Always Forever

A girl with the name of Clare Beatrix. A girl with big dreams and a loving family. That all changes when a death of a close family member occurs. She is torn apart with heartbroken with the death, when she meets a certain blonde, will he fix her or will she not want to see him because she is scared, of what?


4. Not what hope wanted

Clare POV

      After awhile i fell asleep and i think Scarlet make me lay on the couch cause that's where i was when awoke. When i did wake up i hoped it was a terrible nightmare. but when i saw Scarlet in the chair next to me i new it was all real. Scarlet is a good friend of my moms, they went to middle and high school together, and they became best friends instantly. I hope she is ok to. Wait a minute its morning! I sit straight up and Scarlet was startled a bit when she says, "woah sweety calm down ok." i hoped those words meant my mom is ok but my hear shattered when scarlet says, "Listen your mom is the one who got hit, i'm so sorry Clare, She is in the hospital now, But no news yet." i looked down with disapointment and then to brighten up the mood she asks, "do you want some pancakes, i made some so that when you got up you wouldn't have an empty stomach." i tried so hard to make a believable smile but it was obvious it was fake. i can tell she knows the smile is fake and just me trying to be strong. She got the pancakes and i ate fast cause then i ask, "can i go see my mom?" she then says, "no they're not letting any visitors right niw, trust me they wont even let your dad in to see her right now, your dad isn doing very good Clare, he stares off into space with tears streaming down his face, i think he is going into shock. Just when the next time you see him make sure you guys are there for each other." i nod my head and she takes my plate to go wash it off. I then hear a dorbell ring. i then say to Scarlet, "ill get it..." i stand up and look out the window, i wonder who he is?

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