Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


38. Control

Jack’s P.O.V
            I woke up sore all over. I was on Elsa’s bed; laying on my stomach with my limbs sprawled across the bed… and something under my arm. I turned my head to see what it was, and I couldn’t help but smile. Elsa was curled into me; her pale blond hair messily spread across the pillow and over her face, lips slightly parted and light, and even breaths escaping her mouth. I moved some of her hair from her face. She looked so peaceful, maybe she was having a good dream; I didn’t want to disturb her. That’s why I panicked a little bit when she groaned and started to rub her eyes. She slowly opened her right eye and smiled.
            “Good morning handsome.” She murmured.
            “Good morning beautiful.” I replied as I pulled her into an embrace. “Did you sleep okay?”
            “Yeah. You were right, that potion gave me no dreams.” She said as she nuzzled herself into my chest.
            “That’s good.” I smiled as I kissed her forehead, my arms tightened their grip around her and she squirmed to get in a more comfortable position. She entwined her legs into mine and started tracing patterns on my chest.
            “You should really put on some pants.” She whispered. I chuckled.
            “Why? It’s so early in the morning.” I groaned.
            “Actually, according to the clock over there it’s… 12 o’clock!” she scrambled to get off the bed. “Crap, where does time go?”
            “I don’t know.” I whined as I sat up. “What’s going on today anyway?” Elsa ran behind her dressing curtain and I swung my legs over the edge of the bed to find my pants.
            “Nothing really, but I need to talk with Anna.” She explained s she threw my sweater over the curtain. I picked it up from the floor and found my pants right beside them.
            “Talk about what exactly?” I asked as I got dressed.
            “Well if you haven’t noticed, she doesn’t know about anything that’s going on. I didn’t even see her once yesterday.” Elsa pointed out as she walked from behind the curtain in a new dress. This was actually the first time I’ve seen her without an ice dress… or my cloths since we’ve officially met. She was wearing her coronation dress, so it could cover her arms, chest and neck.
            “What?” she asked as she started brushing her hair.
            “Nothing.” I smiled. “Just thinking.”
            “Alrighty, well I have to get going. What do you plan on doing today?” she asked.
            “I actually have to check on things with Sandy.” The moment I mentioned his name, Elsa nibbled on her lip.
            “For what?” she started panicking.
            “He wants to talk about defenses…” I started. “Are you sure you’re okay? You could stay in bed and I could get Anna for you.”
            “Actually…” she began. “I’ll tell you later. Just find me as soon as you’re done with Sandy.” I nodded and walked toward her.
            “Okay. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I promised as I kissed her forehead. She stole a kiss from my lips before letting me go…
            “I’ll be here… I promise.” She assured me. I opened the doors of her balcony and flew off to meet Sandy.
Elsa’s P.O.V   
            When Jack left, I couldn’t help but sigh. Today I come clean to Anna, about everything. I glanced in the mirror one more time before heading into the hallway. Despite my grey arm I looked fine… but how would I cover it up before I meet her so nobody would see?
            “Gloves.” Her vial voice said in my head.
            “Shut up.” I hissed as I looked for my gloves.
            “Just trying to be nice… before it happens.” She cooed. “Nice eye by the way.” I stopped digging through my drawer and looked in the mirror. My eye was now more yellow than last night; maybe a third or my iris was yellow.
            “So what now? You take over once my eye is completely yellow?”
            “And black.” She added. “That’s when I have complete control. For now I’m just an annoying voice in your head.” I pulled the material of my blue gloves on my hands.
            “I guess there’s no way to stop it eh?” I asked as I walked out the door.
            “Oh, there are ways… but none of them include you being alive…”


            After I started walking down the hallway, Dark Elsa just shut up completely. If I could crawl up in my head and confront her for more answers, I would; however I can’t do that. The only thing I could do was ponder on the last thing she said to me. Absentmindedly I walked through the halls of the palace, waiting to either see Anna or find someone who has seen her.
            “My Lady, I didn’t see you there.” A voice said from behind me. “Good afternoon.” I spun around and came in contact with Cassandra’s gaze.
            “Good afternoon Cass.” I smiled. “Have you seen Anna? I really need to speak with her.”
            “I’m sorry My Lady, I haven’t-“
            “Cassandra.” I said in a stern voice.
            “I’m sorry Elsa, I haven’t seen her.” She corrected. “But I don’t think she left her room yet.”
            “Oh. Well thank you.” I trailed off when I got a good look at her. Yes her skin was normally pale, but never this pale. She had bags under her eyes, her eyes were read and puffy as if they were irritated… and I swear I saw the iris hidden under her brown bangs was yellow. “Cassandra, is everything okay?”
            “Sorry?” she asked.
            “You don’t look so great. Are you okay?” I worried.
            “Yes, Elsa. I’m fine.” She smiled. “I’ve just been having trouble sleeping is all.”
            “For how long?”
            “Umm… Maybe since your last ball.” She guessed.
            “Oh, well don’t overwork yourself Cass.” I smiled to hide any horrific expression. “Take a break when you need it. Take the week off to rest even.” She gave a worried expression.
            “Thank you My Lady. I mean Elsa.” She bowed. “I’ll be sure to consider your suggestion, but I have to get back to work.”
            “Very well. Go on.” I didn’t stop her. I just watched her as she speed walked down the hall to try to get away from me. That’s when I realized more truths than I was willing to, or maybe I came up with too many theories. I needed to find Anna, to tell her what I just saw. Immediately I walked as fast as I could to Anna’s room, I nearly tripped on my own feet once I made it to Anna’s door.
            “Anna.” I called softly as I knocked on the door. “Are you in here?”
            “Yeah, come in.” she answered. I opened the door and peered into her room before entering. She and Kristoff were on her bed; she lay on her belly and Kristoff sat cross-legged.
            “Oh, am I interrupting anything?” I asked as I shut the door.
            “Not at all.” Kristoff answered.
            “We were just talking.” Anna giggled as I walked up to the foot of her bed.
            “About anything in particular?” I questioned.
            “About how we first met.” Kristoff admitted with a slight blush.
            “Well that’s sweet. If you want I can come back.” I offered.
            “No, it’s alright. We just finished. What’s up?” Anna asked as she sat up.
            “Umm… I kinda, need to… talk to you.” I tried to find the right words.
            “Oh. Well I guess I’ll leave you two then.” Kristoff said as he got off the bed. Before he passed me, I put my hand on his arm to stop him.
            “Actually… maybe it’s time you knew.” I stated. “Actually it is time you knew.” Anna looked at me with a worried expression.
            “Elsa are you sure-?”
            “Anna we can’t hide the truth anymore.” I admitted. Kristoff went back to the bed and took my sister’s hand.
            “Anna… what does she mean? What truth?” he asked her. Anna nodded for me to continue. I sighed and began to reveal the dark truth we’ve been hiding for several weeks.
Jack’s P.O.V
            “Hey Sandy.” I huffed as I landed softly on the cold stone floor of the cave. He waved hello and showed a bunch of pictures over his head.
            “Did you just wake up?”
            “Yeah. Sorry, I didn’t want to leave Elsa.” I admitted.
            “How’s she doing?” he signed.
            “She’s fine. She’s walking and talking.” I explained. He gave me thumbs up before we walked into the cave we had discovered not too long ago. It’s actually on the same mountain as Elsa and I’s plateau, but higher up the mountain. We walked through the dark and cold tunnels; which could easily be mistaken as Pitch’s lair. It was so dark in there, Sandy had to stop me before I walked off the ledge. I created some blue light with my staff.
            “Are you keeping them here?” I asked. He shook his head and pointed at another corridor. I followed him into it without any hesitation. The walls started to come smaller and smaller the farther we went into the cave… but at the end there was a bright light.
            “What’s up there?” I asked him. Sandy motioned me forward. I had to squint my eyes as I stepped into the light. My bare foot was no longer on cold stone… but fresh fallen snow. I had to blink a few times to allow my eyes to adjust to the light… but when I did, I was astonished as what Sandy and I had created. I was looking as an arena sized chamber. The entire space was made up of ice instead of rock. As breath taking as it was, the astonishing part was all the golden figures that stood before the both of us. Several of Sandy’s golden creatures were roaming around; some were like animals, others were like humans. Each figure had a protective layer of ice acting as armor.
            “Do you know how many there are?” I asked Sandy.
            “Approximately 5000, maybe more.” He signed. I sighed.
            “I don’t know if that’ll be enough.” I stated.
            “Well, we can get more. We just need more time.”
            “Sandy, I don’t know if there’ll be enough time. We have no idea when Pitch is going to strike.”
            “So what do you suggest we do?” he asked.
            “We get some of the ones we have already to guard. And we’ll keep the others close by.” I commanded. “There’s no way they’re getting near the castle.” Sandy nodded in agreement.
            “Shall we continue?” Sandy asked as a ball of sand hovered over his palm.
            “Yeah.” I nodded. “We need as many as we can…” 

HEy guys! I hope you liked this chapter. I'm using a different style of notebook, so i'm sorry that this chapter was kinda short. like... yeah. i'll try to make the next chapter longer. So a few things, first is the sequel. If i'm going at the right pace, i'll be finished by the summerish.... or idk we'll see. Second thing, i may not be able to post as fast as i normally do. it's the end of the semester, so teachers are shoving projects and tests in my face. 
 So bear with me if i don;t post as fast as i normally do... Third, the AU. I pitched the idea of a summer camp or college Au... but is it weird that i had a dream of a zombie apocalypse Au with the big five and really liked the idea too? Id... just wanted to let you guys know. So yeah what did you guys think of this chapter? Or what do you think is gonna happen next? Sorry for any mistakes; it's late and i just wanted to post this chapter for you guys. I know i talk alot, so i'm gonna stop now. LOL I Luv You All!!! Happy Reading ;)

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