I'm i in love with one of the guys that adopted me.....


10. attack

Help me please somebody I yell , is there know one here a shadow passes in the dark room harry? I whisper I was wrong the guy that took me please just leave me alone ....... SHUT UP YOU BITCH but harry comes out behind him help me harry please I beg but he does nothing the mans hand raises......

FUCK it was just a dream I try to control my breathing but it's not working all I hear is my sobs drowning me and I cant breath I need my inhaler I'm loosing oxygen har- I can't even speak I do the only thing I could do and I kick him he immediately jumps up WHAT IS EVERY THING OK !!! He yells I point to my neck while crying making him come to me as fast as he can pick me up bridal style and run to my room when we enter he sets me on the bed and goes through everything and it feels like it's taking to long my eyes getting drowsy and I just can't ...... Can't... Lexi stay with me just breath ... Ready 1,2,3 I sucked In the air AGAIN BABY PLEASE ! 1,2,3 another, i shake my head at him and feel water on my face 1,2,3 I hear more clearly I finally have air my breathing is crazy and I need to get water I open my eyes and the worst sight I could ever see was I front of me ...... Harry on his knees crying. I immediately jump to his lamp. Please stop crying I whisper while brushing away his tears he grabs me tighter "I love you lexi" and that was it for me to know I was safe

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