Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


10. Blue

            Jack flew me back to the palace. Instead of carrying me bridal- style like last time, he held me by my waist so it actually felt as if I was soaring through the sky. To be completely honest right now, I just fell in love with the feeling; Jack’s arms around me, his head hovering over my shoulder, my arms out like a bird’s wings, feeling the cool wind against my neck and chest.
            “I could get used to this.” Jack murmured in my ear.
            “Don’t push it Frost.” I smirked… even though I could get used to it too. I felt his grip tighten around my waist as the balcony came into view. He switched to a standing position so or feet would land on the ground smoothly. However my knees decided to buckle and I collapsed. Jack swiftly turned me around so I would have landed on my back instead of my face. But then he maneuvered us so he landed on the ground instead of me. We landed and slid across the balcony until we stopped. I sat up so I was now straddling Jack with my hands on his chest.
            “Oh my god! Are you alright?!” I asked as shifted my weight so I wasn’t completely on him. Jack groaned and rubbed the back of his neck.
            “I’ll live. Better me than you right?” he joked.
            “But you hit your head pretty hard on the ground.” I protested as I reached to see his head. Jack grabbed my wrist before I could even touch him.
            “Hey. I’ll be fine.” He assured me as he touched the back of his head again. “I am immortal you know.” But then he moved his hand away, and a blue fluid was spread all over his fingers and palm.
            “What’s that?” I panicked.
            “Nothing, it’s just a small bump.” He groaned.
            “It’s blood isn’t it?” his silence answered my question. On impulse I got up and dragged him with me.
            “It’s no big deal.” Jack began.
            “No! It’s a huge deal Jack!” I countered. I led him through the hallways and towards the nearest washroom. I shoved him through the doorway and practically slammed the door behind us.
            “Ica, you’re over reacting.” He smirked. I grabbed a towel and held it to Jack’s head. He winced as I felt the warm liquid spread on my fingers.
            “Oh yes, I’m over reacting.” I sarcastically said as I pressed the towel harder into his head.
            “I’m serious Jack, this isn’t good.” I said as I switched the now soaked towel with a fresh one. His cold hand went behind his head and came down on top of mine.
            “I’m okay, I promise. I just have to wait for the bleeding to stop.” He explained.
            “Maybe you should lay down for a bit.” I suggested.
            “I think that is most wise.” He agreed. I removed my hand so he could hold the towel himself. I opened the door and made my way to my room as quietly as I could. Jack instantly went to the bed while I grabbed some fresh towels and a small bowl of water. Jack sat on the edge of the bed like he would break something just by touching it.
            “You know you can actually lay your head in the pillows.” I told him as I wrung out a towel.
            “Well I wouldn’t want to mess up your pillows.” He defended.
            “I’ll just have them replaced.” I explained as I sat beside him.
            “Lie down.” I ordered him. “Head in pillows.” Jack lay across my bed, and winced as he slowly put his head down. I quickly replaced the towel in his hand with a clean and warm one. Jack let out a tiny moan as he relaxed.
            “This really does feel nice.” He sighed. Jack fully relaxed and shut his eyes. He just looked so strong, peaceful and carefree that he put a smile on my face. I glanced at the towel in my hand. It was fully drenched in blue liquid, and it made me sick to my stomach knowing all of it was Jack’s blood.
            “I thought immortal’s can’t die.” I said trying to keep my voice straight. Jack chuckled as I tried to wash out the blood.
            “Well we are superior, and we do have magical powers. That doesn’t mean we can’t get a few bumps and bruises.” He explained.
            “How is this bumps and bruises?!” I exclaimed as I held the towel up so he could see.
            “For you it’s not, but for us it is.” Jack said as he sat up. I quickly pushed him back down.
            “I’m fine.” He insisted.
            “No you’re not.” I argued. “You’re-“
            “Not bleeding anymore.” Jack interrupted. He removed the towel from his head and handed me the cloth. There was almost no blue on the white surface. I felt behind Jack’s head, there was no longer a wet surface on his head. I started giggling and shaking my head in disbelief. Jack started laughing at me for my reaction
            “So you’re a healer now?” I joked.
            “Well if I was hit with an immortal weapon, I wouldn’t heal as quickly. I’d probably heal like how you would from a regular injury.” Jack explained as he sat cross- legged.
            “Well what if I was hit with an immortal weapon?” I curiously asked.           
            “Well if a human was hit, it’s almost certain death.” Jack said nonchalantly. I felt my blood run cold, and Jack saw my new facial expression.
            “Ica… I’m sorry. That was really blunt of me.” Jack apologized. I stayed silent as I climbed on the bed. I took his cold hands into mine and looked him in the eyes.
            “Stop apologizing for stupid things. I wanted an answer to a question and you gave it. That’s all that happened.” I told him. “… but I recommend that you don’t talk about that kind of stuff when I’m around.”
            “Noted.” He agreed. Our conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door.
            “Elsa? Are you in here?” Anna called.
            “I’m here.” I answered turning towards the door. Anna let herself in.
            “I’ve been looking all over for you.” She said as she walked up to the bed. “You said you would be in the study.”
            “I- uh… guess I got side tracked and came in here.” I lied. Jack smirked.
            “You’re missing a few events there Ice.” He teased. I ignore him and just focused on Anna. You’d think I would have gotten used to his comments like that when others couldn’t see him, but it’s difficult when Jack gets close enough that I could feel his breathing on my skin.
            “Okay, here’s the list you wanted. I forgot some dates, but all the people are on there.” Anna interrupted my trance as she handed me a piece of paper.
            “Thank you.” I said as I took it from her. As I was reading it, I saw Anna’s smile in the corner of my eye.
            “What is it Anna?” I asked looking up from the list.
            “I just remembered why it was so important for me to find you.” Anna recalled.
            “And it wasn’t the list?...”
            “No.” Anna answered. “There’s a demand for a meeting with you.”
            “Okay, I’ll set one up-“
            “Right now.” Anna interrupted. “As in they’re waiting for you in the foyer.”
            “They said it wouldn’t take too long. Just have the meeting.” Anna pleaded. “Or else they’ll never leave.” I nodded in agreement before she left the room.
            “I’m sorry, but you gotta get out of her finger.” Jack teased. I playfully slapped his arm.
            “I will eventually.” I answered as we both got off the bed.
            “Yeah right. I bet you like it a little bit. I bet it makes your job easier, so you secretly plead to stay wrapped around your sister’s finger.” Jack nudged me.
            “Yeah, you got me.” I said sarcastically. We walked towards the foyer exchanging laughs along the way.
            “You’re so weird.” I said to Jack.
            “Who is?” a voice said in front of us. Jack and I both looked at each other with wide eyes and slowly turned to see the owner of the voice; Longer brown hair, broad shoulders and blue eyes.

Heeyyyyyyy!!! I'm so sorry for this being late. I'll do my best to post again tomorrow to make it up to you guys. But as i said, i may only be posting on the weekends now, but i might post more than one chapter per weekend. I apologize for any grammar mistakes, it's almost 12 am right now, and i just wanted to post it. Hence forth i had no time to edit this chapter. I also want you guys to take note of this chapter because it'll be more important later on... sorry if it was kinda graphic for you. Nonetheless i hope you enjoyed it (and i just realized the way i was talking just then... odd. i shallst use it more often). And i just wanted to ask you guys something. Where are you guys from? I realized a few days ago that this is view world wide. SOO in the next couple of chapters, i may use the destinations you give me :) Leave a comment down below if you'd like, or message me if you'd prefer that. Feedback is always appreciated :) I Love You All!!! Happy Reading ;)

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