Lost and Then Found

This Story is about Fairy Tale, heard of it? Yes, well then, it's basically when lucy and the others are all grown up and have adventures with the next generation.


3. Chapter Three

A small group of three stood laughing at Adrian and Igneel. Two girls and one guy. The first girl had powder blue hair and dark eyes. She had a small nose and a small mouth. She wore a dark blue top that left her shoulders bare and barley covered her from her breasts to her midrift. The sleeves were long and flowing. The edges had a fur lining and matched the shorts she was wearing. The dark blue ribbons that reached her knee twined around her calves and ankles to the small slippers on her feet. The second girl had the most unusual hair. It was almost like Igneel's only reversed.

It was blonde at the roots and at the tips it was pink. She had bright green eyes and had a button nose and a full mouth. She wore tan shorts and a piece of cloth covering her upper half. She also wore a vest over top of the cloth that reached her waist and had a scaly pattern.

She had a ragged piece of cloth tied around her neck and a key pendent underneath it. She had slippers on her feet as well, but only had a ribbon reaching her ankle. And the boy…he was quite different looking. He had ebony hair that reached his shoulders and mahogany colored eyes. His face was sharp and angled and he had three piercings above his right eyebrow.

He had on a black wife beater and a dark pair of jeans. His dark boots disappeared up into the legs of his jeans. "Who the hell are we?" The blue haired girl repeated, "We are people you don't want to know! Who the hell are you?"

"We are mages from Fairy Tail!" The two said together and they quickly head butted once again.

"Fairy Tail?" The girl with the weird hair said. She rubbed her chin in a thinking pose, "I think that's where those old geezers told us they were going."She placed on hand on her hip and pointed at the two boys on the ground with the other one, "Oi, you two." Adrian and Igneel pointed to themselves, "Us?" "Yes, you two, you're going to show us where Fairy Tail is!" the girl stated with a smile. "Eh?" "Don't go 'eh?' Just show us where the damn place is."The boy spoke for the first time.

"Snap to it and don't just sit there." The blue haired girl snapped. "Never mind, I don't need two idiots to get me lost. I guess we'll have to track those geezers by scent!" the boy sneered. He sniffed the air and pointed the general of the guild, "That way!" The girls waved goodbye and sprinted after the boy; Adrian and Igneel sat on the ground and watch the group of three disappear.

"By scent?" Igneel wondered aloud. "They are heading to Fairy Tail? Just who the hell are they! 'People you don't want to know' BAH! They're just stuck up, over privileged, no goo-" Adrian was cut off by Igneel's hard stare, "What are you looking at me like that for, you over heated idiot?" "They have the same scent! THEY ARE Don't you get it? Those people just now are our NAKAMA!" Igneel swore under his breath, "Holy shit, I didn't even recognize…" Adrian was quiet.

"Those two girls were our sisters… HOLY SHIT! We are idiots!" Adrian exclaimed. "Now that you've stated the obvious, let's go!" Igneel rocketed out of the park and towards the guild. A small shadow hovered over him and he glanced up to the sky, "Mica!" 'Mica' was a light blue cat with white stripes over her body, white wings spread out behind her and her tail had a ribbon that matched the scarf around her neck, "Need a lift?" The cat didn't wait for an answer, but sweeped down to grab the back of Igneel's shirt and proceeded to fly him to the guild. "No fair!" Adrian shouted, "Miles is out on a mission with Charla and Happy!" "Not my problem!" Igneel shouted back and stuck his tongue out and urged Mica to speed up.

Mica's wings expanded to their fullest length and sparkled faintly, "Here we go!" With a boom, they blasted to the guild. … Layla Dragneel stood next to her two companions. She glanced up at the sign and read aloud, "Fairy Tail…" She grinned and turned to face Max and Jey, "Looks like we made it guys! Time to walk in and face everyone we haven't seen in twelve years! I'm ready…" Max and Jey gave Layla a sympathetic look before grabbing her under her arms. "Guys! You didn't have to drag me in! I was just preparing myself!" Layla whined. "Layla-" Jey started. "That's bullshit and you know it." Max finished. Layla smiled, "Yeah, I do. I didn't realize how it would feel to be here again." She let her pink tipped bangs fall over her eyes, "Do you think Mama still wants me?" Jey bonked Layla on the head.

"You dumbass, of course she still wants you! She's your MOM." Jey smiled and released the arm she was holding, "Now, smile and don't be self-conscious! You're Layla Dragneel! Be proud of who you are!" "What she said." Max agreed and moved his arm to her shoulders, "Be yourself, and if they don't like you then they are just a bunch of punk ass bitches. Okay? Now quit whining so we can go in!" He glanced down at her from the corner of his eye. Her eyes were shining and her face was set in determined expression. Yes, she was ready for this. No matter what the outcome she was prepared for what lies ahead. She reached out to grip her friend's hands.

After taking a deep breath, she strode forward, letting go of Max and Jey's hands she took her first steps into her future-and was rewarded with bottle thrown at her head and she was down for the count. A woman with short dark hair stood with her hands to her mouth, "Oh, shit! Is she okay?" She turned to glare at the woman with long white hair that had red strands running through it, near the door, "Marki, look what you did!" Marki glared and crossed her arms, "Well, excuse me for not wanting to end up like her." Marki pointed down at the unconscious Layla on floor.

"Shiro! What did I say about throwing bottles?" roared the giant shadow at the back of the guild. Shiro merely shrugged and pointed at Marki, "Master, if she hadn't moved then that girl wouldn't have been hit!" Shiro stopped there, and looked at the girl on the ground, "Speaking of which, who is she?" Max and Jey, who had been stupefied at Layla's untimely accident, sprung forward and stood on guard in front of her passed out from.

"Who the hell throws a bottle at their nakama?" Jey exclaimed, horrified at Shiro's actions, mainly because she had hit her best friend. Shiro smirked and said, "Sweet heart, it wouldn't be Fairy Tail if we weren't throwing shit at each other. Whether it be magic, a fist or even a bottle." The older woman eyed the two with an unreadable expression, "I've never seen your two mugs, "and then she pointed to Layla, "Or her's either in Fairy Tail before. Who are you guys? Do you want to join or something?" Her lip curled.

"No." jey said looking the older woman straight in the eye, "We're already members." Shiro raised an eyebrow at that statement, "Do you think I'm going to believe that bullshit?" Marki walked over to Shiro and tapped her shoulder, "Shiro, I don't think-" Shiro cut her off with a glare, "Listen kid," Jey frowned. "I've been here for the past ten years, I think I would know who is a part of this guild and who isn't." "Well, then that explains it bitch." Shiro growled her annoyance at the remark.

Jey growled right back and lifted her hair over her shoulder, leaving her left shoulder blade bare. She turned and showed the exposed shoulder to Shiro, "See, I told you we were already members." Indeed there was a guild mark on the girls shoulder. Max lifted his shirt to reveal a dark Fairy Tail mark dancing above his left hip and then he flipped Layla over to show the mark on her lower back. "What the fuck? How can you pipsqueaks be members already!" Shiro exclaimed wide eyed. "You've only been here ten years not twelve." A voice said from the floor.

Jey and Max quickly bent to help their friend up. Layla stood with only a little bit of difficultly, she mumbled her thanks, "Jesus lady, you sure can throw. Now, where did the old geezers go?" Layla scanned the guild until her eyes landed on Natsu's pink head, "Oi! Old man, we're here! Where are they?" Layla crashed her way over the Fire Dragon Slayer and grabbed him in a head lock. Natsu choked and sputtered at the pressure on his throat, "Now tell me where they are!"

Shiro stood there with her mouth hanging open, ignored. Jey and Max ran over to help Layla with her torture. Just who the hell were these kids anyway! "He-Hey! What are your names?" She demanded as she stormed over. The four stopped what they were doing to stare at the short haired woman. Layla blinked and said, "I'm Layla Dragneel." Max pointed to himself and stated proudly, "I'm Max Redfox!" Jey spoke with a happy tone, "And I'm Jey Fullbuster."

Shiro stood stock still and her mind was in a whirl. Marki came over and placed her hand on Shiro's shoulder, "You should've let me stop you…"

"But, that girl! She's Gray's daughter?" Shiro said, not believing it. How could he have a daughter without her knowing about it! "Look's like it. Now I know for sure that they're not going to break up. Tough luck." Marki said and with a pat to Shiro's head she wandered off to talk with some other guild members.

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