Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


14. Believe

             Nobody said anything. Anna remained silent and her face showed no emotion. Even though I felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders, I felt as if I did something wrong. Jack didn't even say or do anything. All I heard from him was s breath hitch for a second, then his normal breathing. Maybe after ten seconds of silence, it became too much for me to handle.
            "Anna?" I spoke. She looked down to hide her face. I looked to the figure beside me.
            "Jack?" I called to him. He didn't look at me, but I saw from the side of his face that he looked at the floor in disbelief. I sighed.
            "Maybe I should-" I started as I stood up.
            "No." Anna interrupted. "Stay here... What was that you said?" I sat back down in my chair and cleared my throat before I spoke.
            "I see Jack Frost." I repeated.
            "Elsa, are you pulling my leg right now?" Anna asked confused.
            "No Anna! I promise you that I see him." I insisted.
            "Are you sure you weren't reading the book, then fell asleep and dreamed the entire thing?" Anna guessed. I turned to face Jack and grasped his cold hand in mine.
            "Oh I'm sure." I answered as I squeezed Jack's hand. He responded by squeezing mine back, and a huge rush if relief flooded over me.
            "Then where is he if I may ask?" Anna asked crossing her arms. I turned to Jack once more thankfully my eyes met with his gorgeous blue orbs.
            "He's here right now." I replied with a small smiley a grin began to stretch across Jack's face.
            "Then how come I can't see him?" Anna asked.
            "You can only see him and hear him if you believe in him." I explained. " he got me to believe in him last night when he froze the lake over."
            "Could he do something that could help me believe in him?" Anna asked.
            "Sure. How extreme should I go?" He asked me.
            "Not too extreme." I replied. As soon as the last sound came from my mouth, Jack literally scooped me up from my seat and we started flying around the room. I still wasn't used to the feeling, so I tried my best not to scream in his ear. That pretty much failed when he did a little dip in the air.
            "Sorry." He chuckled.
            "Elsa, you're flying!" Anna gasped.
            “Try to believe Anna!” I exclaimed. “So he can put me down.” I muttered that last part. Jack did one more dip before Anna said the magic words.
            “Jack Frost.” She said in disbelief. Jack stopped flying and slowly set us down on the hard wood floor.
            “Can she see me yet?” Jack whispered in my ear.
            “Anna, if you can see him, describe what he looks like.” I commanded to her wide eyed expression.
            “Tall, bare foot, brown pants, blue sweater. He has snow white hair, really stunning blue eyes…” she listed. “And he’s really handsome…” I held my breath at her last description, and I tried not to let it get to me.
            “Well thank you.” Jack replied to Anna.” You’re really beautiful.” That last part kind of stung a little bit. I looked at Anna only to see that she was blushing like crazy.
            “I- I think I need to-“ she started, but couldn’t finish since she collapsed. Jack and I quickly caught her before she could hit her head on the floor. I wrapped her arm and around my neck and used my hip to support her weight. Jack did the same on the other side.
            “Wow, you two are fainters huh?” Jack teased. “And both of you fainted because of me…” We began walking out of the study.
            “Don’t think too much about it Frost.” I groaned as we made our way to Anna’s room. The walk was silent, and a little bit awkward. I shouldn’t have said what I said; like I really said it out of nowhere.= and I understand why he isn’t talking, but he needed to know the truth.
            “Is it this one?” Jack broke the silence asking if he choose the correct door.
            “Yeah, this is it.” I huffed. Jack turned the knob and we entered Anna’s room. I had to blink a few times because it was so goddamn bright in her room. She loved leaving her curtains and windows open ever since I became the Queen.
            “Jesus, no wonder she’s so cheery all the time.” Jack said as he squinted. We hulled Anna to her bed, and lay her head in the pillows. I threw a blanket over my sister so she would feel more comfortable in her sleep.
            “That went better than the last time I put a girl to bed.” Jack sighed as we walked out of Anna’s room.
            “You did what now?” I asked.
            “I physically carried a little girl to bed… then she fell off.” Jack explained.
            “Oh.” I sighed in relief.
            “You were thinking something else weren’t you?” Jack teased.
            “I was not!” I countered. My cheeks started to warm up.
            “You’re a horrible liar Ice. Your redness gives you away.” He pointed out.
            “I know. Anna already clarified that.” I groaned. We didn’t say anything after that. We didn’t even walk back to the study. We just stood in the hall in silence looking away from each other.
            “We need to talk don’t we.” I broke the uncomfortable silence. He didn’t speak, just gave a simple nod. I took his ice hand and led him to my room. Once we were in front of the door, I felt the tension between us grow more intense. To spare any suspense, we entered the room quickly and shut the door to avoid possible eavesdroppers. I leaned on the door and Jack stood in front of me a few feet away.
            “So how does this go?” he asked as he set his staff against my dresser.
            “Well you and I both know this is about what I said.” I spoke looking away from him. In the corner of my eye I saw him nod.
            “Care to explain that little bit?” he asked as he put his hands in his pockets. I sighed before I spoke.
            “Look, I was explaining everything to Anna. How I saw you, how we had a great time, how…”
            “You’re falling in love with me.” He finished. My throat suddenly went dry.
            “Yeah.” I croaked. Jack nodded, then he chuckled while shaking his head in disbelief. I felt my heart start to tear in two. This was usually a sign of rejection.
            “I feel so stupid right now.” I sighed as I allowed my heart to break.
            “Why?” Jack wondered.
            “Can’t believe that you feel the same was as I do?” he interrupted. My body froze and Jack began to walk towards me.
            “I tried my best to hold in my jump for joy when you said that.” He started to explain. “You don’t understand what I feel right now. You don’t understand how much it sucked when I had to leave you, and leave you with Julian.” Now Jack was only inches away from me. He took my hips and pulled me away from the door. His hands moved to my wrists so he made my arms wrap around his neck, then he placed them back down to my hips sending me shivers when he gave a little squeeze.
            “Y-you feel the same way?” I nearly cried. He nodded with a small smile.
            “Now maybe we could do this right.” He whispered in my ear. He leaned in and I felt his cool breath on my face. I came closer to him and allowed my lips to meet his. I pressed myself into him to deepen the kiss. That feeling I got on the balcony came back, but this time I was more exciting and passionate than those three seconds. I felt his soft lips kiss me back, making my heart race. One of his hands moved from my hip and onto the small of my back to press me against him a little more. He held me so tight it was like he never wanted to let me go. My fingers tangled in his hair, and I knew in that moment that I never wanted to let him go. I wanted to be with him and only him. The man I wanted to love me and hold me was the one and only Jack Frost… We broke our lips apart so we could come up for air.
            “Whoa…” Jack panted.
            “I know” I agreed. I quickly pecked his lips and freed myself from his embrace.
            “We need to do that more often.” He suggested. Normally I would have scolded him or maybe even playfully hit him, but now I was sharing the same thoughts.
            “Well thank goodness you came back. The balcony thing would have eaten me alive if you didn’t come back when you did.” I admitted.
            “I take it you missed me.” He smirked.
            “Obviously.” I stated. “Why did you come back so early anyway? You said you could have taken days.”
            “It was a really fast meeting… and you have to get involved too.”
            “Why me? What do I have to do with this?” I demanded.
            “Actually you have everything to do with this.” Jack revealed. “I have to explain everything in order for you to understand why.” He said as he led me to my bed.
            “Okay. Go on.” I said as I took a seat on my mattress. Jack sat beside me, his long legs crossed. He looked me straight in the eye.
            Okay. Awhile ago, the guardian and myself were at war with Pitch Black, or you call him the boogeyman. Well we defeated him but we had no idea where he went, Manny didn’t even know where he was.” Jack started.
            “Manny is?”
            “The Man in the Moon.” He clarified.
            “Oh, alright. Proceed.”
            “Anyway a few weeks ago Sandy said that there were an odd number of nightmares getting close to Arendelle. He said it looked like a circle closing in on your kingdom. Since I was the only guardian, besides Sandy, that could defeat Pitch I was sent here to see what was going on… I think Pitch is after you Ice. He’s going to try to corrupt your mind so he could rule Arendelle.” Jack explained.
            “But why would Pitch want me? Other than the fact that I’m Queen, what other reason is there?”
            “Don’t you know that your kingdom is the most powerful?” Jack asked. “Not only do you have the best military protection, the ruler has ice powers and no other kingdoms have a leader with powers… that we know of.”
            “So what was the meeting about?”
            “The fear is closing in according to Sandy.” Jack replied. “The guardians want you to be aware of everything that’s going on. And there’s going to be a few more guardians coming here for protection.” This was a whole lot of information to take in. A few minutes ago I was just a queen doing queen duties. Now I’m a queen that’s being hunted down by fear… literally.
            “Okay, so I’m aware.” I said bluntly.
            “Well, not fully. You can’t see all of us.” Jack pointed out. “So North- Santa told me to give you this.” Jack pulled out a small vial from his pocket. It was a small crystal bottle with murky whit liquid filling it to the top.
            “What is that?” I asked taking precautions.
            “I forgot what it’s called. North told me that it’ll allow you to see all immortal figures like me.” He explained. He placed the bottle in my palm.
            “Are you sure this is safe?” I worried and I twisted the cap off.
            “North told me someone used it hundreds of years ago, so yeah it should work.” Jack assured me rubbing the back of his neck. I nodded and raised the bottle to my lips. I smelled the aroma of the mixture… and it smelled putrid; like rotten meat and sweat.
            “Just don’t think about it.” He suggested. I guess he saw my facial expression because he rubbed the small of my back for encouragement. I tipped the bottle over my bottom lip and poured the liquid down my throat. It didn’t really taste like anything… that’s because there was nothing I could say to match the disgusting flavour that spread around my tongue. I choked it down hoping that it would be okay after, I could not ne more wrong. The liquid was cold as it went down my throat and into my stomach, and I felt what seemed to be the aroma rise up my throat and to my eyes. My corneas began to burn and tears flowed down my cheeks.
            “Elsa!” Jack cried out. He grabbed both my hands and looked me in the eyes. I couldn’t speak; my throat was frozen and burning at the same time. I tried to choke out what words I could.
            “I- fine.” I stuttered. Jack sighed in relief.
            “Thank god! You stopped breathing for a few seconds.” He trembled. “I thought-“ I cut him off by placing a finger on his lips.
            “You were worried about me.” I stated.
            “Of course I was. Aren’t I always?” he replied. Before he could say anything else, I planted a kiss on his soft lips. When he kissed me back, the burning in my eyes and coldness in my throat subsided. I opened my eyes for a split second… but something caught my eye. In the window there was a black figure floating outside… peering at me and Jack.

HEYYYYYY!!! Happy valentines day!!! I owe you guys this because of last chapter. Not gonna lie you guys went crayzayy, like i've never gotten that reaction. So yeah, i hope you enjoy this chapter cause i made it insanely long for you guys because i love you ;) I asked before if you guys wanted a smut for this fic... well i made a decision. Since a lot of you said yes, i'll write one but i won't post it. instead i'll tell you guys when it's ready, and you guys can just message me or leave a comment and i'll send you a link or something. Yeah, that way everyone's happy. Plus tell me how i did down below or in my messages ;) If you don;t have a valentine, i can be yours! I'll see if i can post again on the weekend. I Love You All! Happy Reading ;)

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