who did that...

a teen age girl learns that she has lived in 3 different lives and has no idea what is real and what is fake!


1. Celina, so well me

Hi I may die at the moment so I will make this quick.... My name is Celina Clark so I am a 16 year old girl with long strait brown-blond hair about 5 foot 11 (so almost 6 feet tall!)  who ( I specified) is supposedly is the cutest girl in school. Blah blah blah I say I know that that is not true! But no they wont let it go so lets move on any way this my mother died when I was young and my father does not care for me.


Any way so I go to school one morning and see my best friend Sophie and immediately scream '' HEY SOPHIE WAIT UP'' when she comes over we start having a conversation so weird and not us we don't even notice when the cutest guy ever (my boy-friend by the way) sneekes up on us then tackles me in a huge hug! ''Hey sweetie'' he says ''Hey Nick, what's up'' I respond with a chime in my voice ''What's up is the fact that every body is still buzzing about your party!'' great I thought ''That party was weeks ago!'' I reply sadly. That party hapend weeks ago or was it months I feel a bit woozie and fall over then they start again the flash-backs or is it a jump forward this time (what would that be a flash-forward)...

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