Third Direction

What happens when Liam and Zyan get into a big fight over Parrie it and the boys break up and Liam, Niall and Harry are on the same side will the boys make it through or will they move on with there life


2. are we no longer a band?

authors note

     Heyyyy guys sorry if my last chapter was hard to understand, but I promise this one will be easier, hope you like it peace out :) -macy



Liam's p.o.v


Well now two of my best friends HATE me, I don't know what to do, so I say bye to Harry and Niall and go upstairs for a nap.

~1 hour later~

I woke up to something breaking. I quickly run down stairs to see a rock in the living room  floor and the window shattered. I walk over to the window and see parrie outside, then I quickly see another rock coming my way then it hit me. I woke up to a loud Irish voice, as I open my eyes I see harry and Niall in front of me "you ok mate" niall asks "yeah" I say getting up "aye mate what happened, why are all your window shattered and rocks everywhere?" harry asks walking around looking at the rock in front of him.

I look at him trying to think of what happened before I pasted out has. I put my hands on my face and felt a huge bump on my forehead, I remember what happened. "um lets just say perrie found out that I told Zyan about the kiss and she wasn't happy."  "Oh well you should probably get that fixed." Niall said " yeah I should but first we are needed at the studio." "Oh god we  have to see Zyan and Louis." Harry said rolling his eyes "Good I want to talk to Zyan about this all." I say while walking out of the house and into the car

~skip car ride~

As soon As I walk into the studio I see Zyan and freeze when his eyes meet mine.


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