I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


8. sex.......

It's been 3 days since j and dev moved in an it's been great all the guys love having them and I low having them well it's Friday and today is my first track meet at this school and as captain so we have to do good but I guess were some school we haven't beat in 11 years so today is the day we change that I go to my bathroom an curl my hair and bobby pin my bangs I put on mascara an eyeliner it looks really good I put on my black spanks and my black bandaro and my light gray shirt that shoes my side and the bandaro of corse it says captain on the back and I just feel so proud to wear it I put my black convers on and get my track nike black bag and my usual black Jansport I feel like I have to much black so I put on a white bow in my hair and change my converse to my white ones much better I walk down to see Lou playing with devs side that shows and j on Nialls lap I walk on to see harry I his white shirt and black skinny jeans hey cutie I say while I open the fringe to grab a apple hey he winks I kiss him on the cheek well your very happy well ya today were the school that we have lost to for 11 years and lexi Hotts doesn't lose and never has so I can't wait he giggles ok I'm I driving to school or are u taking us I'll drive u good I didn't want to drive ok let's go come on girls were leaving lexi I can't wait it gonna kick some ass today I laugh thanks u will to j save Nialls face for later she chuckles and gets up I hop in the car and we go every body kept telling us how good were gonna do and I'm gonna beat this schools ass it's 6 period until all the pressure hits me the bell rings and breaks me from my silence I walk out and hector comes up u got this lexi go kick some ass!!! I laugh ok thanks I turn the corner and see harry leaning against the wall I walk up to him and hug him he sinces my nerves don't worry u got this babe your Lexi freakin hotts u don't lose it gonna go out there as kick some ass he kisses me and leans his forehead on mine I love u I look up I love u to now go out there and make this school proud to say u go here I laugh and walk out I run to my team ok girls we are gonna go put there and beat this school ARE U TIRED OF LOSING YES then let's go over there and WIN o Devan an Emily go out there and beat that team u have the 100 then Emily will do shot put then j and Alyssa do long jump then Alex and mikala have high jump then I'm gonna do the 400 along with the 200 ok o now let's go I pull Devan to the side dev u got this just focus on u and that line ok yes now go make this school proud she hugs me and goes to her lane I watch as she looks at that line BOOM and she is off. I see as she crosses the line first and I jump up she ran to me and was so happy they walked away and the girl from the other team came up to me u guys are good but u might want to step it up if u don't want to make it 12 years I look at her and roll my eyes I go to the team ok guys we one the 200 and the 100 j u were amazing and one long jump Emily got second on shot put an Alyssa u one high jump if we win the 400 we win this meet and destroy the hawks so let's go out and win we all hug each other I promise we will bring a trophy home I say and walk to the lanes and of corse I get in lane 3 my lucky lane I look up to see harry holding a sig saying let's go babe I smile and he winks I'm gonna do this for him I look straight and BOOM I was off I was focused on the cheers and all the signs made for me I didn't even notice I was on my second lap but in 2 place I turn the curve and see that girl that was saying all that stuff I look back up and see the ribbon that's when i give it my all I hear the football team screaming my name and the cheerleaders cheering me on I feel the ribbon on my stomach and I jump up an down then the hole crowd feels around me and the track team lexi hector calls my name u just did something that hasn't been done in 11 years I hug him your amazing thank u hector I turn around an the football team soaks me with water I scream and they pick me up Lexi Lexi Lexi is all I hear they put me down and all group hug me I get out ad find harry I run to him ad jump on him and he holds by bum while I wrap my legs around him I told u that u could do it I smile your amazing harry no u are and I kiss him I need to go find the girls I run to them and they jump on me lexi I'm so proud of u know I'm proud of u guys that was amazing out there we hug out each other ok let's leave the and find the boys over there Devan points we walk over there and Perrie is there I go up to her hey Perrie and hug her hey lexi u did amazing out there thanks umm this is Devan and Jalyn hi I'm Perrie she hugs them and u girls did amazing as well she says thank u but we wouldn't have done it without lex I blush ok let's go we pile into the limo I sit by harry of corse and the girls sit by louis and Niall and parrie and zayn are together I guess liam was by himself I look at harry who was staring at me what? Oh nothing I'm just really glad u won oh I am to I kiss him sooooo.... Louis says I giggle and look at him this is probably not allowed to do this as the person who adopted u but good thing we all no I don't care so were going to a club In about 2 hours devans jaw drops I have never been to a club louis laughs your gonna have so much fun she smirks I bet I will I roll my eyes at them I can't wait I say we arrive at the house we all pile out ok let's get ready us girls run up stairs omg I'm gonna wear my tight black dress with my gray heels he squeals ad runs to her room dev does the same me and Perrie run into my room ok so Lexi your gonna wear this she throws a tight black skirt at me witch was shorter then j's and she trough me white cropped top with black letters that say FUN on it and black sparkly heels I go to the bathroom and take a shower and when I get out I put the skirt on that goes under my belly button and put the shirt on my ass looked great in it like I never new how big it was tell now I walk out and Perrie is pinning up devs bangs and she is wearing a tight red dress It looks so cute with her red heels and Devan has a blue dress with heels the same color as of corse j she has her tight black black dress with those heels of hers! WOW u look hot lex u to I say while I laugh sit Perrie instructs ok she wips out your curler and begins we finish about 30 minutes later and she puts it in a pony tail are u guys almost done zayn yells from the door um ya I just have to do lexi' make up ok hurry he says 10 minutes flat she says she puts on eyeliner and eyeshadow and mascara it looked really good well someone is getting laid tonight j yells I gasp and Perrie is dying of laughter while Devan tries to hold it in come on let's go I put on my black sparkly heels and walk out of the room I see harry sitting there he looks up and makes eye contact with me then smiles then his eyes undress me then look back up and he has that playful smirk on his face he comes up u look beautiful not to bad your self styles I look him up and down he has a sexy white button up and blazer with a h on it with tan pants it was sexy he comes to my ear your gonna be really sour after tonight he slaps my ass and I giggle the rest of the girls come down and we leave louis how are we suppose to get in the club I know the people oh I say ride comes on from SoMo and harry nudges me and I start laughing so do the girls he pulls me on his lap and I just sit there where here Niall yells I look out the window and it was the biggest club in London my jaw drops this is were we are going ya it's awesome ok but if there's a bar.... They laugh I wink at harry and he bites his lip this is gonna be really fun we wait about five minutes and where in me and j rush to the bar can we have the electric rush plz he nods his head an hands us this blue drink I taste it ad it's amazing he slips his number and I laugh I have a boyfriend ad I hand it back he looks embarrassed sorry I say and order another drink we take it to the table to see the boys with 10 shots everybody take one I say we all grab one and chug I chug the rest of my blue drink and grab Harry's arm let's dance I say / slur I tug him through the dance floor and I push my ass on his front and sway my hips I go down and back up while grinding on him he is grabbing my hips and whispers in my ear let's go to the bar I shake my head and I stumble over there I want that drink I had earlier I say to the bartender he hands it to me I slip it down u must be her boyfriend ya u got a lucky one when she was drunk I gave her my number she turned it down and said I have a boyfriend he kinda tensed up but then realized the hole story she is something special he says and kisses me ya he's one of a kin but let's not get in details I giggle harry blushes an grabs me while the bartender laughs I can't believe u just said that he chuckles oh babe I'm not one to tell a lie he kisses me let's go back to the table I nod my head and I see Devan grinding on louis while he sits down it makes me laugh cuz Devan would never do that and Perrie is sitting on zayns lap and can't stop giggling the only boy I see that is really drunk is Niall wow Niall u no how to have a fun time I smile while he chugs a shot down louis looks at me and takes to a shots we all look at harry and zayn and harry chugs 3 vodkas shot come on zayn he chugs one of those blue drinks an starts laughing body shots Perrie yells she pushes me down and puts salt on my stomach and harry takes a shot and licks my stomach it was so hot they all clap and I pull my shirt down I am completely drunk and we all decide to go to the limo I sit on Harry's lap again but straddle him I open the window to the driver and whisper in his ear then next thing u know grind on me came on harry wasn't as drunk as I was now isn't this familiar I say yes it is he smirks baby grind on me you no I like when. Grind on me and I roll my body on him he looks up at me and it was so hot how he did it OOOO every body yells I laugh and sit on his lap we arrive at the house and I stumble in the house every body goes to the kitchen I go upstairs and put my pink bikini on and the top is a bow I walk out and go to the kitchen were are u going lexi liam says I'm going in the pool guys car to join the girls run up stairs and come back in there bikini's and the boys are in just there boxers I walk out until I feel to hands go around my waist and push me in the water I come up harry I yell he is laughing and jumps in I go to him and rap my legs around him I can't wait for tonight I say he looks up at me and winks me either let's play chicken OK I scream I get on Harry's shoulders I go to his ear this feels good I giggle he smirks Devan and louis come to me bring it she says and we start I was giggling the hole time and then my bathing suit top gets ripped down I was laughing then realize harry pulls me down and slams me against his chest while I pull it up I am red as a tomato harry pulls my head up thanks u slur no problem babe and kisses me I can't let go of him it was a make out harry.... I wan...want you I saw he pics me up with out saying a word and goes to the stair of the pool and walks out of the pool we get to his bedroom and i lock the door and go to him and rip his boxers off my top was already gone and my bottoms he picks me up and goes into me and slams me on the wall HARRY ffaster I can't stop I moan and fig my nails in his back he pulls out and throughs me on the bed I'm gonna return the favor he says and I smirk his hands grip my thighs and his tongue is in me omg I pull his curls and he smiles I couldn't take it I let out and he does one more swipe and looks up at me I was breathing really hard he came by me tugs his shirt on me and we fall asleep

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