Always Forever

A girl with the name of Clare Beatrix. A girl with big dreams and a loving family. That all changes when a death of a close family member occurs. She is torn apart with heartbroken with the death, when she meets a certain blonde, will he fix her or will she not want to see him because she is scared, of what?


12. Wondering

Clare POV

      They had there bags and woah, they're huge. Then Niall says, "well we're staying over your house for a while so you're not lonely." I was about to say it's ok they don't have to but Zayn cuts me off and says, "and you don't have a choice so let's go!" We all left a and drove off to my house. I finally am back home, but with some new friends. Niall and Zayn, they both are really great guys, they saved my life for peet sake!  We all walk in and they lay their bags on the couch. Then Zayn says, " sweet! Sleep ova!! Vas happening tonight Clare?" I give off a gentle smile and say, "well it's dark out so let's get into are pajamas!" Then Niall says, "yay! You're all happy and entergentic!" I smile and say, "well we have two bathrooms, Zayn can use one and Niall, you can use the other, I'll get dressed in my room." We all agreed and I went to get dressed, i put on my aqua blue t-shirt and grey sweat pants a to sleep in. I brushed my long tangling hair and brushed my teeth, then I walk back downstairs and Niall and Zayn we're ready. Then Zayn suggested, "so  do you want to watch a scary movie?"  I then say , "yeah sure!" Then Niall asks, "so what scary movies do you got?" I lead them over to the movie shelf and I listed to them all the horror movies, "so we have, the ring, Cujo, insidious, devil inside, don't be afraid of the dark, it, and the grudge. So which one ?" Then Zayn says, " Insidious!" I smile and say, "perfect choice, I love scary movies, only once in a while they scare me , this is insidious two , I haven't seen it yet! Yayyyy I'm excited!"

Niall Pov

    She's so pretty when she gets excited. Wait do I like her? Is Zayn right, Damn I hate it when he's right, maybe i really do like her, I can never get her off my mind, I wonder what will happen if she found out it like her?

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