I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


9. birthday party

So it's been to week since me and Harry have been dating and it's amazing . Tonight I'm gonna go see a movie with the girls while the boys go to the studio j I yell hurry the fuck up and he runs down looking good like all ways ok let's go oh my fuck tomorrow is Harry's birthday we need to go shopping screw the movie I tell in the car Devan makes a quick turn to go to the mall I want to do something special for his 20 birthday ok we can go by party city and all his fav. Stores an we can get u something for him she says an winks witch makes me laugh

Devan blue and black or red and black I say for the petals red and black she yells ok I trough those in the cart j is making me decorate his room sexy cuz she is dumb and were gonna all go out to his fav. Restaurant we told the boys tomorrow to stay out of the house and meet us there at 5 I got candles and chocolate with strawberries the girls are gonna leave early so they can set it up we walk out with a bunch of bags and Devan points out a store and pulls me in it it was a fucking sex shop NO are u crazy yes but u have to get a outfit I hate u all I say and look at the racks lexi lexi look j yells and shows me a black corset with red trim above the black and has black lasses under wear with a red now and fish nets are u crazy it's gonna show all this I say and point to my chest ya that's the phone we will get u black heels to go with it whatever but I'm not buying it I no I already did wow just wow I say and giggle let's oh and we can hide this in me room Devan says ok u want to he Starbucks before we get my shoes ya I'm really thirsty j says ok let's go then ... Hi can I get three grande chocolate chips please yes that will be 17.75 she says ok here I hand her my debut card and we leave guys do u think this is to much no they say at the same time ooooh what about these dev says and holds up black ones with a red skinny heel oh ya they will go great with my stripper out fit she laughs and pics then up lexi that's a great idea we should get him A stripper pole ya your out of your mind I say she raises her eyebrows no we aren't getting that fine she sighs it's about 7:30 when we leave and we hide all the sex bags in are shopping bags and his gift if corse I got him that watch he has been dying to get we walk in the door and Devan runs to her room with the bags hey babe harry says and kisses me on the cheek hi I blush I just love the little things he does to me Devan comes down and plops on the couch by louis let's watch a movie she yells ok let me get changed into comfy close I say and harry nods and sits on the couch I run up stairs and put on a cropped top with leggings ugh much better I put my straitened hair in a high pony tail and go down stairs hey sexy lady Perrie whistles hi I giggle harry looks at me and is undressing me with his eyes I go to hi and sit on his lap can u not I whisper in his ear can u not dress so sexy then I giggle harry is undressing me with his eyes and I smirk and go over there can u not I say in his ear when I sit on his lap well can. Not wee something so sexy he says then I giggle some more just put the movie in it was think like a man I love this movie there was one part were I was laughing uncontrollably and harry thought it was amusing finally calm down and finish it I look at the time it's only 8:43 do u guys want to go to the park I say ya sure why not louis says ok well I'm going on this let walk I get outside and it's beautiful we were all walking me and harry hand an hand I see to guys oh it's hector he Comes up to me hey lexi he gives me a smile hi hector I smile back he looks at harry hello I'm hector Lexi's friend he says hi I'm harry her boyfriend he smiles lightly and looks back up so are u gonna go to are party next week every body loved having u guys last time he says and all the boys look at me except harry I look at him ohh sorry I better get going he says I smile and say bye lexi u went to a party Niall says serious ya I mumble the girls look at me it was my idea j says every body wanted her to go so we snuck out Niall looks at her and back to me I was part of it Devan says he sighs just don't sneak out next time just ask he says I sigh from relief and harry is laughing it's not funny I say oh I no but I just remembered that night shut up I say and smack his arm we arrive at the park a go to the swings harry sits on one and I decide to sit on his lap then louis joins I was laughing then all of a sudden I hear SNAP and I'm on the ground I get up really quick and I look holy shit we just broke the swing every body is focused on it then we here HEY WHAT ARE U KIDS DOING HERE a guy yells SHIT RUN. Perrie says and we book it back to the house we get there in like 7 minutes I collapse on the couch that was close I say ya j is laughing I'm gonna go to bed I say me to Harry's voice says behind me and grabs my hand and we walk upstairs I plop Down on his bed so tired and he does the same after talking his close off leaving his boxers on he crawls by me and wraps his hands around me an 5 minutes later I pass out by the sound of his soft snoring .....

Happy birthday baby I say when I feel him staring at me while I sleep I flicker my eyes open and see his beautiful green eyes he kisses me your in a good mood well yes babe it's your birthday he smiles I know thank u he says I kiss him and get up were are u going to get ready u need to to the boys are taking u out then we are all going to dinner and stuff.... I say remembering my outfit he gives me a look and sighs fine I giggle and leave I get my new dress on it's thigh length and it short sleeve it's tight I the top and has a belt in the middle then loose it's nude color with lace over it and nude heels it's really cute I curl my hair and numb my bangs then put make up on I think harry is really gonna like this Devan walks in breaking me from my thoughts woah she pretends to stubble back I laugh thanks j walks In after u look stunning she says well thanks we have one more hour to go get that other thing witch I really don't want to get I say ya but he will love it she says ugh let's go so we get to store we have to by fucking melted chocolate and whipped cream I never new I had such perverted friends I say well u know now j says laughing oh condoms I say oh ya j moans your just to much I say walking there they shove a small box that's not gonna fit oh gotcha she winks and shows me a bigger box perfect I smirk oh shut we only have 35 minutes to get home and put the stuff there then leave to the restaurant shit let's go girls we pay really quick an drive home I run to put the stuff in the fridge fix my hair and we leave girls make sure it's perfect plz I don't want an- shut the hell up we got it they laugh I park and breath why am I so nervous I jump out and had my kea to j she will be driving back and me and harry will take the limo with the rest of the boys I walk in and see harry in his sexy navy blue blazer with a white v neck and his sexy black skinny jeans I admire his look and walk to him and kiss him on the cheek hey babe I say he stands up hi u look stunning he says thank u so do u thanks I tried just for u I he says I laugh and sit down I the chair he pulled out for me we talk then a waiter comes to are table hello I'll be your server today can I start u off with a drink he says and smiles yes can I have champagne please I order first good thing In London u don't have to have a id for wine or champagne we writes it down and they order the same harry orders Pepsi we get are food and I have my 2 champagne glasses and I'm a little drunk but I still no what's going on the girls look at me and wink well we are gonna head horn really quick see u in about 30 minutes j says standing up lexi why don't u cone with us my head shoots up um ok by babe I say and peck harry on his lips but lasts longer bye he whispers after we break the kiss I turn to the girls and walk I feel hi eyes burning in my ass I turn around and his eyes shoot up my face and I smirk I get pulled out if the club by the girls I can't drive so here I hold the keys up we speed all the way home I jump out and rush to my room we have 15 minutes until they get home I text louis to stall him for another 10 minutes and he says he will try I smile and take my dress off putting on my fish net tights hoe is going through my head when I pull this up I put the panties on witch feels weird cuz the tights I hate this so much I pull the corset up witch my breasts are bursting out of and put my heels on he better like this I fix my curls and walk down stairs to the kitchen and swig a few shots of vodka cuz I need to get in the mood I am tipsy by the time the girls come down wow Lexi u look hot they say thanks now get up there they should be home in 5 minutes I walk upstairs and enter Harry's huge room that is dark but has the yellow tiny form the candles I see the petals lead all the way to the bed and the whip cream and chocolate on the side with the covered strawberries with the condoms and a now in top I hear the front door open and I hurry in the closet ok lexi u can do this I remember harry moaning my name and the vodka takes over I want to hear that again I hear footsteps then second later the door open lexi?? Harry says looking at the room I walk out of the closer and pushing him on the bed I straddle him hi I say seductivley whats a- shhh I push my finger to his lips and his eyes go dark I stand up and then his eyes rake my body oh fuck he says and I see the bulge i rip the condoms box open and let the twelve of them fall to the ground I bit at the top ripping it off and going by him this is gonna be fun I say pop goes his button on his jeans while I tug them down and unbutton his shirt tracing over his tattoos while I straddle him I go down and bit his earlobe happy birthday baby. I saw and squeeze his bulge through his boxers he moans ya that's what I want to hear I say moaning in his ear I sit straight up again let's get these heels off and tights I say he nods his head and gulps grabbing my thigh trialling down to remove my shoes I take the panties of twirling them with my finger while he pulls his shaky gads up my thoughts to get the tights there finally off and this corset I say his eyes are pitch black from what I'm doing I reach back and unbutton it letting my breast fall onto my chest he grabs one and rubs making me moan I pull at his boxers until there down oh harry I love how your always this hard for me me me to he stutters I grab his length I'm the only one who can make u feel this good I say and squeeze he moans I'm the only one who makes u so weak I rub and squeeze yes he spits out yes what baby your the the only one who does it he stutters I smirk and grab the chocolate and it's warm I pour it on Harry's stomach to his crotch an start to lick his abs mmmm I moan when I reach his length he tenses up your so hot lexi he says and pulls his head up grabbing my hair and pushing me more in... His back arches and that's when I stop he is breathing really heavy and it's really hot I climb back up so my legs are on each side of his hips I grab a strawberry and put it in his mouth for him to eat it I never new some one can eat a strawberry so sexy mmmmh I moan his eyes are locked into mine I go down a little and hear him gasp my name when I grab the condom and roll it onto him I squeeze it one more time then stick it in me I bounce up slowly but he grabs my hips and rocks his I try to stay quiet but I can't HARRY I moan oh my god your so fucking amazing my eyes grow darker at his words I've never heard him cuss I go to his ear and grab the whipped cream can oh your such a dirty boy I whisper seductivley I go faster answer me baby he can't even speak he nods his head and looks at me I spray whipped cream onto his neck it's really hard to do this while riding him so I take him out of me and go to his neck and suck I reach one part LLEXI I hear his beautiful voice say I keep going ten move down while rubbing his length I'm gonna gonna cum he says tags when I rub really fast and feel the warm liquid fill into the condom he is breathing really hard I go back to his ear happy birthday!! And hear him giggle what next I say tracing his tattoos he flips me over let me touch u but it's your birthday ya and that's what I want to do for MY birthday he says I laugh he goes down and my eyes go dark just like his I feel hi reach over to get the chocolate he pours it all over the top of my area I shudder watch me I nod and he dips his head down never breaking eye contact with me damn I say quietly but of corse he hears I fell a finger push on me mmh harry is all I could say witch makes him go faster I then feel his curls tickled inner thighs oh fuck kill me already is going through my head your so tight baby he whispers now he's gonna talk dirty to I'm gonna come undone faster I nod at his words as I arch my back say my name he says breathing heavily no is all I could stutter he irks at me and goes faster say it.... Ugh HARRY I yell and come undone he falls right next to me best birthday ever he whispers and makes me laugh I pull out the small rapped box and hand it to him I love u I say he looks at me I love u to and smiles when he opens it his eyes go big thank u so much babe how did u know I wanted it cuz I just did I say and pull his shirt an my panties on here he throws his boxers at me while he puts sweats on with no shirt and tugs me downstairs WOW U GET BIRTHDAY SEX Niall yells I blush form embarrassment harry lifts my head up and makes eye contact yup nialler best sex ever he says wow that helps and I walk over to him it's ok wait tell yours I say and wink at j witch makes him blush and her die of laughter so what should we do harry louis asks let's go to paramour !!! I've heard of that club it's crazy dev says ya why not that would be fun liam says ya.... But isn't it hard getting us in to clubs lexi were one direction it's not that hard ya babe it will be fun harry winks at me perv I say and get up u know it he yells shut up give me 30 minutes harry follows me I wanna pic what u wear why I'm cuz it's my birthday he has a cheeky smile whatever I say and lay on my bed he troughs a shirt at me that is a blueish-greenish bow and it's just like a bando but the front us a big bow and the back is just straight this literally goes right under my boobs like I've never new I owned it u look at him and sigh what about bottoms oh u need those yes harry I need them he laughs and throws a tight spandexy skirt what are u trying to make me look like my babe he says I shake my head and go get under wear and a bra wear these it won't take much time peeling then off he winks shut the fuck up I say laughing and pull the black thong on and strapless bra mmmmh is all u heR from harry witch makes me laugh and blush I pull the skirt up damn I feel like my ass is suffocating I say ya... But it looks great he says ok let me get my top on he nods and sits on the bed I pull it up harry are u sure I should wear this I say looking in the mirror me to u look amazing but that might be it he says I laugh at him bed he heads into the closet and comes back with the skirt j wore witch is a little longer but goes to my belly button much better I say after putting it on yeah he is in shock I put on my sparkly heels there my fav!!!! Harry grabs my waist still towering over me let's go and leads me to the door Devan and Perrie are wearing skinny jeans but Perrie has a black ripped up and devans is in a pink cropped top it looks cute and j is in red shorts with a plan write cropped top damn girl are u going for round 2 j yells and winks at harry I gasp letting my jaw drop and harry smirks and burst into laughter let's just leave and we all run to the car

~skip car ride~

We arrive at a big club but not as big as the other one this is gonna be the last time I have alcohol I decide when we walk in we all head to a booth Perrie decides to go get us some drinks she comes back with shot glasses filled with a pink liquid we all take it in are hands and chug it down the burning in my throat begins but this drink tastes like strawberries u smile to my self and take another I'll be back I'm gonna go to the restroom I say into Harry's ear do he can here me over the loud music he nods and kisses me on the cheek I push my way through the sweaty bodies I enter to see a pretty red head I smile at her hi I'm Rachel she says um I'm lexi I say she flashes a white smile my way making me giggle cuz the alcohol I look in the mirror giving my hair u look really good she says oh thanks u do to I say and mean it ! Do u want to come and dance with me she asks ya sure let's go but first I need a drink I tell her and it makes Rachel laugh me to she smirks it confuses me but I wink playing around with her when we walk out I make eye contact with him and mouth I'm gonna dance and he nods hey it's u again the bartender says to me yup it's me !! Can I get that blue drink he giggles and pours it into a cup Rachel gets vodka we chug are drinks down and go to the floor I sway my hips until I feel her ass on mine I felt uncomfortable but the alcohol takes over making me just go with it by now were grinding on each other and I look up to see a dark eyed harry I smirk and turn around to face Rachel it gets really intense until she grabs my back and pushes me into her and kisses me I was so speechless and shocked I didn't know what was happening until I got ripped away from her what are u doing I hear Harry's voice yelling at Rachel she rolls her eyes who are u HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND !!!! she looks back at me then him and passes by him to me she goes by my ear and. Whispers " when u want to have so e fun u know were to find me she says then squeezed my ass don't touch me I say pushing her away !!!! Then she walks away

Harry's p.o.v

That was really hot when Lexi was dancing with that girl until she kissed her like who does she think she is touching my girl it makes me so pist I grab lexi by the waist and she instantly relaxes and it makes me smile I pushy front to her back and she gasps she begins to move her hips side to side Every movement making me forget about that girl she leans her back against mine and puts her head on my shoulder while putting her arm over tugging on my curls she drops to the ground and comes back up and it was amazing my pants grew tighter and she new lexi are u ok I ask her ya.... Just shocked she says don't worry she was crazy lexi looks at me and pecks me on the lips and smiles witch turns into a smirk when my pants grow very very tight let's hi get a drink she squeals ok I laugh . Let's get to strawberry mixers please I say to the bartender I slide her drink towards her and she takes a sip I feel eyes on me I look up to see lexi biting her lip I have to look away before i can't help my self !!!

Lexi p.o.v

He looks away witch makes me smirk I put my hand on his thigh then his head shoots towards me I wiggle my hands up then reach his bulge I squeeze it and he gasps the bartender looks at him confused harry smiled lightly I rubbed up and down he tried to hide his moans but it seemed like he couldn't I go harder and he jumps a little then grabs my wrist and pulls me to his mouth if u don't stop I'm gonna come undone right now I get goose bumps under his touch and all I can do is nod I feel his smirk then he whispers let's get out of here babe ok I say with a little more confidence bye tom a smile and her laughs and returns to his job harry grabs my waist and leads me out I see the limo parked on the other side of the road harry opens the door for me and I jump in after he shuts it I grab his color and push him back so he's on his back I straddle him and think were in this position a lot ...... I kiss him hard and he doesn't waist any time kissing back you......have......some.....crazy hormones ........babe he says during the kiss I brake the kiss and go to his ear u babe u don't even no I whisper seductively but kinda comes into a slur he groans oh really ? He answers oh yes every time I see u i have to use every bone in my body to not go over there and rip your shirt off and fuck you mmmmmh He says and slides his hands to my ass I kiss him again while he squeezes my ass then the limo stops oh where here I climb off an harry frowns we will finish this inside I wink and get out a few minutes I feel his sexy arms pic me up and unlock the door I turn my self around so my legs are rapped tightly on his back while my front is pressed to his abs god I love him he brakes my thoughts by kissing me his tongue moves with mine I rap my hands in his curls and let out a moan I move my body up and down on him he pushes me against the wall and damn I moan I can't ever control my self with him my hands remove from his hair and go to his pants this was a little more complicated because we were on a wall but I got them off as fast as harry took my skirt he pushes me to the wall more so I don't fall and task out a condom I put my hand down we don't need it remember he smirks and says oh ya I really don't like condoms he pulls his boxers down and I feel his Boner against me take them off I say in a rush he smirks and walked to the couch and set me down I go to put my hands down so I need to get these off he grabs both my wrist in his left hand and slowly tugs at the lace thong harry I say frustration clearly in my voice he laughs eager are we ? Hell ya now take them off I say smiling he finally does and shoves into me OH BABY I shriek he grabs my leg and puts it on his shoulder and goes fast he has never Been this rough and I love it he let's go of my arms and they immediately go to his hair I start to rock my hips to go faster he looks down at me dark in his eyes and believe me they were sexy I feel him twitch in me and I stop rocking my hips he looks at me and smirks then pics me back up and walks to his room he is still in me and it's not helping at all I keep my head on his shoulder until he troughs me on the bed and rams back into me what the hell is into him or me..... I look at him and he pulls out making me gasp then slowly goes back into me DONT I say gasping for air he looks up at me smirking ear to ear and pushes back in

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