Beware His Frozen Heart

Trapped in a kingdom of Isolation, Elsa was never accepted by the people in her kingdom. She never had a proper childhood. She never experienced love. After Elsa brought summer back to Arendelle everyone was happy, except for Elsa. She became sad and lonely seeing how everyone had someone except her. That is until she found a man under the ice. His name was Jack...


19. Begin

            Before I let the wolf pounce and attack me, I forced my legs out of their shocked state and started running. I heard the wolf’s teeth bite into the trunk of the tree, but I didn’t dare look back in fear of what I might see. I ran as fast as I could, getting the feeling like my legs could fly off of my body. My hands moved the upcoming branches from my face. I didn’t know where I was going, the only thing I absolutely needed to do was run. I heard the snapping of branches slowly catch up to me as well as the grunts from the animal. My lungs began to burn and my legs began to ache, but I forced myself to move forward. I stepped down and my foot landed in a small hole causing my knee to buckle. I fell forward feeling a tear in my left ankle, and a scream escape from my lips. I had no choice but to push the pain away and crawl for my life… that didn’t work out so well. A sharp pain came on my left leg as I was dragged backwards and flipped over. Saliva dripped on me as hot breath blew into my face. Its yellow eyes looked deep into my soul as if it were to devour it after I was dead. A paw held me down as I started screaming for dear life and shut my eyes. This is it, this is the end for me. I felt my shoulder crack as the paw pressed me deeper into the ground, and the wolf went for the kill… but it never came. Instead I felt a sharp cold sensation, then the weight was off of me. I opened my eyes to see what happened, the wolf was gone, but Jack was by my side in a panic.
            “Are you hurt? What happened?!” he asked as he cupped my face with both of his hands. Hot tears began streaming down my face from both happiness and pain.
            “I- I  went to find you, then I was being chased!” I gasped between sobs. “Jack I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what he was doing I-“ his lips on mine cut me off.
            “I know, I know!” he said between kisses. “Cue told me everything.”
            “Cue?” I tried playing dumb.
            “Yeah, yeah. Now can you two love birds hurry up? We aren’t finished here.” Cue said from behind Jack.
            “We need to get out of here.” I stated.
            “I know.” Cue sneered. “Can you walk – oh no you can’t.” she said looking down at my foot.
            “I’ll carry her, don’t worry.” Jack rushed as he started placing his arm under my leg. When he touched my legs pain shot up my body.
            “Sorry, sorry.” He apologized.
            “What? It’s not that-“ I said looking down. “Oh god.” Nausea hit me and I began to feel dizzy. Were my toes supposed to face that direction? And were they supposed to be that grey?
            “Here.” Cue said passing me a vial. “Numb it so we can go. Drink a bit to pour the rest on your leg.” Without hesitation I shoved the vial to my lips and drank the murky blue fluid. It didn’t taste as horrible as the elixir Jack gave me… maybe because its effects did their job as soon as Jack dumped the rest of the bottle on my injury. Not only did I not feel anything, but my body went limp, like my body was asleep and my mind was awake. I fell back and Jack caught me before my head collided with a rock.
            “Cue what did you do?” Jack sneered.
            “It numbs the body parts that are injured. I guess she got more when she was running away.” She guessed.
            “J-just g-get m-me out.” I forced through my dead lips. Jack didn’t hesitate to scoop me up from the ground.
            “Castle.” Jack informed Cue, then we were in the sky. My arm was around Jack for some kind of support. I used what strength I had to hold on to my arm. I felt Jack hod me tighter in his arms.
            “It’s okay. I won’t let you go.” He murmured in my ear. We flew towards the kingdom, and the castle came into view.
            “We’re almost th-“ Cue started, but could no longer speak because she got hit by something in the air. I looked forward; a pack of what looked like shadows was coming towards us. As they came closer I realized they were animals made from the same black sand of the wolf was made of.
            “Cue!” Jack called.
            “I’m okay!” she replied as she flew back up. “Just didn’t expect anything to come at me like that.”
            “What was it?” he asked.
            “Dark horse… he’s here.” She cursed.
            “W-w-who?” I tried.
            “Pitch.” Jack answered. “We need to get you back and call the others.” Cue was about to say something, instead she dodged something that would have hit her face if she didn’t move.
            “I’ll cover you.” She said as she whipped out her bow. A black horse charged towards Jack as I, but a golden arrow took it down before it could touch us. “Go! Now!” Cue screamed as she released more arrows at a speed I’ve never seen before. Jack zoomed towards the castle, and yeah Cue really did have our back. Every dark animal I saw was taken down by a golden arrow if they attempted to come near us. Within a few minutes, Jack and I were able to make it to my balcony unharmed. He kicked open the door and quickly set me on the bed.
            “Hong on, hang on.” He said frantically as he ran to get bandages. The numbing began to subside slowly, so I sat up.
            “Don’t worry about me, help Cue-“ I gasped as soon as Jack touched my leg. The pain wasn’t nearly as bad as it was before, but it was slowly coming back.
            “Oh my-“
            “I know.” Jack cut me off as he prepared the gauze. “I’m not going to lie to you, this will hurt so bad you’ll want to pass out or kill me.”
            “What are you gonna do?”
            “Set your leg so it can heal properly… hopefully North can take a look at it after.” He muttered. “Ready?”
            “Yeah.” I lied squeezing my eyes shut.
            “Don’t look, and scream into a pillow so Anna won’t think you’re dying.” He said tossing me a pillow. I nodded and buried my face into it, waiting for the pain to come.
            “Just do it.” I muffled against the cushion.
            “I’m sorry.” He said as his cold hands quickly worked with my destroyed ankle. Screaming in the pillow did help with the pain. It felt like 1000 blades were stabbing my ankle at the same time, then when they weren’t interested in my ankle they shifted up my leg. I heard a sickening snap as Jack pressed down on my leg; it felt like he was torturing me for information but I didn’t know what it was. Out of nowhere his hands came off of me, but the pain still remained.
            “Hard part’s over. Now we just need to wrap up.” He stated as he grabbed the gauze.
            “Let me.” I gasped as I reached over to help. A sharp, stabbing pain collapsed onto y shoulder as I reached out.
            “No says your shoulder.” Jack joked. Even at the most unnecessary times, he still found a way to crack a joke and make me laugh. “Just lay back and relax.” He ordered me in a soothing voice. I just plopped my head in the pillows and waited. I felt a slight chill on my injury, then nothing. No pain, no cold, not even Jack’s touch… nothing.
            “Frostbite?” I guessed.
            “Yeah. It’s not permanent, I promise.” He assured me as he wrapped my leg up. “Crap.”
            “The blood won’t stop. I need something to hole this tight so-“ he explained. I quickly pointed at my frozen leg before he could finish his sentence. I learned how to do this awhile back. I created a thin layer of ice around my leg to act as a cast. I didn’t stop the bleeding, bit it would slow it down so my body could heal itself. I lifted my leg to inspect the crystal cast.
            “Years of practise. Many years.” I said smiling to myself.
            “Nicely done. You should teach North how to do that.” Jack smirked. “Oh right.” He walked to the other side of me.
            “Shoulder.” He reminded me. I nodded and looked away. “It’s not broken, not dislocated; Maybe just a torn muscle or something.”
            “I can take care of this.” I stated. “You need to help Cue.”
            “That’s what this is for.” Jack said holding a spherical snow globe. “Stay here… please.” He begged. I nodded.
            “I promise… unless I feel I need to break that promise.” I snapped.
            “Elsa, please-“
            “I’m not afraid Jack. I’m not afraid to do what I have to. The only thing I’m afraid of is losing you, especially if I could have done something to stop it.” I acknowledged. Jack didn’t say anything after, none of did. Instead he took my chin in his hand and kissed me with such passion I never wanted to let him go. I knew that if I let him go again he might not come back this time, and I was determined to never ever let that happen.

Hey guys! i know i posted this a bit late, but i was watching Amazing Race and Walking Dead with my family.... and before that i was finishing off Breaking Bad... Yeah lots of binge watching. I have Game of Thrones to finish off, and then Sherlock. if you have any other shows you recommend, by all means tell me in the comments or something :) I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I'll post chapter 20 tomorrow... or today depending on when you;re reading this. Yeah sorry for any spelling mistakes you see, it was night when i typed this out. Tell me what you thought about this chapter, or what you think is going to happen. And for those of you who are waiting for a smut.... i may or may not have that ready sometime this week o.O lol we'll see where we get this week. Hope to talk to you all soon Luv you all! Happy reading ;)

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