Lost and Then Found

This Story is about Fairy Tale, heard of it? Yes, well then, it's basically when lucy and the others are all grown up and have adventures with the next generation.


1. Chapter One

Authors Note:

This is the first story that I have writen on here, and I hope you like it. So... Here we go~!!!




The gulid was lively as ever. Everyone was getting ready for the big party this evening. Mirajane and her sister were hanging banners and streamers everywhere. Elfman and Evergreen blew up balloons while Elfman declared that blowing up said balloons was "manly".


Cana supervised the unloading of the fresh barrels of alcohol and Freed set up the glasses. Lucy set up all the wooden tables; covering them in silk table cloths and floating center pieces. She smiled at her work, everything was going smoothly so far. So far being the key part. She straightened up and gave the room a glance. Yep, everything was going great. In her whole twenty years as a Fairy Tail member she hadn't seen the whole guild work so smoothly.


A sharp pain her lower abdomen made her double over and sit down in the closest chair. "Are you okay?" Lucy raised her head towards the concerned voice. The boy, no, young man stared at her with his brown-green eyes filled with worry. "Is it the baby?" Lucy smiled gently, his worry was so endearing, "Yes, it's kicking a little bit hard. Don't worry it's normal. Do you want to feel your baby brother or sister kick?" She held her hand out to her son and he placed it in her palm. She placed his rough hand, so much like his father's, over the spot the baby was kicking.


His eyes lit up with joy and amazement.


"Wow…" he breathed.


"Yeah, it is pretty amazing, isn't it?" she spoke gently, her voice filled with love.


"Yeah. Um, can I ask you a question?" He asked, he had just got back this morning from a mission and had been roped into helping set up for the party without being told what it was even for!


"Lay it on me."


"What exactly is this party for?" It caught her by surprise, he didn't know yet! This will make it even greater, she thought. "Three members are coming back after a long time, sweetie. Now, go help your Aunt Levy, it looks like she could use some help."


He nodded and headed off to do as she asked. Levy was even bigger than she was! It was amazing to see the petite women waddle around with that enormous belly. Yet there she was trying to carry a box of decorations that was blocking her view. Her son took the box and nudged Levy to the chair beside her. "Now, sit there until we're finished setting up."He admonished.


"I'm pregnant, not invalid." She grumbled, causing Lucy to giggle. Igneel graced her with a fanged smile, "I never said you were invalid, I just don't want to you over work yourself." He shook his pink at the roots and blonde at the tips hair and walked away. "He's such a sweet boy, hard to believe he's Natsu's son." Someone said behind the two pregnant women.


The two turned in their chairs, "Lluvia, Erza, how are you both?" Lluvia smiled gently, "LLuvia's finally over her morning sickness!" The other three laughed, even after all these years she still hadn't stopped talking in third person. "Did Lluvia say something wrong?" she asked worriedly. "No, you did nothing wrong." Erza assured her. "Oh, okay." The three laughed again. "Lluvia is confused…" Igneel looked over at the sound of his mother laughing and smiled. As the saying goes "When Momma is happy, everybody is happy." And it was true, when his mother smiled, the whole guild smiled with her. He smiled along with everyone else, what can he say?


Her smile is just that contagious. His eyes glanced at the doors and wondered when the guests of honor would get here. He was starting to get swept up in the guild's mood. He walked over to the bar and nodded his head in greeting to Freed, "Where is Nicholas? I haven't seen him since this morning and that was hours ago!" Freed placed the glass he was cleaning down and put his hand on his chin in thought, "He was around here earlier, but I don't know where he went." Igneel's cheeks puffed out in irritation, "It's not fair that I get roped into helping as soon as I get back and he does nothing! He always gets out of work!" Freed chuckled, "Not really 'getting out' of work so much as he avoids it like the plague." In response Igneel muttered under his breath, Freed caught a few words like, "Stupid" and "Just disappears".


Before storming off, Igneel gave a smile of thanks to Freed and then left in search for Nicholas. "Nicholas, don't even think about it." Freed said with a scolding tone.


A boy with light green hair put the bottle of whiskey down and whined, "How did you even see me Dad?"


"A father sees everything. Now go to roof and get Lucia, the guests of honor will be here in at least ten minutes." Freed told the boy as he picked up another glass. Nicholas groaned, but headed to the stairs that led to the roof.


"Lucia! Get your ass down here!"


"He's like I was at that age." Mirajane stated happily.


Freed still didn't how she could be so sweet and yet still so evil when you pissed her off. He chose not to question it. Lissana walked over to a white haired girl and plucked the baby from her arms, "Thanks for watching her Alice!"


"Sure, no problem!" Alice smiled back to her aunt. Evergreen walked over to her daughter, "I don't know where you got your patience from, but you certainly did not get it from me your father…" "It's not manly to be patient!"


"Oh, who asked you anyway!" Alice laughed at her parents. Bixlow burst through the heavy wooden doors of the guild, "Everyone, they are almost here!" And with those five words everyone scrambled for order. Making everything look ready and in place. It was almost party time! With everyone in place, the doors opened and the people that walked in caused everyone's jaws to drop. "It-It can't be…"

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