Is anyone normal?

Chris thought no one would notice how different she was... She was wrong... What happens when a strange boy walks into town that changes her life?


2. What are they hiding?

About an hour after Izaya went to his room i was still trying to piece together the clues.

"Hey Ash, can you get me a piece of paper?" I asked.

Ash went into the kitchen and came back holding a pencil and piece of paper. I set the paper on the table and began to draw a diagram. I put Ash and Izaya's names in the center and drew arrows pointing at information boxes that i would fill in later. In the first box next to Izaya's name i wrote 'Appears out of nowhere' Ash studied the paper as i wrote.

"You really think we are hiding something dont you." He said as more of a statement than a question.

I nodded and set down the pencil.

"You might want to continue your search tomorrow. You need some sleep." Ash said.

      I looked up at the clock on the wall. Ah! It's eleven! I picked up the paper,kissed Ash on the cheek and ran to my room. I live with Ash and Izaya. Both of our parents died in an accident. That's it! I should search up what the accident was! I should also search up about their parents. I quickly scribbled that down and slipped into my pajamas. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was off to dream land. A knight welcomed me and led me into a castle.  

        As soon as the doors opened I recognized the king and queen who were in the thrown.

"Mom! Dad!" I screamed and ran to them, but the scene changed before I reached them.

I was in a large crowd and there was a large stage in front of me. Five people stood up there, one with a mic. the others with their hands bound. When the four people looked up I screamed.

"Mom, Dad, Jake, Molly!" But no one heard me...

It was as if i wasn't there!

The mic. man quickly put bags over their heads but before he did my mom's she looked directly in my eyes and said "Toki will protect you..."

And the the bag was on her and she fell fell from the stage. I covered my mouth in horror as the four of them swayed, lifeless in midair. I screamed and awoke to someone touching my shoulder. Ash. I hugged him tightly. He had no idea what was happening but he hugged me back.

"I saw how they died." I told him.

"How who died?" He asked.

"Our parents." Was all i said.

Ash groaned. "They said they would show you but why so soon!?" Ash griped to no one in particular.

"They told you I would see them die?" I asked quietly.

Ash nodded. "And they said I had to tell you the secret. I had to tell you that your protector was coming and that Izaya and I have powers."

I blinked. "Huh?"

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