming on the bandage. Instead of my normal crimson blood, was a disgusting onyx liquid almost like ink. I sighed as rolled over to look at the ceiling, and the realization hit me.
            I almost died today. And I almost died right beside the man I love. How could I do that to him? I already left him to go off on my own without telling him and I fully knew that I may not come back to him, and now here I am telling him to let me go, like it was something to be taken lightly… That’s not what I wanted. What did Pitch do to me? I answered that question myself. He injected nightmare sand in my veins. That’s what was stinging in my veins when that wolf bit me, but how much effect could that have on my body? What if I could never use my arm again? I would be a dead weight to my people, and useless…  I let the tears fall from my eye as I realized how weak I became. I looked down at my shoulder once more. I reached over to touch the grey area. The second my fingertips made contact, it felt like a bee stung my skin. The throbbing that subsided came back, and spread to my neck and behind my eyes. Each ache was even more painful than the last. My breathing hitched, and my vision became blurry. Pain spread from my shoulder all over my body. I glanced down to see the grey matter was slowly taking over my pale skin.
            “Ja-“ I tried, but it felt like spikes were being shoved down my throat. I couldn’t help but let out a blood curling scream. I squeezed my eyes shut and my fingers clawed at my bed sheets just waiting for the pain to subside. Darkness was taking over my vision, and my muscles were begging to relax. Every single cell of my body was burning. I raised my hand and placed it on my chest, using what energy I had to try to cool down. At first it was working; the pain was fading, but not long after the skin was burning more than it was before.
            Now I was gasping for air; it felt like I was drowning on dry land. My ears popped, almost making me go completely deaf. Muffled screaming came to my ears, and hands were on me holding me down. When I opened my eyes, the only thing I saw was Jack’s face full of panic and sorrow. I raised my hand trying to reach out to him. He looked me in the eyes and took my hand in his; he pressed my palm to his cheek and looked at me with pleading eyes.
            “Jack…” I whispered despite the non- stop pain.
            “You’re gonna be okay!” he cried. His tears dripped on my face. I smiled as I felt the tears stream down my face at alarming speed. I knew this would come, but not now. Please not now.
            “I l-love-“ was all I managed to say before the darkness came to my sight and I felt myself get dragged from my body and into complete and utter darkness.

Hey Guys!!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. i know i did... but i'm sorry ti's short. Just a little heads up... the next chapter is in Jack's P.O.V... idk i felt like i should warn you guys before that time comes. i can see that you all don't like me after that last cliffhanger, and now i think you guys hate me even more. lol nonetheless tell me what you thought. Sorry if there were any mistakes, it's late and i wanted to post this asap. I hope i'll post again soon :) Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)

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