I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


1. just plain old me!

Hi I'm Lexi 17 long dark brown hair and blue eyes I'm Italian so I have natural tan I don't know much about me only I live in London and was born here my parents died in a crash and I have been in a group home sense I was 9 no body wants me so I don't really try any more I have one friend in here and his name is Mathew he's my age we was there when I was 12 and he didn't really talk so I just talked to him until he finally answered then we became friends! Well there's 13 girls in the house and 7 boys the girls here all hate me the only thing we have in common is one direction I like spots and they hate them I like black an they love pink they like heels and I like converse they told me that no one likes me and soon enough I believed it I only have one friend at my school well the basket ball team and I use to be a cheerleader but the house mom made me quit cuz the other girls said I didn't belong and she didn't want me to make a fool of my self even though I was the captain but I love track an basket ball more then cheerleading ! Well that's me boring old me

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