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Gabby is starting her first tar of college. So thrilled with her best friend Kelsey by her side they take on the university head on. She thought she was nervous her first day, but then she met fearless gang leader Harry Styles.


1. Ch. 1: First Day

~Gabbys POV~
I poked Kelsey in the face gently. She didn’t move an inch, her head was inside of a book. Last night was an emergency ACT study session. I prodded her side now a bit harder…a little too hard. She fell with a loud *THUD!* 
“GABBY!!” She screamed. “WHY?” 
I tried to control my laughter but it was hard. I had to choke out the words between stifled giggles.
miss the…*laugh*…test”…*giggle*
She began to scramble for clothes quickly putting on jeans a sweater, some boots and a scarf. I pulled my dark brown curls into a messy bun and chose to wear a skirt and my new favorite top with boots. We ran outside to her car and hopped in rushing off to the testing site.


That was last year when we took the test. Since then we’ve both been accepted to Oxford University:D

"Welcome Welcome Freshmen!" Cheered our first day guide. She was a bit too perky for my liking. Kelsey shuffled nervously besides me. Tapping her hands on her sketchbook. Our guide rambled on about school colors or mascot or something like that. I put my hand on her shoulder. "You ok girlie?" I asked.
“Yeah,” she replied. “Just nervous” I gave her a calm smile and she returned the favor. That’s when two motorcycles pulled up circling the group of incoming freshmen. Our guide looked terrified. I gripped Kelsey’s arm, I was scared and my body turned to stone. They stopped right in front of Kelsey and I. The first guy stepped down and took his helmet off. His jet black hair was in a perfect quiff and he had tattoos everywhere. Next to him his friend hadn’t even bothered with a helmet he ran a hand through his messy curls and he had two bird tattoos on his chest visible due to his v-neck shirt. The shirt read “Hipsta Please”.

He was Perfect.

A/N: sowwys it's so short ): I was tired, ch.2 will be longer lovies I promise!!! Baiiii

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