I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


3. let me tell you

Well I'm Lexi Hotts average 17 year old and my parents died when I was younger and it's really been just me ever since the other girls hate me for some apparent reason they say all this crap about me and soon enough I just believed I love track and basket ball and I dance I love theater but ya I'm so sorry Lexi harry said and smiled lightly it's ok I smiled I don't like thinking about it so ya I looked at him with his gorgeous green eyes and beautiful curls wait no I can't think that way he saw me staring and smirked I blushed and giggled and Niall glared at him were here louis shouted I look at this big house omg that's were I'm gonna be living ya do u like it louis said yes it's actually a home I hugged him thank u so much no problem lexi we needed someone around I smiled and started walking to my new home !

I walk In to see a beautiful house with a spiral stair case I got a huge hug from I guess Perrie hi I'm Lexi after she let's go I know zayn told me let me show u to your room I kinda went shopping for u already thank u she opens the door and I see a king size bed with black bed set and pink pillow cases with a top so when I look up to see a thing on top it's pink then a desk with a computer and it was freakin awesome then she opens my closet a walk in closet with all these close and shoes I didn't know your size so zayn sent me your info from that place I hugged her thank u so much your welcome I'm so happy your here oh me to well I'll leave it to u and she left I sat on my bed and just thought this is a dream come true I was lost in my thoughts until a knock was at the door I yell come in it was liam hey Lexi hi liam I just wanted to give u this he pulled out a black iphone5 omg really ya it's all yours I can't take that ya u can thank u liam I hugged him and he hugged me back and left when he shut the door he yelled look in your desk at the bottom ok I went over there and pulled out a big white box I opened it to see a bunch of phone cases I dumped them on the bed and found a bejeweled British flag I put it on set the phone on my bed and decided to go thank the boys for everything so I shut my door and reach the stairs I see harry at the end so I decide to jump on him I don't really know why tho so I get at least to the3 to try last step and jump on his back he freaks out for a second then grabs my legs and starts to run I'm laughing really hard until his foot slips and we go down I close my eyes waiting for the impact until I open them and I'm on top of harry I look at him and we burst out laughing and then I realize I'm still on him sorry harry no it's ok love I reach my hand out and help him up I just wanted to thank u guys for everything no problem Lexi let's go to the living room so we walk In and all the boys are sitting down hi guys Lexi they all yell let's watch a movie um ok I'll be back I'm gonna get changed cuz I was still in my shirt that showed my hole sides I run up stairs and put on big black sweats but cute big and a tank top and walked. Down to see the main screen saw I love this movie there was no were to sit except by harry so I went over there and sat down we were half way threw the movie then I jumped harry came close to me and whispered in my ear don't be afraid love I'll protect u I giggled know need to mr.styles and he smirked I was trying to watch the movie but I couldn't get his smirk out of my mind he is so freakin hot is yawned and decided I should go to bed I sat up an said goodnight I hugged everybody except louis and harry goodnight louis goodnight Lexi u have school tomorrow so I'll wake u up at 8 so u have enough time to get ready um thanks I go over to harry and hug him and say goodnight but he kissed me on the cheek I was about to walk away but he grabbed my hand I'll walk u up ok let's go he lead the way when we got to the room I pushed passed him and went to shut the door but he stopped it and kissed me I didn't hesitate to kiss back I broke the kiss and was blushing goodnight Lexi and I go to my bed and just sit there in shock!

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