Always Forever

A girl with the name of Clare Beatrix. A girl with big dreams and a loving family. That all changes when a death of a close family member occurs. She is torn apart with heartbroken with the death, when she meets a certain blonde, will he fix her or will she not want to see him because she is scared, of what?


10. you, him, both my saviors

Clare POV

       She told me who saved me from my dad and I was kind of shocked cause i barely know him and i never even met his friend that was with him. she then says, "when you are ready they asked if they could see you." I smile and say, "well i can see them right now." i don't know why i'm so happy, he fricking saw me naked when he saved me from my abusive father, which is just one bad thing, second of all i don't have a mom, my dad doesn't give a damn about me, every thing that reminds me of my mom makes me want to kill myself, i have no one to talk to! Then all the sudden as i was thinking Niall and his friend walk in. I smile and so does he. then of course typical me burst out, "Niall thank you so much i don't know what i do if you weren't there, i don't know how i could repay the both of you!" Niall smiles and says, "you don't have to repay us, we're happy you're safe, oh and you havent met him yet, but this is Zayn Malik." I smile and Zayn nods his head and says, "yeah, its nice to meet you.." i then say quickly, "oh i'm Clare Beatrix." He smiles then Niall says, "oh and the nurse said you can go home tonight but i really don't think you should be home alone." I then ask, "oh yeah i have to ask but what happened to my abusive dad." he then says, "he's at the police station." then Zayn says, "ok Clare me and Niall don't want you to be home alone so you have two choices, we can come over to your house or you can come over to our house." Niall then says after Zayn, "its up to you." i then ask< "can you guys maybe come over mine? I can wait at home if you guys need to get something form your house." Niall then says, "well like we said you staying home is off limits so your coming with us to are house so we can pack then we'll all go over to your house, is that ok?" i smile and say, "yes, of course." We all smile and it feel so nice to actual have people care about me, and they don't even know me all that well, it makes me happy.

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