I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


2. the new people

Lexi get down here okay liana

There is a group of people coming to adopt so look good and act nice what ever I go up stair I'm not gonna try at all I put on black shorts and a bandaro With a shirt that's tied at the bottom and shows the bandaro with a pony tail and went out side to shoot some hoops Mathew comes out hey Matt hey lex the boys r here um... Oh I mean u know the group ok r u going to go say hi no they don't want me u don't know that what ever ok lex I'll be back k hello I turn around to see Niall freakin horan um hi why aren't u in there with all the girls um cuz I gave up on getting adopted whys that ugh? Lexi oh sorry, it's ok so why did u give up well Melissa the other brown headed girl she said nobody likes me so I agree I don't want to give u my life story so u better go Niall well Lexi your coming with me. why? Cuz the boys are signing the papers I stand up are u serious ya we need a friend on tour and stuff omg I'm gonna live with one direction ya so go back ! I walk in my room I filled up one bag cuz I don't have a lot of close and I walked down to see louis Niall zayn liam and harry I looked at him for a couple seconds until Melissa came up to me she hugged me I looked shocked until she whispered in my ear your still a stupid bitch I push her off and smile at the boys let's go they said they walk out I was last I turned around and look at Melissa and smile and say at least I'm not a stupid hoe and walk out I've been dying to say that I jump in the car and sit bye zayn louis was telling me how much I'm gonna love it here and I just sat there until it got silent um guys thank u so much for getting me out of that hell hole no problem harry said but can we ask why u were there

This is gonna be a long ride!

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