Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


21. Break


The sand creatures began to circle and close in on us. Pitch walked towards me and Cue. I looked in all directions prepared to defend myself and Cue if any of them were to attack. I found that the more the creatures closed in, the closer I got to Cue. We were almost back to back when Pitch finally stepped forward.
"My my, isn't this a lovely sight." He said through his dark lips. "The most powerful queen being over taken by the shadows."
"Not while I'm here." Cue spat. She drew her arrow farther back to threaten him from coming closer.
"That's not too difficult to take care of." He said snapping his fingers. Immediately two wolves pounced. Cue shot one, and I took out the other. In the corner of my eye I saw another come at Cue when her back was turned. I obliterated it before it could even touch her.
"I take back my previous statement. This is a sight to see. The queen protecting her little petty guardian." Pitch hissed as he kept summoning wolves. There were so many that it led to Cue and I pressing our backs together to fend off each creature. As I destroyed every sand figure, I realized something. Whenever we would hit the creature they would turn into a pile of sand. If that was happening, then there would be sand all over the ground. I didn't see anything other than a few grains of black sand on the floor... That could only mean
"The creatures are just being recreated using sand." Cue finished my thought as she shot two down with one arrow. How many does this girl have with her?
"Very good Cue. You're smarter than I remember." Pitch said as he snapped his fingers once more. The wolves that were going to ounce turned into piles of sand on command. Even with those wolves gone, there was still a full pack encircled around us.
"Wouldn't want you two to die so easily. That would be no fun." Pitch pouted.
"Then what are you here for?" I sneered.
"I thought it would be rather obvious." He started. "I want you."
"Yeah, well you ain't gonna get her." Cue replied as she pointed her arrow towards Pitch.
"I wasn't even close to finishing what I was saying." He whimpered.
"Who cares? What makes you think we'll listen to what you say?" She hissed as she stood her ground.
"I'm not talking to you, am I Cue? I wish to speak with Elsa. To simply discuss certain conflicts, plans if you will." He responded with a bit of annoyance.
"Like how you want to corrupt me so you ca rule Arendelle and expand?" I snapped as I stood up straight to hopefully intimidate Pitch.
"My my. What has your boyfriend told you?" Pitch chuckled. "Because hi is... Correct." I didn't think, I immediately shot a wave of ice crystals towards him. However, Pitch raised his hand and a wall of black sand protected him from and ice that came in his direction.
"Feisty one aren't you?" He chuckled. "No wonder Jack chose you."
"Shut up!" I threatened. "How do you know about me and Jack?"
"Elsa, you forget that I am the boogeyman. I know all the fears in this world, and I've known all of yours since you were born. First it was fire, then hurting your sister, then failing at doing your job as queen... And now none of those fears really matter to me. I know that your greatest fear is that you will lose your precious Jack Frost." Pitch revealed. "Shall I make that fear become a reality?" I bore my teeth at him and prepared to attack him again.
"You wouldn't dare." I hissed. I felt a surge of energy flow through my veins the angrier and more frightened I became.
"Careful Elsa." Cue whispered to me. "I know how you feel, but this is what he wants. For you to lose control and do his dirty work unintentionally."
"Cue, can you stop analyzing every single one of my plans?" Pitch teased.
"Maybe you should stop making every one of your moves to good damn obvious." Cue stalled so I could calm down.
"Or... Maybe I'm using the wrong fears." Pitch stated. That was unexpected.
"What?" I murmured.
"Maybe I'm using the wrong fear... From the wrong person." Pitch repeated. "Maybe it should be Elsa that gets taken away from Jack." He finished as he forced a beam of sand to come at me. I defended it out by pushing my ice against it, essentially having a little pushing match.
"Don't count on it!" A voice exclaimed from behind me. As I was focusing on shoving all my energy to win, I saw Jack throw a wave of ice in Pitch's direction... Then I wasn't struggling anymore. I saw pitch fly into my room. I didn't dare risk a chance, so I forced my energy towards him to attack and freeze him. Jack landed beside Cue and I to he us destroy the remaining wolves that surrounded us. I don't know how he did it but the wolves didn't become piles of sand, they must vanished once they exploded. We were safe... For now.
"Elsa." Jack sighed as he pulled me into an embrace. I held onto him the second I was in his arms, and I felt him hold me back.
"I was so worried." I cried into his chest. I felt him hold my shoulders and push me away so he could look me in the eye.
"You were worried? Imagine how I felt." Jack frantically spoke. "What were you thinking!?"
"I was taking that I couldn't hide in my room knowing you we're risking your life." I huffed. "I wanted to be of some use." Jack turned to Cue in anger.
"You let her-!?" He started.
"Yes I let her fight." Cue interrupted. "Now can you two help finish this?" She gestured to the sky. The swarm of sand creatures was still attacking the other guardians.
"I don't get it. They should be gone since Pitch is-" Jack started.
"He's not gone." I interjected. "It's not done yet."
"Then let's finish this already." Cue cheered as she walked inside leaving Jack and I behind.
"Eager, isn't she?" I asked.
"Always is." Jack admitted as he led me into my room. Cue was already in a defensive stance, taking aim at Pitch on the floor. He groaned as he got to his feet.
"It's over Pitch, now stop your minions before it'll be lights out for you." Cue threatened.
"Oh Cue, so stubborn. I thought I said that this wouldn't be over until I got what I came for." He replied with a devilish grin. Jack stepped in front of me.
"And you're not going to get her." Jack sneered. Pitch chuckled.
"Let me clear something up for you Jack." Pitch snorted. "Did it not cross your mind that I might have been using your fear as a trap...just to lure you down here? Did you honestly think that this is all I intended?" I came from behind Jack and placed my hand on his shoulder for support.
"Dear boy... I'm just getting started." He said as he snapped his fingers. Black mist came towards me and Jack, we attacked to push it away...but our ice just went through. The next thing I knew I was being pushed onto the ground along with Jack. I looked up to see who saved me, only to find Cue being suffocated by the mist.
"Cue, you really need to stop butting into other people's business." Pitch said as he walked out to the balcony with Cue still in the fog. I saw that she started choking on whatever it was she was caged in.
"Cue!" I screamed as I got u and ran. My cast suddenly felt heavy, so I tripped almost as soon as I got up. I felt Jack get up and run to her.
"Pitch!" He screamed as a stream of ice shot towards the evil bastard. The sand immediately came to defend its master.
"You never learn do you?" Pitch said as he stepped on a platform of sand. As he rose off of the ground, he took Cue with him. I forced myself up and ran to the balcony despite my leg.
"Cue! Hang on!" I exclaimed as I watched Pitch take her higher into the sky... But then I saw it. Glowing white air was being extracted from Cue's eyes, nose and mouth. She was struggling to get out of the cloud, but then Pitched grabbed her neck and pulled her out of the cloud.
"I'll be sure to put this into good use." Pitch said to Cue as she attempted to kick out of his grasp. When I took a good look at what was going on up there, I wanted to scream. Feathers began falling off of Cue, and she began to slowly stop kicking... Her wings were falling apart.
"You always wanted to fall in love Cue, why not try the first part?" Pitch said to her it limp body as he released his grip. Her body plummeted to the ground, but Jack quickly zoomed by to catch her. I saw horses coming towards Jack, so I made sure they didn't even touch him and Cue as they made their way to the balcony.
"Cue, keep your eyes open!" Jack ordered as he stepped onto the balcony.
"But... I'm so tired." She slurred as she was set onto the balcony. She couldn't even stand, she held onto the rail as she fell on her knees. How much energy could Pitch take at once?
"Maybe that should stop you from interfering Cue." Pitch smirked. Anger boiled in my veins as I attacked Pitch.
"Shut up!" I screamed as I sent ice needles in his direction.
"Make me." He replied as he sent his own black needles. Jack sent a beam of crystal at him, then file up. I kept sending waves of ice towards him too, none of them had an effect. I was going to send one more beam of icicles, but I saw Cue fall to the floor.
"Cue!" I cried as I ran to her. She looked up to meet my gaze. Her face was pale, she looked sick and on the verge of death.
"You two need to attack at the same time." She forced. "It's the only way."
"But how? He's too strong."
"Just trust me." She said as the grip on her bow tightened. I nodded and focused all my energy on one final strike, but then I heard the strong of Cue's bow stretched. I looked to see that she was aiming at... Me...
"Cue." I spoke before she released the arrow. I felt a thud on my chest, like something fell on me, then a sudden surge of energy flowed through my body. I felt as if I didn't release what I had, I would have burst. I released everything through my palms, and a tsunami of ice and snow escaped from my fingers. As I was doing so... I saw Jack release and identical attack towards Pitch. The black shield he had shattered and Pitch was sent flying back into the dark sky. The swarms of sand creatures depleted and fell into lifeless piles of dust.
"We did it!" I exclaimed. "Cue we-" I turned to face her... But she was lying on the floor covered in black sand. I ran to her side and rolled her over. She was unconscious and loosing warmth.
"Oh my god!" Jack cried as he bent down to check her injuries. I didn't realize it, but I placed my hands on her stomachs. I felt something warm and wet squish in my fingertips. I raised my hand to see what it was.
"Jack." I gasped and showed him my palm. Blood... But not the blue aqua colour like Jack's. It was crimson like mine. That's when it hit me, what the glowing light that was getting extracted from Cue, why she looked co sick and pale, why her blood is red instead of blue. Pitch didn't just take her energy, he took her immortality…

Hey guys! I'm soo sorry for not posting this! Like i really hope you guys forgive me. It's just things have been crazy over here. This part for my mom is gonna be way bigger than we expected, like there are going to be well over 100 people in my tiny house... Oh well. it's for my mama. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, i tried to make it as long as i could. i think this is the longest chapter ive ever posted to be honest (it was 12 pages in my notebook). I may be able to post tomorrow, but we'll see cause thats when i have to prepare for the party. And i definitely wont post on saturday, cause thats the actual party... yeah. Feedback is always appreciated, because i want to know how i do :) Luv You all! Happy reading ;)

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