Third Direction

What happens when Liam and Zyan get into a big fight over Parrie it and the boys break up and Liam, Niall and Harry are on the same side will the boys make it through or will they move on with there life


8. YES we are staying as we are

A/N ok so I left you guys off at where they find out about the third direction and Zyan and Louis get mad about it and then the start to talk to them when Louis speaks here you go

Still Zyans P.O.V

Louis speaks up "what the heck do you think you are doing"

"We are recording are new song, we just wrote it yesterday." Niall says still with a smile on his face.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR NEW SONG!" I scream at him "well Zyan we decided to become Third Direction, you know there are only three of us." Harry said with a clam tone. "I CAN'T believe you would just start all over like we just never existed." "YOU RUINED THIS BAND, NOT US !" Harry screamed losing his temper with me. " I KNOW WE LEFT, BUT THAT DOSN'T MEAN ANYTHING!" I scream back.  Maddy cuts in "HEY WHATS GOING ON? why are you two here." " MADDY! MADDY! YOU"RE THERE MANGER!" "yes I am. now can I help you because they really have to get back to work, their going to a interview tomorrow" " NO you cant help me, I just have to talk to Liam really fast." " sure thing just make it snappy, we just don't really have the time." she said with a smile walking out of the room. that's one thing I always loved about maddy she always had the best attitude about everything. I look up at Liam and say " I know you didn't do it." he looks at me confused "do what?" "I know you didn't kiss Perrie, she um, came over and told me everything." "OK great so we cool now?" "yeah where great, now let's get in there a start writing a new song." "Um Zyan there is no One Direction anymore, you made that clear." "yeah but I thought the fright was over." " It is, it's just I think things are going better then they were before." "so One Direction is OVER OVER!" " yeah mate sorry, but I got to get back to work. see ya, you should come over sometime." Im just now putting this though my head, that I am no longer a part of One Direction.

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