Always Forever

A girl with the name of Clare Beatrix. A girl with big dreams and a loving family. That all changes when a death of a close family member occurs. She is torn apart with heartbroken with the death, when she meets a certain blonde, will he fix her or will she not want to see him because she is scared, of what?


8. New lost, New life

Clare POV

           I finally get home and i throw my bag and keys on the kitchen table when i walk in the door. I then throw myself on the couch with my head buried into the couch pillow. I then heard footsteps and i could feel someone standing over me. I slowly turned my body around and it was my dad. His face expression seemed mean, he just kept staring at me. i then say out of nervousness, "umm...hi dad....i see're up."  His face expression got darker and then he says, "shut up! Go to YOUR ROOM!" i was startled and ran ff the couch grabbed my bag and car keys and ran out of the house and into the car. My dad ran out with a KNIFE! I started the car quickly in a panic, and drove off. What was that, why would my dad do such a thing?! He doesn't think i killed mom, does he? Or as he just turned insane, i dont know what to do, keep driving, turn back, turn him in to the police, call Briana? All the choices, which one? My dad is my dad, i cant turn him in, he can be fixed, normal again, im sure! I'll just, turn back i guess. I turn the car around and sigh, what if i cant change him, what if he's gone for good. As im in my deep depressing thoughts, im finally home. My dad opened the door with a smile, he then says, "im so sorry sweet heart, i dont know what came over me, it will not happen again. please give your daddy a hug." i cant tell if he's faking or not but i think he is. Once i enter the house he then says, "sweety i have a present for you in your room, follow me." I wonder what it is, if its dangerous or thoughtful, but i cant help but be a little scared. I'm in front of him as we're walking and as we enter my room, he shoves me in and locks the door. I then here him say, "ill be right back with NO clothes on, you better do the same or you're dead" What!!!! No No no THIS CANT BE HAPPENING, "DADDY PLEASE LET ME OUT!!!!!!!"

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