who did that...

a teen age girl learns that she has lived in 3 different lives and has no idea what is real and what is fake!


2. Celina... 1980?

So when I wake up I learn that I am in 1980 holding a taco in one hand. And the other is occupied with my husbands. (his name is Scott) 


Now this is complex just a year ago I learned that this was my second life time. In the first I was GREAT movie star Laura Marina Carmella Suzan yes long name but yeah. Married to a man named Scott and we had a little girl named Carla. Now back to the story... 


Now there is a catch in knowing that you have 2 life times, you must know how to be prepared for a flash back or forwards to a place you have never been. like this world where taco's can talk or unicorns are a big danger (yes it's happend to me!)


So when I get home Carla is there and I say ¨Hey Carla, how was school?¨ When she does'nt awnsor I say it a bit lowder ¨Sweetie, how was school? Are you OK? SWEETIE?¨ When she does'nt awnsor I do the 2 first thing that come to mind

1. Call the ambulamce 

2. Eat a taco it help's me when I am stressed out OK!?!


they fix her up and we are heading home. where has all of the time went? I ask my self? then I have a jump! Jeez! glitch glitch! I have stayed to long! I know where I am going to the dangerous mistirious land with talking taco's!


When I wake up there is a tigre on my chest ready to kill me...

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