Third Direction

What happens when Liam and Zyan get into a big fight over Parrie it and the boys break up and Liam, Niall and Harry are on the same side will the boys make it through or will they move on with there life


5. thrid direction

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Liam's P.O.V

When  I got home, I noticed that there was still glass and rocks on the floor, so I clean it up and call the glass people to get me some new widows.  Then I sit down on the couch and think about all that has happened in the few weeks we have been home form the concert. I got kissed by my best friends fiancé, um I lost my job in a band, I got all new windows, and lastly I lost two of my best friends, all because of that kiss, all because of Perrie. I cant stand to even think about her at this moment, i don't know what to do with life anymore there really nothing else to do, But think  about the times with the boys as I sit there I hear a knock on the  door. I got up to answer it. As I do, I see a picture of me and the boys and frown at the fact that things wont be the same between us. I open the door i see Niall and Harry standing there, they come in and we all sit there and just look around. " I don't know what to do mates" Niall says trying to get out whats on all of our minds " I don't know either Niall" I say getting up to turn on the T.V  I turn the channel to the E news as we watch,  the lady says "whats happen to One Direction?" we all just look at another and then back to the T.V the lady speaks again "Hi, im here with the manger of one Direction maddy." " so Maddy what happened to the boys, are the spilt up?" Maddy takes a deep Breath and says "Yes One direction did go their separate  ways. I have not talked to any of them. But I feel that they might get over this little argument." "ok well that's it for todays show" the lady said as it turned to a commercial . I turned off the T.V and just sat there when I heard my phone go off I take it out of my pocket and looked at the contact, I see that its maddy, So I answer the call.


"hey Liam did you see E! news?"

"Yeah I saw it, it was kinda a downer but i geuss it was meant to happen, and i just have to start looking for a job in the Moring."

"Well Liam after the interview I thought of this crazy idea, but it just might work."

" and the idea is?"

"ok so you, Harry and Niall are all friends still right?"


"Ok so tell me if I'm crazy,but I was thinking, What about The Third Direction?"

"What do you mean Maddy?"

"You, Harry and Niall become the Third Direction!"

" you mean like everything the same but its only the three of us?"

"YEAH sounds great don't it?"

" yeah great, But i have to talk to the boys about it so ill call you back."

"ok bye!"


I hang up and look  over at the boys. "So guys that was maddy and well she has a crazy idea for us to become the Third Direction." I say trying to say it just like Maddy did. "That's a great idea." harry say with exment. we both look at Niall and he specks "That's the craziest thing I ever heard, it just might work!" "Great!" I texted Maddy and told her we where in and she tells me we have to be at the studio tomorrow so Harry and Niall leave and I go upstairs and lye down and fall asleep trying to process everything that had just happened.


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