Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


5. Boys

            I felt a huge ache on the right side of my head. Other than that, I was laying on a very soft and comfortable surface. I stirred and I realized I was in bed. My eyes squeezed shut, then opened. I was in my room… was it really all a dream? I sat up and winced at the pounding in my head.
            “Awake I see.” A man’s voice said at my bedside. I turned my head to see who it was. The first thing I saw was white hair and pale skin.
            “Nope, I’m still dreaming.” I said as I held the side of my head. “What happened?”
            “Well, you fainted and I thing you hit your head fairly hard on the floor. Your sister freaked out, then some guy came in and carried you in here.” Jack explained.
            “So… who carried me in here?”
            “Some guy. Brown hair, blue eyes, somewhat broad.” He described,
            “Julian?” I guessed.
            “That’s it! Anna said his name, but I just forgot.”
            “Oh…” I thought of the possibility of Julian carrying me into my room. “Well where is he now?”
            “He went to get something. Maybe cloth or water, or whatever.” Jack said as he leaned on his staff.
            “I see.” I replied. “So… I’m not dreaming?”
            “Far from it Ica. (ice-ah)” he said.
            “You’re Elsa, and you can control ice. Ica.” He explained.
            “So what? Can I call you Frosty?” I teased.
            “I prefer Frost, but I guess you can call me that.”
            “Yeah, Frost is better. Frost it is then.” I confirmed. Just as Jack was going to say something, the door opened. Julian emerged from the doorway holding a bowl.
            “Oh, you’re awake.” He said as he shut the door.
            “Yeah. Good, um… morning?”
            “Still evening. You’ve only been out for an hour.” Julian explained as he walked to the left said of my bed… Jack stared him down intently on the right side.
            “What’s the bowl for?” I asked. Julian sat down and set the bowl on the bedside table. He took a soaked towel from the bowl and wrung it out.
            “This. You hit your head pretty hard and I figured that your head might’ve been aching by now.” He said as he pressed the cloth to the side of my head. The pounding slowly began to numb the harder I pressed the towel to my head.
            “Wow.” I sighed in relief. “How did you learn remedies like this?”
            “I’ve had my share of hitting my head on hard surfaces. The skin on my head even cut open a few times.” He admitted.
            “Well that explains your longer hair.” I said smiling at him. “Hide the scars that came from getting your head smashed.”
            “Finally! A girl who I didn’t have to explain my hair to.” He chuckled.
            “Flirting when you have company beside you… kind of rude don’t you think?” Jack interrupted.
            “Not when you aren’t seen by anyone,” I said through my teeh.
            “What was that?” Julian asked.
            “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” I waved it off.
            “Are you sure you’re alright? I could heat the towel again for you if you’d like.” Julian offered.
            “Oh, uh.. sure.” I said handing him the cloth. He went to soak the cloth again, but Jack pointed at the bowl before the cloth went in. I felt a cold air whiz by my chet, I knew what he was doing.
            “Oh jeez. The water’s cold already.” He said. “Sorry. I’ll have to replace it.” And with that he took the bowl and walked out of my room. I turned to Jack.
            “Really Frost? Couldn’t stand us being nice to each other?” I scolded him.
            “You were flat out ignoring me. Plus I might’ve hurled if you two kept going.”
            “What are you talking about? Nothing was happening.” I asked.
            “Sure ‘nothing’. A stranger bringing hot water for your head. The way he smiles at you to charm you. He just wants a kiss tonight… maybe more.” Jack explained.
            “First of all, I would never let that happen. Second, why do you care?” I snapped.
            “I don’t care, I’m just saying.” He stated.
            “My lord you’re annoying.” I said as I dropped my head into my knees.
            “What? You want me to leave?” Jack asked.
            “Well I wouldn’t mind it.” I responded.
            “Well then Ica. Just so you’re extra annoyed, I’m going to stay.” Jack announced as he plopped down on my bed.
            “Don’t you have somewhere to be? Like aren’t you supposed to bring winter to some parts of the world?”
            “Sorry Ice. I only bring blizzards and frost. Plus I’m here for two reasons.” Jack said.           
            “And those would be?”
            “Classified. Secret. Not to be heard by human ears.” He said as he walked around the bed.
            “Dear lord do you really have to stay with me the whole time?” I asked as I flopped back onto the pillows. Before Jack could answer mu question, Julian walked in with the bowl of hot water and another towel.
            “Sorry. It took longer than I expected. I’m sorry for leaving you here alone.” He said as he took the left side of the bed again.
            “It’s fine, I’m used to being alone.” I said as I sat up. I swear I heard Jack muttered something to himself. Either I imagined it or he really said-
            “But you were never alone…” 

IMMMMM FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! yeah hey guys. So i'm done my exams which means i'll be able to write a shizz load more. I'm really excited and soo happy... so yeah. I just wanted you all to know that i've been reading all of your comments and i just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your comments really got me through my exam period because they just got me really happy. Like i'm sure that i cried when reading all of them... yeah. So thank you all!! I hope you enjoy this chapter and i really want to know what you think. To all of you people who have exams still, GOOD LUCK!!!! I Love You All!! Happy Reading ;)

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