I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


6. the first for every thing

We were walking so lexi are u a virgin harry asked I laughed and blushed yes harry that's good I looked at him and he had the biggest smile on his face we were walking silently and he grabbed my hand I looked at it and blushed so lexi..... I was talking to the boys and there ok if I ask u this omg is he gonna ask me the question I've been waiting for!!!! Will u be my girlfriend I stop he did I looked at him and smiled yes we kissed and it was magical there wear sparks we broke apart and he giggles what? Your just amazing I blush u to and we walk home and open the door no one was home not even the girls I looked at harry and he shrugged well... Then I ran upstairs ad went to my room and shut the door and laid on my bed harry came in about 5 mins later it's about time I look up to see hi in basketball shorts and his toned abs.... I looked at him for along time MMMHhhh I say out loud he smirked I need to stop doing that he came by the bed he then looks at my uniform I forgot I was still in it um harry I'm gonna change. Ok he said I just looked at him and I knew I wasn't going to win ugh I go to my closet and get a tank top with some sweats I pull my shirt up and I feel his eyes burn into my chest could u not I say he chuckles no I just roll my eyes an pull my spanks down I saw him shuffle his legs around then I caught on I just gave harry styles a boner this is gonna be fun to play around with I go over there still in my underwear just to tease him cuz we just started dating like 40 mins ago so I'm gonna wait I kiss him on his lips an slowly bit on his bottom lip and I let go I smirk and he kisses me again but I lick his bottom lip for entry and he allows I sit on his lap leg on each side then all of a sudden i got up he looked at me confused and I laughed I got my phone and put shuffle on but grind on me came on it's like they really want me to tease him I hooked it up to my surround sound harry came by me u like this song ya don't u ya he said I grabbed his hand and sat him on the bed I went in front of him so harry I learned the dance to this song I smirked at him oh really why don't u show me well I need something for me to do it so I guess u will work he cocked a eyebrow and nodded I put my legs on each side and right when I did it's sang baby grind on me

So I roll my body on him my to the beat so my hips smack against his croch and at one part of the song since I was on his lap I go down making my body shoot back up I wink at him then feel a boner I look down and giggle he smirks I'm speechless I tell him he laughs and kisses me that song was over then my fav song came on SoMo: ride and harry said do u only have songs that make me want u I laugh I guess music just knows me !;) take off those heels lay on your back whisper dirty secrets likes it's truth or dare cuz SoMo ride SoMo ride I dance to it bye swaying my hips then I go over to my sweats and pop them on and lay on my bed he comes over by me and kisses me my turn I giggle he gets on top of me and kisses my lips then my chin bone then my collar bone and sucked I tried cover my moan but I can't I new there was gonna be a mark but i didn't care he went done to my Chest wear my V-neck showed kissing it and I didn't want to come off as easy so I needed to stop him before any thing else could happen trust me I wanted harry to be my first but not yet I push him off harry I want to but I can't I say to him he nods an smiles and kisses me and leaves my room I feel like it's ok if I do and stupid if I don't I get up and run to Harry's room seeing him I the bed hey babe I stop at the door and blush since he called me babe I go up to his bed and sit by him I look down harry I'm ready he looks up and grabs my chin lexi we don't have to if u don't want to I know but I want to remember what I said in the car I could take u know he smirks ditto he said I grab his shirt and pull him down and kiss him I didn't even have to ask for permission he started to make out with me I... I say he took no time to hesitate to pull my sweats down and I ripped his pants off seeing his boner I giggle u will never get over that will u he said no he shakes his head no and smiles I take my shirt off and throw it on the ground and he goes for my bra and like that it was gone

Harry's p.o.v

I unhook her bra and I was just like damn she flips me over shes on top how much I want her to ride me but not yet so I flip her around my lead I say she shook her head she grabbed my boxers and went down slowly I yanked her underwear off and just looked at her harry she said inpatient with made me laugh I put the tip in and pulled out HARRY PUT YOUR DICK IN !!!! She says witch made me want her even more ok babe this is gonna hurt for a minute I put my length in her and did it feel so good I saw her flinch and went slow I then feel her go to the beat with me f-ffaster she stuttered I obeyed and pumps she grabbed the sheets and moaned say my name she said I smirked is she really gonna make me do this I look at her say it she repeats trying to not stutter l-Lexi I say louder lexi I yelled she smirked ad flipped us around my lead she mocked me she started going up and down and it was so hot seeing her boobs go up and down I didn't mean to but it grabbed them and she trough her head back moaning harry I'm gonna cum she says I laugh and that's when I go full speed and she's yelling my name by now an then we release she falls next to me and I realized I didn't use a condom lexi... I didn't use a condom I say looking down she gets up and laughs harry it's ok I've been on birth control since I was 15 cuz my house parents I feel 300 pounds lift off my shoulders and smile she pulls up her underwear and bra then the rest of her close I do the same she looks at me that was fun I chuckle at her comment ad wink definitely and we walk out to see the boys and girls L-LLEXI Niall yells and they start laughing I blush shut up I say whatever louis say let's watch a movie here put this on or as Lexi would say it HARRY PUT IT IN I laugh at what he said and she slaps his hand it was 21 jump street !

Lexi p.o.v

I love this movie I go to sit by Devan and I see louis there I look at him go sit by your lover he says I laugh and jump on his lap and shift my self to get comfy but it wasn't working I get up your not comfy louis oh well why don't u go sit on Harry's lap or have u already done that he winks I chuck a pillow at him u guy aren't going to get over that are u ! No he says I roll my eyes and sit by harry he grabs my and pulls me in so where cuddling and the movie starts we were at the part where they went to prom a I couldn't stop laughing Channing Tatum was so hot and funny the part were that girl from the limo was trying to unzip his pants and that's when harry and everybody else looked at me I Stab my head in his chest in embarrassment he tilts my head up no need to be shy kitten I just look at the movie and watch it was about 30 minutes until it was over and me j and dev want to take a shower dev is going first me and j sit in my room. While she's in my bathroom louis comes in and sits with us until we see the door open and dev in a bra an underwear louis trie to take his eyes away but he couldn't she looks up and screams and books it to the bathroom I started laughing I couldn't take it she came out in pjs and then it was j's so me and Devan decided to start on are homework we finished 5 minutes before j got out ok lexi your turn I got to the bathroom and strip and jump in I was thinking of these just 2days and how it changed my life I got adopted by one direction I lost my virginity to harry styles and dating him I made I bestfriends I got away from that hell hole but most of all I got a new family !

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