Third Direction

What happens when Liam and Zyan get into a big fight over Parrie it and the boys break up and Liam, Niall and Harry are on the same side will the boys make it through or will they move on with there life


6. We Are Thrid Direction

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to a knock on my flat door. I slowly got up to see who was nonstop knocking on my door, I open the door to see Niall with a smile on is face. "lets go mate where going to be late." "Oh yeah l almost forgot." I quickly open the door all way to let him in. I walk into my room and grab the first shirt I see and then some pants. I walk out into the living room and walk over to the door and see Niall at the fridge door.I just sat there and waited for him to notice me looking at him. When he finally looks over at me with a piece of turkey shoved in his month I just look at him and laugh,"let's go" I say.

we get into the car and hear Story Of My Life on the radio, we look at another and turn the channel and on the other channel Best Song Ever was playing,I turn off the radio and just drive to the studio. When we get there we see Liam's car and walk in. I see Maddy and Liam and greet them with a smile. We all sit down and Maddy pulls out a note book and say lets get started we all sit there and come up with ideas, it was just like normal it, didn't feel different at all. we all where laughing and making jokes just like always. In a few hours we had our first song Called "Tell me again" we all just looked at all the hard work we did in just a few hours with no fighting. I think this was the best thing we have ever done.

A/N  hey guys hope you like it tell me what you think -macy


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