Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


41. Commence *Jack's P.O.V*

            “Sandy!” I exclaimed as I tried to locate the little gold figure. I flew around the palace only sighting his dreams. I stopped by the entrance of Arendelle; there he was guiding some of his creatures to stand guard.
            “Sandy!” I tried to get his attention once more. With luck, the little guy looked up and met me halfway. He greeted me when we got together in the sky.
            “Do you think ten guards could cover Elsa’s balcony?” I asked. Sandy nodded and a question mark popped above his head.
            “Extra protection for the room. Elsa’s in there, she’s going to need it.” I explained. Even though Sandy looked confused, he didn’t argue. He simply nodded and got to work on instructing his creations. When he left me alone in the air, I couldn’t help but think of Elsa. I promised her everything was going to be okay… but was I strong enough to keep that promise. I could barely keep Elsa like how she is now; could I really do this without her?
            ‘Tell Kristoff to take her somewhere safe. I don’t care where, as long as she’s far away from here.’ Her voice echoed in my mind. At that moment a gut wrenching pain come over me as I made my way to Anna’s room. How was I going to tell her that her sister is locked up and she has to leave Arendelle? What would Anna think? Would she freak out and completely disregard what I was saying? Or would she react rationally and do what she was told?
            I should’ve been paying more attention to where I was flying; cause I rammed into a window and fell onto that balcony.
            “Jack?” Anna called as I started to regain my senses. I opened my eyes and saw her emerge from the balcony doors.
            “Yeah.” I groaned. “I shoulda watched where I was going.” She helped me sit up, and that’s when I saw Kristoff at the door.
            “This guy’s Jack Frost?” he questioned with his arms crossed. “Clumsy dude.”
            “You can see me?” I asked as Anna helped me to my feet.
            “Elsa filled me in on everything.” He explained. I started to brush myself off. “Didn’t think this is how we’d meet.”
            “Well sorry if we couldn’t prepare a party to meet the boyfriend, Blondie.” I said.
            “Nickname basis already? That’s cool Frost; or should I call you Frosty?” Kristoff smirked.
            “Boys, that’s enough.” Anna interjected. This was pretty odd. Even though it sounded like we were going to eventually rip each other’s throats out, it didn’t feel like it; it sounded more like brotherly bickering.
            “Sorry.” I smirked. “Nice to meet you.”
            “And it’s nice to meet you.” He smiled. It was almost reflexive, but we bumped each other’s fists. There had to be some kind of brotherly bond between us.
            “Jack?” Anna nudged me then she said those three words that dropped me back to reality. “Where’s my sister?” I cleared my throat.
            “We need to talk about this inside, you too Kristoff.” I motioned as we walked into the hallway. I felt my nerves start to tense and I felt sick. I even formed frost on the windows and floor absentmindedly as I walked into the hall.
            “Okay Jack. You’re scaring me.” Anna said as she touched my shoulder. “What’s going on?” Before I could stop myself, I just let out Elsa’s command.
            “You need to leave Arendelle.” I blurted. Anna’s hand immediately dropped to her side and Kristoff held her closer.
            “Why? What’s happening?” Anna panicked. I sighed before I continued to explain the current situation.
            “Pitch. He’s coming faster than we expected, he may even come tonight. Elsa wants you both to leave, and Kristoff to keep you safe.” Almost immediately after I finished speaking, Anna turned on her heel and started walking.
            “Wait, where are you going?” I demanded as I grabbed her shoulder to make her face me.
            “I need to talk to her.” She explained as she shrugged off my touch and gave me cut eye.
            “You can’t.” I stated.
            “Why not?!”
            “She’s locked up right now!” I countered. The fury in Anna’s eyes faded the moment I said those words.
            “Hold on, what happened when I left her?” Kristoff cut in.
            “Why? What do you know?” Anna asked. Kristoff hesitated before answering her question.
            “She didn’t want me to tell you, but the sand spread when she left your room.” He admitted.
            “Kristoff, she’s my sister. Why would you keep something that serious from me?” she practically sneered.
            “Because she knew you would react this way.” I defended. Both of them looked to me; Kristoff with a thankful expression, Anna with a concerned one. “Anna, your sister knows you better than you realize. For now, you can’t see her. She’s afraid that she’ll hurt you, or worse kill you. Please do this for her.” Anna didn’t argue with me after that, so Kristoff started talking.
            “Where do we go?” he asked me.
            “Anywhere except the North Mountain.” I answered.
            “What about the people?” Anna snapped. “We can’t evacuate all of Arendelle in a short time.”
            “Pitch wouldn’t go after your people first. With the way he is, he’s going to come for you first.” I explained. With Pitch’s nature, it’s not hard to predict what he might do first.
            “And if he doesn’t?” she countered.
            “Then at least the next heir is safe.” I clarified. “As long as there’s someone to take over, Arendelle and all the people in it have a chance.” All of Anna’s arguments were now hushed, but Kristoff looked more determined than ever.
            “I know where to take her.” He announced. I nodded.
            “Go now, before the sun sets.” I instructed. “When this is all over, come back.”
            “How will we know when this is over?” Anna asked as Kristoff grabbed her hand.
            “Trust me, you’ll know.” I called as Kristoff started to pull her away.
            “Tell my sister I love her!” she demanded. “And stay safe!”
            “I will.” I let out as I felt my heart ache. They were leaving, hopefully so far away that they wouldn’t get hurt. Who knows how far this battle will stretch? I glanced out the window; it disturbed me to see the sun turning the skies orange already… maybe I could watch the sunset before it all started.
            I walked through the doors of the balcony and flew to the highest tower of the palace. I lay down on the roof and faced the horizon. Many thoughts entered my mind as I glared at the setting sun.
            We were ready.
            Bunny controls the grounds.
            Tooth’s covering the palace.
            Sandy and North protect the skies.
            I’m most likely going to help Bunny or Tooth… if I don’t kill Pitch… but what would happen after?
            After all of this is done, would everything be happy again?
            Would Cue become an angel again?
            Would I be happy with Elsa?...
            Would Elsa still be here?
            NO! Stop thinking like that. When this is all over, you’ll know what to do then. Don’t worry about it now; you have bigger things to worry about.
            More thoughts of Elsa flooded into my mind. I tried to think of other things to distract me from her.
            Elsa’s beautiful snowflakes.
            Soft… Like Elsa’s skin.
            Sandwiches… okay that’s good.
            Cheese and ham.
            Peanut butter and jelly.
            Elsa smiling with a mouthful of bread when we were in my ice home.
            I groaned as there was literally no way for me to not think about her right now. I ran my hand through my hair out of frustration. I hope she’s okay. What was she thinking? What was she doing?... screw it. I have to see her.
            A gust of wind blew by and I used it to carry me into the sky. Her balcony came into view, and all the guards were still there keeping watch. I landed on another balcony and stepped towards the doors. Before I could enter the palace, the urges to stop compromised my mind.
            This was a bad idea. Fly away Jack.
            Don’t fly off; see her once before everything starts.
            My conflict stopped when I heard something crashing down, glass breaking and a woman’s scream coming from the castle. I kicked to door open and ran to her room as fast as I could. Piles of black sand were at my feet, as well as a patch of black ice.
            “Elsa?” I huffed as I walked into her room… she wasn’t there. Her chains were shattered; but they were no longer my blue ice, but black ice. There was another scream, a gust of something zipping in the air and glass breaking. My legs immediately carried me towards the scream. As I made my way there, I stepped in a puddle of something… blood. There was a man’s body against the wall. I didn’t dare look at who it was, but the uniform told me they were a server here. Their cause of death; a black icicle to the heart.
            “You don’t have to do this.” A male voice grunted. The next thing I knew, I ran to the entrance of the nearest guest room and saw a black figure on top of Julian’s body. It was aiming a black icicle at his chest, and he was struggling to push it off.
            “I’m sorry.” She cried through her teeth as she slowly pushed the thick black ice deep into Julian’s chest with all her strength. A cry of pain escaped his lips as he stopped fighting back. She took this as an opportunity to raise the ice high above her head and brought it back down to his abdomen. Julian started wheezing for air, as she climbed off of him to leave him to the cold kiss death. I raised my staff to attack, but stopped when she turned face and her identity was revealed in the light of the rising moon.
            “Elsa.” I gasped as my blood ran cold. All of her hair had turn onyx. Her dress resembled the ashes of a burning fire, and the grey matter had taken over every inch of her skin. The only things that haven’t changed were her right eye and my frozen heart around her neck.
            “J- Jack.” She stuttered as two long. Sharp, black icicles formed in her palms. “Run.” That was the last thing she said to me before she threw a sharp piece of ice in my direction…

Hey guys, sorry for this coming late-ish. I may be updating this slow for the next while because my teachers are starting to wrap up the semester. So sorry about that. i wanted to post something else before the end of May, so here it is :) I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, i know i did. you don;t know how long i've been planning this... lol. But tell me what you thought, or what's gonna happen next. Just going to let you know, if you don't want me to make graphic descriptions, tell me now so i know for the next chapters.... yeah i think you can guess what's about to happen. hopefully i'll be bale to post again soon... ish. Luv ya! Happy Reading ;)

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