Third Direction

What happens when Liam and Zyan get into a big fight over Parrie it and the boys break up and Liam, Niall and Harry are on the same side will the boys make it through or will they move on with there life


1. No longer friends!!!

 Liam's p.o.v    

"I cant believe you would kiss Perrie Liam, I thought we where friends!" Zyan yelled

"Zyan I didn't mean to she kissed me, please believe me!"

"No Liam, we're no longer friends, I will never forgive you, good bye!" Zyan said walking out of Liams house.

I didn't know what to do, so I called up the other boys and asked them to come over.

~boys are now at liams house~

"Boys, I don't know what to do about Zyan. I never meant to kiss perrie, she kissed me first." I said looking at them, I could tell they didn't really know what to say. Then Harry spoke "mate you did the right thing, I think he might get over it." "you think so harry?" I said "positive" Naill said. "Ok thanks mates." as soon as I went to turn on the tv Louis said "NO Liam, you should have never kissed her, she's zyan's, not yours. Why would you ever think about kissing her, it just shows your not a good friend! Harry and Niall are just as bad as you are if they think that its okay that this happened! Im not on your side this time Liam, I'm gonna go make sure Zyans okay. see ya.




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