Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


17. Bonds

            “Elsa? Are you in here?” Anna asked from the other side of the door.
            “Yes I am, and I’m really busy right now.” I said as I was literally sifting through piles of papers to organize meetings.
            “Sorry, I just have to check in case you flew off with Jack again.” She explained herself as she stepped through the door.
            “That won’t happen for a bit. He left three days ago.” I pointed out as I began sorting out dates.
            “Did he say when he was coming back?” I shook my head.
            “For all I know he could be gone for weeks; maybe even months.” I replied. It hurt everyday now that Jack was gone. He wasn’t there to annoy me when I wanted to work. He wasn’t there to pop out of nowhere to scare the living daylights out of me. He wasn’t there to lay down beside before I went to sleep… and I missed him. I missed when his scent of winter breeze filled my nose when he held me in an embrace, the way his body kind of wrapped around mine as a shield… the way his cold lips felt against mine…
            “I doubt it’ll take months. He can’t stay away from you for too long.” Anna kidded.
            “I don’t know how his job really works… but Cue said that it could take months.”
            “Since when do you talk to Cue? And when is Cue in the palace? I’m always here and I never see her.” Anna said.
            “All the time. You just look in the wrong place at the wrong times.” I told her the truth… well part of the truth.
            “Okay.” She said. “Are you doing anything tonight? Cause Kristoff wants to know if you’re gonna kidnap me before he does anything.”
            “Um… not that I know of. Why? Do you know what he’s planning?” I asked looking up from my papers.
            “Maybe meeting at the stables. Ride around Arendelle. I don’t kno-“
            “Stables…” I interrupted.
            “Yeah, the stables.”
            “It’s been three days… meet at the stables at 8.” I remembered.
            “Okay, this is where you explain what you’re talking about.” Anna whined.
            “I have to meet with Julian tonight…” I murmured. Anna made an ‘O’ shape with her lips.
            “Well that should be… fun.” She tried making it better. I sighed and sunk into my seat.
            “This is so messed up. Oh god, Anna I don’t know if I can do this.” I panicked. “I-I-I can’t do this. I was thinking about Jack so much that I forgot about Julian.”
            “Okay… you can handle this.” Anna encouraged and she walked over to me. “All you have to do is say ‘Hey Julian. You’re a great guy, maybe one of the greatest I’ve ever met. It’s just not working out for me… because I found somebody better.’”
            “I’m not saying that to him!”
            “I didn’t say you had to say it word for word… but yeah you have to say something to the guy.” She pointed out. She was no help at all’ her usual self making jokes to try and make the situation better. This time… it wasn’t working.
            “Anna, could you just leave me be for a second? I need a minute.” I said quickly getting up and walking towards the door.
            “Elsa w-“ was all I heard before I left the room. I speedwalked to my room and locked the door so nobody could come in, and I could just plan this out alone. I didn’t even make it to my bed, I collapsed on the cold would floor and just lay there. I felt like a dirty cheater; being completely honest I did not know what the hell to do. Like what would you do if you met this great guy first, you hit it off really well, then you meet this other guy and you fall for them, but you don’t have the heart to break it to the other guy? I have no idea what to do. I was so goddamn frustrated that I had a small tantrum… that’s a lie. If anyone were to walk in they would have seen an oversized toddler kicking, screaming and crying on the floor.
            “Elsa?” a voice chimed in. “Are you okay?” I stopped kicking and screaming so I could look at who was talking to me from the balcony doors.
            “Hey Cue.” I sighed and sat up. “How much did you see?” I asked as I wiped tears from my face.
            “Well I was flying around and I saw you fall on the floor. I panicked because I thought you died, so I flew down just before the tantrum thingy began.” She explained as she took a seat beside me on the floor. “Who’s the other guy?” she asked.
            “How did-?”
            “I’m basically Cupid. I know when there’s love in the air or when people are having trouble with love.” She clarified. “So what’s going on with Elsie?” I groaned as I fell back down on the floor.
            “Love sucks.” I groaned.
            “I do not suck!”
            “No, not you. I mean the emotion.” I replied.
            “Are you in love with someone else?”
            “No, oh no… I just believe someone else loves me and I don’t want to break their heart.” I admitted.
            “And the other guy is?” Cue asked. “You never said his name.”
            “He’s Julian, Duke of Elrondy.” I responded. “And I’m meeting him tonight.”
            “And you love Jack so you have to break Julian’s heart.” She completed.
            “Yeah…” I sighed. “Tell me what to do.” Cue raised her arm so she could stroke my back.
            “If only the world was that simple. You have to break his heart Els. It’s the only way.” She advised. I leaned my forehead into her shoulder, and she wrapped her arms around me.
            “Is there a way he could fall out of love with me? Could you do something?” I asked.
            “No. Once someone’s heart has love, the only way they can change it is to break it out or they fall for someone else.” She explained.
            “Can it just be the other thing he does? I really don’t want to hurt him.” I whined.
            “I know Els. But you have to.” She reminded me. “And if you want I can help him find someone else right after… but that might take a while.” She muttered the last part.
            “Don’t you just fire your arrow and they fall in love with the first person they see?” I asked.
            “That’s what it used to be like. Some still do the job like that, but I can sense when people are meant to be together. I can sense them even when their miles apart from each other, I just wait until the right moment to shoot the arrow, so they can find each other. It’s more difficult to find that now because of all the lust and hatred in this world today, it just gets in the way.” She explained. I realized that midway through her answer, she was doing this to distract me and keep me calm… and it was working.
            “Does your stuff work on other immortals?” I giggled.
            “Actually, yes it does it’s just not as effective.” Cue started. “My arrows are actually barely effective on me, but I can sense when we’re near our other half per say.”
            “So you can sense your soulmate?”
            “No. You see, Cupids can’t find their loves because technically we’re not meant to find someone. Usually we just pair up with each other, but all the guys are really dull.” She said.
            “Human men can be really dull too.” I reminded her.
            “I know, men can be dull. I don’t even know if I’ll find someone else…” she trailed off. She lost herself in a train of thought, and she stopped talking. What was she thinki-? Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks of what she was thinking about.
            “Because you think you already found him, but he doesn’t want you because he has someone else.” I finished as I looked deep into her lavender eyes.
            “What are you talking about?” she defended.
            “I see the way you look at him and act around him.” I let out.
            “Um… okay? Who is this?” she sounded confused.
            “Cue don’t play dumb with me. I know how you feel about Jack.” I started. “I-“ I was cut off by her giggles.
            “You think I have a thing for Jack?” she finished. I nodded and she ended up laughing harder.
            “Elsa, let me explain.” She sighed. “A long time ago, almost a hundred years ago, we did try for something. We are both lonely, so we thought why not be lonely together. Not too long after, we stopped because it just wasn’t working out. Instead of never seeing each other again, we agreed to stay friends and just help each other out.”
            “Help with what?” I asked. Cue stood up, and since she had an arm around me she brought me to my feet as well.
            “That, my dear, I will tell you some other time.” She smirked. “I suggest you get ready for Julian. We were talking for longer than you realize, and you have to meet him in two hours.” I was taken aback realizing that the sky was now orange. The panicky feeling I had before was returning to my guy.
            “Will you be there?” I asked her. “I mean, you said you’d help him after…”
            “Yeah, sure. I am guarding you so I do have to be there.” Cue answered. I nodded and exhaled.
            “Okay, okay… so I’ll see you soon then.” I confirmed as she made her way to the balcony.

            “Yeah. Don’t worry I’ll be there, but you might not see me.” She said before she flew off. I nodded and shut the door so I could freshen up for my panic in two hours.

            The cool spring breeze blew on my face as I leaned on the doors of the stables. It was already dark, the only thing that allowed me to see anything was the full moon’s light. I’ll admit that it was nice to see the kingdom like this. The village was quiet, but the houses were lit. The moon light shined down on the castle, showing off its beauty as if from a painting. I’ve only ever seen the palace once like this… but that was when I was running away. I was so mesmerized by the picture perfect beauty I didn’t hear anyone come from behind me.
            “Boo.” A familiar voice came from beside me. I jumped and they grasped my hand and turned me around to look them in their deep blue eyes.
            “Julian.” I gasped as I relaxed. “Don’t do that, I would’ve frozen you.”
            “Oh, right… I forgot you could’ve done that for a second there.” He apologized.
            “It’s fine, just be careful.”
            “Noted.” He smirked. Next thing I know, he pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me for an embrace. I didn’t want to be rude, so I hugged him back, but lighter than he held me. I pulled away before he wanted to so it wouldn’t be more than five seconds long.
            “So where are we going?” I asked.
            “Just a walk around. I need to tell you some things.” He answered as he squeezed my hand and began to lead me away from the stables. We walked through the village and into the forest hand in hand. None of us said a word. We just enjoyed the beauty of the dark sky, and the silence that came along with it. After we were deep in the forest, Julian began to speak.
            “So… what did I miss when I was gone?” he asked.
            “Nothing really.” I lied. “Just organized a few things, signed papers. You know, royal duties.”
            “Sounds boring… no offense.”
            “None taken, cause it was fairly boring. My eyes started to burn because I was looking at words for so long.” I admitted.
            “Doesn’t sound as bad as walking on rocks bare footed.” He said.
            “Wait, why were you bare foot? And where? Most of this area is soft soil and grass.”
            “I went into the mountains.” He answered.
            “To look for a guy? How’s that working exactly?” I asked looking at him instead of ahead. Julian inhaled.
            “I didn’t find him.” He sighed. “But I have an idea of where he is.” He told me all about his journey in the past three days. He said that it was just him, and he was literally all over the area just searching for this one person who shall be unnamed (according to him). He traveled through the forest, upstream and in the mountains in just three days, and he still manages to make it back without any major injuries…Pretty hardcore if you ask me.
            “I guess you’re going to stay here longer then.” I answered trying to sound cheerful.
            “You guess correctly.” He said. “I hope it’s not too much trouble.” Yeah, it might be depending on how this goes.
            “No, no it’s fine. Just don’t try to kill me or I will have to freeze you.” I giggled.
            “Oh I have no intentions to do so.” He stated. We walked a little bit farther to come to the lake where Anna and I had our snowball fight. The lake looked like a mirror on the grass with this light. The stars seemed to shine brighter… and the moon made everything black and white.
            “Holy… I need to get out more often.” I awed as I let go of Julian’s hand to walk towards the lake.
            “I didn’t think I’d find anything else so beautiful.” He said.
            “’Else?’ What else is beautiful around here?” I asked facing him.
            “You…” he simply said. I didn’t realize how close he was. His body was literally inches away from mine. Both of my hands were in his and he looked deep into my soul with his sapphire orbs. I felt my cheeks heat up when he said what he said. I was praying that my redness wouldn’t be showing in the light.
            “I’m… what?” I choked.
            “You are beautiful Elsa. I want you to know that you are. And if you don’t believe me, let me make you feel beautiful.” He spoke as he moved closer to me. His body was up against mine, and he held my chin in his hand.
            “Jul-“ I started, but was cut off when he pressed his lips against mine. The other hand of his held the small of my back so I was really up against him/ my hands were pressed up against his chest, and I tensed up at the feeling of his lips kissing me. I didn’t kiss him back… but I didn’t push him away either. I just let him kiss me then and there. I shut my eyes so I could feel his movements. Yes his lips were soft, gentle and passionate… but he wasn’t Jack. When his lips broke from mine I opened my eyes to meet his gaze. I gave a small smile to say something, but then I saw movement behind Julian; Up in the trees, standing in the branches and looking down at us. The light gave the tall figure silhouette, and I was praying that it was Cue. The wind blew the leaves away and the moon shined a light on the figure’s hurt and angry expression… Jack.

Heyyyyy guysss!!!! So i hope you enjoyed this chapter, i made it a tad longer to make up for not posting in a long while. This might be the last chapter until friday since that's when my break starts. I apologize for any spelling mistakes, i wrote have of this at night so was like coo coo. So you that's for spelling mistakes, and if you found this chapter wasn't at it's usual quality, that's probably why too. Feedback is always appreciated! I Love You All!!! Happy REading ;)

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