Lost and Then Found

This Story is about Fairy Tale, heard of it? Yes, well then, it's basically when lucy and the others are all grown up and have adventures with the next generation.


2. Chapter Two

Igneel stared at the figures that walked through the doors, "Dad…"

"Hey, how've ya been Ingeel? Took care of your mother and sister like I asked ya to?" Natsu asked his tearful son.

"Yeah, you know mom hates it when you assume it's a girl…" Igneel said while wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Oi, man up Igneel! My dad just got back too, but do you see me bawling my eyes out?" a dark haired boy with blue eyes said. "Adrian, who the hell asked you!" Igneel shouted, flames rushing into his green-brown eyes. Pretty soon the two blonde-pink and dark haired boys were fighting. "I'm going to drown your sorry ass!"

"And I'm going to burn yours to hell!" Natsu turned to his two companions, "Oi, Gray, control your son! He's causing a scene at our home coming!" Gray turned to Natsu with a raised fist, "YOU control YOUR son, ash-hole!" Lucy and Levy sighed, "They haven't even been home for five minutes and they're already starting a fight."

Before Erza could intervene, two iron pillars bonked their heads, "You two need to control yourselves first..." Gajeel turned as he saw a blue blur in the corner of his eye and he spotted Levy, "Good to see ya babe." He told her with a crooked smile.

The smile she had fallen for. Levy smiled back, "It's great you're back so early! I was beginning to think you would miss the baby being born!" Levy frowned then, "I take it the lead was a dead end this time?" Gray tsked, "No Dragons. Not this time. We found something better." "Wait, what lead Dad?" Adrian and Igneel asked at the exact same time.

They turned and glared at each other. "Boys," Natsu warned, "We had a lead on where might be." "Them, if it wasn't Dragons…" Lucy mumbled while rubbing her belly in slow circles.

Levy gasped, "THEM! Do you mean…did you find…" Lucy and Lluvia caught onto what Levy was implying. Gajeel gave them a fanged smile. Igneel and his rival stood there confused, "Who's 'them' if they're not the Dragons?" Lucy turned her head sharply over to look at the boys and they stared back at her with blank stares. Lucy smiled sadly, "You don't remember them, do you?"

"Remember who exactly?" "Of course you don't remember, you two were very young when it happened. Lluvia doubts that you would recognize them now if you saw them." Lluvia spoke softly. Levy took over, "You want to know the story?" The two boys nodded. "Ok, about twelve years ago, three children were kidnapped in the south park." "No way!" Igneel breathed. "Hmph, I think we would've heard about it." Adrian agreed grumpily. "Well, you were five. You didn't listen unless you wanted to hear it." Lucy deadpanned.

"As I said, three children were kidnapped, but they weren't just anybody's kids. No, they were Fairy Tail kids." Levy stated causing Igneel and Adrian to gasp. "Then we would've definitely had heard about it by now!" Adrian exclaimed, trying to think of three Fairy Tail kids that had been missing for twelve years. He came up with nothing. "It's a tough subject to talk about Adrian, especially around you two." Gray said, letting the cat out of the bag. "Why would it be hard to talk about around us?" Igneel asked, feeling like there was more.

"You were closet to them." Levy cleared her throat, "On with the story, you squirts were five and we had taken you guys to the petting zoo in Hargeon. So, we didn't hear what had happened until we had come home, but we felt that something was wrong. We got back and the townspeople were murmuring about black blurs over the park and little children screaming. We hurried to the guild and Nab told us that the kids had been taken from the park.

Everyone searched for them, high and low. We found nothing. No leads, nothing. Well, apparently nothing turned into something." Levy glared at the three newcomers who whistled nonchalantly, "About six months ago your fathers and Gajeel left to go on a 'long mission'. Didn't tell us what it was about, so we assumed it was to find the Dragons, although I then I would think Gray would've gone for support." Gray frowned, "Don't you frown at me Gray Fullbuster!"

"We didn't mean to keep it a secret," Natsu explained, putting his arm around his Lucy and rubbing her shoulders, "We just didn't want to worry you and get all your hopes up." Mira stepped forward, "Did you…did you find them?" Natsu nodded.

The whole guild gasped and began to cheer. Lucy and Lluvia started to cry and held onto each other for support. Levy brought her hands to her mouths as tears welled up in her brown eyes. Igneel and Adrian stood there, confused in the happy crowd, "Wait!" Igneel latched onto his dad's scarf, "You never said who 'they' were…" Gray looked over at his and Natsu's son, "They are Max Redfox, Layla Dragneel, and Jey Fullbuster.

They are the ones coming back." "Well, where are they then?" Adrian spoke up. Igneel didn't wait for an answer. He started to sniff the air and ran out of the guild. Adrian followed him knowing that Igneel's nose never lied. "Should we stop them?" Gajeel asked. The six of them, Gajeel, Gray, Natsu, Levy, Lluvia, and Lucy, stood together watching the two boys disappear down the road. "No…"Lucy trailed off leaning into her husband.

"Let them go…" Lluiva said intertwining her fingers with her husbands. "We'll see them later." Levy said putting her arms around Gajeel's waist. … Adrian panted as he tried to keep up with Igneel. Damn that boy could run! "Igneel! Do you know where they are?" he shouted in between breaths. "Yes! I-I remember these scents!

They are coming from south park!" Igneel ran faster than he ever had before and that caused Adrian to curse him. "Slow down Igneel!" the dark haired boy shouted. "No! You speed up!" Adrian groaned and pushed himself to go faster.

He wanted to be the first to see them. They raced around the corners and long stretches of road. They dodged all the carts and people. As they neared the park, Igneel was in the lead and Adrian froze the ground under them. Igneel slipped and grabbed Adrian's ankle bringing them both down. They slid into the park and into the tree that the guild knew so well. "Ouch!" they cried holding their heads. They both stood up and shouted in unison, "I made it here first!" They glared and rammed their foreheads together in a head butt.

"No way! I was first!" "NO, I was!" A mix of laughter and chuckles caught their attention. They swiveled their heads in the direction of the sound.

"Who the—" Adrian started. "Hell are you?" Igneel finished. …

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