I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


5. school

So I wake up to a stupid alarm clock and then just remembered harry and I kissed I started to smile and Perrie walked in hey lexi I'm here to get u ready um ok so let's start on your hair so she curled it and put my bangs in a pump she then put mascara eyeliner and eyeshadow on then blush ok get dressed so I pulled out red skinny jeans and a cropped shirt that said geek and I put white toms on to match the top I got my phone and my bag and fixed my hair I walked downstairs so one of them could drive me I was really hoping it wasn't harry cuz that would be awkward Lexi u look so pretty thanks Niall Lexi loving the shoes louis said I giggled then harry mumbled something is just said ok so who's taking me to school can u drive liam asked? Ya I have my London drivers license great so harry will drive u to day so u know were it is then u can start I put on a fake little smile and just looked at harry who had a smirk on his face I'm just gonna pretend it never happened ok let's go bye guys and perrie BYE they yelled back!

~car ride~ both of there p.o.v

I jumped in the passenger seat and waited for harry finally he came he had something black in his hand here u go he tossed it at me it was a cardigan um thanks but imp not cold ya but.... He looked down at my stomach I just laughed and put it in my bag it was kinda awkward silence until he spoke so what happened last night ugh well I went to bed what about u he giggled before that oh I don't know harry u tell me u did it then he blushed ok hear we r he pulled up to a high school so your last name here is still Hotts ok bye I was about to get out but he pulled me back and kissed me I had to kiss back then I broke the kiss harry u gotta stop doing that he laughed u know u like u it what ever text me if anything happens um ok... Bye I was walking until I finally saw the big office building when I went in to the principles office I saw a pretty blonde girl hey I'm Devan u will be in all my classes and I'll be showing u around ok thanks I'm Lexi well Lexi let's go to science ugh I hate science me to will sit in the back so u don't have to do a lot of stuff ok so we got to the class room and I saw 2 seats side by side in the last row by the window over there Devan right when I was about to sit down the teacher called me to the front shit! Hi ms.... Ms.sans hello Lexi plz introduce or self well I'm Lexi Hotts and I'm 17 and I like sports and stuff I said I was about to walk to my seat again until the teacher asked any questions omg I want to sit down I said in my mind ya I have one a boy said ok what is it do u have a boyfriend I looked at him with disgust and said no well do u want one absolutely not then I finally sat down it was about 20 mins into the lesson when I was bored as hell and I was thinking harry said text him if anything happens and something Is happening I'm bored

~conversation~ Lexi and harry

Lexi: hey harry

Harry: hi Lexi aren't u supposed to be in lesson

Lexi: ya but u said if anything happens to text u so... I did

Harry:what happened do u need me to come get u!?!?

Lexi: lol calm down I'm bored so I texted u

Harry: really cuz or bored or do u just miss me ;)

Lexi: totally u caught me

Harry: don't make plans but I'm picking u up for lunch

Lexi:fine but can u pick Devan up with me after school she is gonna tell me about the school and I have track tryouts I guess with her so ya plz!

Harry:sure love but meet me at the place I dropped u off today

Lexi:will do thanks :)

P.e is 4period and I'm going to lunch after I told Devan she can come over and stay if she wants cuz I have close and she said ok so I entered the gym and went straight to the locker room I was about to take my pants off until Devan said we share a locker room with the boys r u serious that is dumb I then see all the boys come in and start to get undressed then I see this hot guy that's hector Devan said oh ok why do they get to change and we don't we do I the bathroom ya no I unlocked my locker took my shirt off and I felt all the eyes on me then Devan finally did the same I put on my gray V-neck and started to un do my pants until the teacher came out ms.hotts what do u think your doing well coach I read her jacket u put the lockers together so why do the girls have to change in the bathroom well u do have a point hurry up ok coach so I put my black shorts and walked out with Devan I got tapped on the shoulder I turned around and saw hector ya I said I just wanted to introduce my self I pretended to not no his name ok well I'm hector captain of the football team what about u I'm Lexi I do track i smiled do u have a number ya I'll give it to u in the locker room ok bye Lexi so the hole p.e we just ran I was always I the front Lexi the coach yelled oh crap what did I do I ran over there eyes coach your really good hope to see u after school thanks coach u will I smiled then headed to the locker room I finally got dressed and I closed my locker door and saw hector leaning on the locker so how about that number I giggled and put my hand out for his phone he handed me it I put my number in and took a picture and put it as my pic he did the same well I got to go I'm meeting someone for lunch well I got to go Lexi see u later u to hector bye dev see u in 5 period u to lex

Harry: I'm here

Lexi: ok I'm almost there


I open the car door and see harry hey hi and he kissed my cheek so were r we going um I was thinking nandos ok let's go we were driving then I got a text from hector I started to blush when the name came up

Hecror:had a lot of fun in p.e

Lexi:me to

Who was that oh just a friend I said a friend that makes u blush no what r u talking about your cheeks just turned red when your phone went off I looked out the window and had my phone between my high area of my thigh and all of a sudden he put his hand there and grabbed my phone what r u doing harry I got your phone no duh my phone was bye my crotch harry he laughed and said I no I didn't really care cuz I had a password on my phone what's your password I'm to telling u then all of a sudden I heard the unlock sound how did u know what it was it's your last name not that hard what ever oh so it was hector who texted u shut up I then took my phone and opened the door to the car and waited for harry to get out .

Harry's p.o.v

I can't believe she got a boys number did the kiss not mean anything to here I don't know I'll ask her but she's waiting for me to get out of the car i open the door to nandos and she walked In and sat in a booth I sat across from her so lexi how did u meet hector well.... It was 4 lesson so p.e and i guess we share a locker room with the boys and I wasn't going to get dressed in the bathroom cuz it's are locker room to so I got dressed and when I was walking out he introduced himself to me and asked for my number but don't worry I don't like him if that's why u want to no she said with a smirk on her face she is so perfect it's crazy . She ordered and we ate shit she said I got to get back she stood up and looked at me ok let's go pottie mouth i said she hit me arm playfully and I giggled I swear that giggle is gonna be the death of me I saw her look up and and turned red I crap I haut said that out loud I drove to her school and story of my life came on and she started to sing to it her voice was amazing I parked come on I'll walk u ok so she got out of the car and waited for me I grabbed her hand and walked her to the gates bye harry she hugged me no good bye kiss she laughed and pecked me I the lips I yelled on accident it haut slipped out of my mouth that ass tho she turned around and winked I'm gonna tell the boys that I like her so I drown to the house and right when I walked in boys can we talk ya what's going on hazza zayn said it's about lexi I really like her we already new that hazza how we saw u kiss her were not stupid that's why we told u to take her to school oh good cuz every time I'm around here I Just want to... Shut up don't say it louis said fine let's watch a movie ok

Lexi' p.o.v

It's 30minutes until school is out ten I get to go to track with Devan I can't wait like I had a really good day I met a lot of cool people that reminds me i need to text harry if he can also pick up Jalyn

Lexi: I need u to know if it's ok if another friend comes over cuz we have a meet on Friday and We need to get ready for it and they can borrow my close?

Harry: of corse but text me when U need me to pic u up

Lexi: k thanks :)

Ok girls let's go to track !! Hey coach hey Lexi can I talk to u yes I put your uniform in your locker and I'm making u captain cuz that stunt u pulled in the locker room showed courage and leadership um I don't know what to say I guess thank u an I won't let u down I entered the locker room and screamed what I'm fucking captain I told the girls congrats r other captain was a bitch and she quit on us last week oh that's good then now I gotta get dressed I opened my locker to see tiny little black spandex and a shirt that was a tank top that u could see my hole sides and a bandaro omg this is r outfit ya little slutty but at least it's not boyish ya your right now let's go get are track on so first let's stretch then run the 100 with some hurtles then after we stretch the ones that do discos and shot put can go ok let's go I smiled we got in are lanes and I was in 3 I got in position and was focused all I heard was GO! Boom and I was off I finished the straight away I 1minute and 23 seconds new record Lexi me and the girls walked out in are uniforms I saw the range rover driving into the parking lot ok guys don't freak out when. See who I live with Devan nods and j says ok? I walked up to the car and opened it and they saw him I got I and rolled down the window to see them frozen r u coming they nodded and got in so your harry styles um ya I giggled and your jalyn ok and your Devan she said well nice to meet u to it's my pleasure j said I looked at harry taking in as hot he was like I could just take him now Devan broke me from my silence lexi u ok ya why wouldn't I be well considering u just said u could take him right now? I looked to see harry smirking and he looked at me and winked ya ya ya keep your eyes on the road I said and looked out the window we pulled in and I got out and waited for them and we walked I the house I saw Devan and j stop oh ya this is Devan and jalyn harry,louis,liam,zayn,niall and harry,louis,liam,zayn,niall Jalyn and Devan ya glad we no each other lets go up stairs and we walked in I flipped on my bed and I couldn't take it I can't believe I pretty much said I want to fuck him they laughed it's ok no body cares your right let's go downstairs and Dev I say the way Lou looked at u and nialls got a eye on j over there she blushed so we walked down hey boys oh hi Lexi the said giggling I looked at him and gave him a pist off smile and looked at the girls dev gave me a calm down look so I just sat down they kept laughing so I stood up I'm gonna go on a run and when u guys have calmed your dicks I'll come back and I walked out I started to jog and it felt so good then I saw a park I decide to go sit down on a bench I put on some music and decided to just sit there until I felt a hand on my bare thigh I flinched and looked up to see harry ugh what do u want just wanted to see why u were so upset oh I don't know I pretty much told u that I would fuck u so ya that might be it I said with being sarcastic I giggled oh trust me I would do the same ow let's go home.

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