I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


7. I love u

So I got out of the shower I felt better and I walked into the room to harry and the girls laughing I go to my closet and get changed in there while I was looking the dec txts me let's go to the movies and I texted back ok so I put on skinny jeans and a Paris crop top I walk out hey Chicas I saw and they burst out laughing what? I asked oh nothing just harry shared us a little story and your type of music I go over then and slap his arm u just love story time don't u I ask him he giggles I love it ok so girls wh- Devan covered my mouth then I got it I need to shut up she let's go of me as harry looks at me confused harry me and the girls are gonna go to bed we have a long day tomorrow he gets up and kisses me night babe night I replied bye he said to the girls when he left I looked at them what the hell was that were not going to the movies were going to hectors party but it's Monday ya it's stupid but Monday suck and he's a senior so he always has them j explains so were sneaking out so get ready I give them a guilty look but realize I'm going to I go in my closet followed by the girls so put this black dress on and u can work your toms I guess I laugh and put it I this dress is tight but it looks good dev had a blue on on and j was wearing a cropped top with tight skirt cute know let's go out the window I said I have these things that look like stairs and we will have to leave my window open though good thinking lex I smile ok let's go we finally hit the ground so hectors house is a block away I see the lights ad the loud music this is gonna be crazy we walk in and I see familiar faces he lexi I heard about a billion times wow your popular j says ok I laugh let get a drink after that I was drunk we were grinding on each other I has having so much fun hector came up hi lexi I didn't know u would be here well u thought wrong I slur he laughs well have fun I am I laugh it was midnight and I had more to drink guys let's go home ok lexi I grab a drink and we walk I chug my drink and then climb my window it was so quite I look at the girls I want to see harry take my shoes off and stubble over there I open his door and he is awake by my surprise why are u up so late babe I can ask u the same he says I giggle and go over there lexi why are u dressed in that I was at a party silly his face is just straight I then realize what I said oh shit I mumble his face lightens in a smile so lexi why did u come in here aren't u tired I put my knee on the bed and crawl over to him I missed u I say while tracing my Han on his abs oh really yes I slur he tries to sit up but I push him back down he looks at me weird I just smirk Le- I kiss him ad he kisses me back I am straddled over him his wondering hands find there way to my ass he moans in the kiss an I smile he licks my bottom lip and I accept his usual boner comes along and makes me laugh but this time since I'm drunk I feel confidence in me an next thing u know I grab it threw his pants as squeeze he moans and throughs his head back LLEXI he says and I love when he says my name for some reason it's just so hot that sound so hot when u say my name I tell him he chuckles I unbutton his pants and pull them off I shivers and I give him a weird look he laughs we shouldn't do this he says I look at him we aren't going to do anything I'm going to I say and smirk he let's out a sigh and I smile your crazy when your drunk witch I still can't believe u are don't be so uptight babe I kiss his lips then go to his neck and suck I bit the skin until he moans and i go to his boxers I put my hands on the lining and he moans again I slowly pull them off I crawl back to his mouth harry this is gonna be fun he cocks his eyebrows I put my hand down and rub slowly I kiss him again and go down mmm baby l giggle at his words ffaster I rub faster and look at him through my lashes FUCK he says loud but not yelling that's when my drunkenness takes over me and I put my mouth on it I didn't know what I was doing but the alcohol takes over my mind I slightly go down and he twitches OMG LLEXI he grabs my hair and that makes me go deeper I keep up the gas speed until something salty comes in my mouth I swallow and pull him out and look up sorry he says I giggle and put my thumb to my lip were some was still at my corner of my mouth and whipped it and licked my thumb if I wasn't drunk I wouldn't of done that he looks at me and smirks now that was hot he said I go over to him and kissed him I was gonna get up but he pulls me back down sleep in here I think about it and say fine but I need to go check on the girls first and plz don't tell the boys we snuck out I won't he winks I roll my eyes and get up still drunk I stumble and giggle the hole way there I walk in with them passed out on my bed I strip from my dress so I'm in my red lace thong and red lace bra I go to the door but fall oops I laugh and walk to harry room I walk in to see him with a clean pair of boxers on well your not very modest when your drunk are u harry says hey don't judge me I say while laughing then I fall again this time I couldn't stop laughing but harry pulls me up and sets me on his bed I am still drunk but he looks at me and I was stuck in his green eyes I love u lexi I was shocked at his words I love u to harry I say and he smiles I pull him down and kiss him u know how bad your going to feel tomorrow I know I say he pulls me to him and wraps his hands around my waist an I fall asleep

UGHHHH I wake up it was 7:53 fuck fuck fuck I get up and I was in Harry's bed? He wasn't in there he comes out of the bathroom hey he says hi I saw u sound rough I know I... I stop cuz he doesn't know we snuck out u snuck out and went to a party then drank u.. U were drunk and went to a party and... Fuck he know my mind says wait and.. And what harry well u sort of came in hear and I tried to stop but u I WHAT HARRY u gave me a blow job omg I didn't know what else to do I drop on the bed I can't believe I did that I'm a slut I say he comes to me no u aren't Lexi u have only ever touched one guy and I am proud to say that I am that guy u are the total opposite of a slut your perfect harry said I look at him and blush I kiss him I... Love u I say I love I to no your gonna be late for school ok he puts his white shirt on me an I laugh ad leave I walk into my room girls wake up I jump On the bed were late to school they shoot up ad fall straight back down hurry I say I got In to some black big sweats and a cropped top that said F.I.S.H aka fuck it shit happens and put my hair in a pony tail and put black sunglasses on the girls are in a tank top and leggings guys harry is the only one who knows I say u told him I was drunk I sister know ok let's go we rush out harry is the only one awake I'll drive u so get in the car thanks babe. Say and realize what I say and blush while I grab my black Jansport he comes out soon after u look good even when u have a massive hang over I giggle guys did I fall yesterday cuz I have a bruise on my ass oh that harry says I gasp no in just kidding u fell in my room and couldn't stop laughing just drive we arrive and jump out I'm so glad we have all are classes with j except 5 we run in and the bell rang like 5 minutes so we aren't tardy I rush by the door ok guys act like everything is ok j said I laugh let's go I open the do and all eyes are on us sorry were late ms.sans just take your seat rough night huh hector says I laugh yup and we sit down are day was boring just comments about the party and how I was a blast I really like this school I walk in to the lunch room and see j balling I run over there what's wrong love mmy my parents kicked me out she let out more sobs cuz I was a disappointment no u aren't your perfect I have no were to go but the worst part is Devan lives with me I look at her and she has tear stains she hugs her come on let's go to the bathroom I grab her hand and we run to the bathroom maybe we can figure something out and u can stay with me she looks up with hope in her eyes really of corse I will talk to Niall and louis the bell rings and I tell them to go to class I whip out my phone and call louis he answers I the first ring hello lexi u should be in lesson I know I know but louis can u down to the school with Niall we need to talk umm yes meet us out side ok I ran out there and waited 6 mins until he pulls up they jump out of the car ok guys this is the biggest thing I could ask u and u ju- spit it out ok j and dev were living together and her mom thinks she is a disappointment an kicked them out and now there on the streets I look at them so u want to know if they can live with us I look at them and they exchanged looks fine louis said I rapped my arms and hugged them first and we need to pull u all out of school and get there stuff jump up u guys at the best people in the world ya ya ya we know so let's go get them then I grab my bag and we head to the office I just sit there and stare at the wall it was 20 minutes until the girls run I and jump into my arms thank u so much lexi I love u I'm so glad your my best friend I love u guys to an I'm glad your my best friends to they smile and Devan let's out a tear why are crying babe louis says she smiles at his words cuz u guys are so nice and I love u all he smiles we love u to so we have guest rooms that have a bathroom in them that u guys can have thank u no problem now let's go get your stuff he walks out and we do the same before we walk Devans phone goes off signaling she has a text she stops pulls out her phone and smiles I look at her ad she shows me the text

Louis: will u be my girlfriend ......

Devan: of corse!

Louis: :)

Omg he turns around a grabs her and spins he around and kisses her that was just adorable I get in the car and so does everybody else so j where is the house Niall says um turn here then turn on your next left we arrive at a big house but not as big a the boys it looks like no one is home she goes to the door it's Locked she looks up at Devan what about that window j runs around the house an then a minute later the door swings open ok we don't have a lot I go to her and Devans room and there is 2 closets full of close u don't have a lot huh? She smiles ok she pulls out 2 big suit cases and 1 medium one and 1 small on Devan does the same ok she instructs shoes in the medium one hairs stuff in the small one an my close in the big one I laugh and start we finish about an hour later ok let's go louis grabs the big ones and I grab devans small one and Devan grabs her medium one while j grabs her small one and Niall grabs her medium one off we go

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