Always Forever

A girl with the name of Clare Beatrix. A girl with big dreams and a loving family. That all changes when a death of a close family member occurs. She is torn apart with heartbroken with the death, when she meets a certain blonde, will he fix her or will she not want to see him because she is scared, of what?


9. Lost identity

Clare POV 

           I have to do as he says...or....or ill die. I can hear him walking up the stairs. I take off my clothes just before he entered. He smiles and i turn away from him, this is not how i ever wanted to see my dad, we're both naked, he hurting me, his pleasure towards me. I can feel him walking up from behind me, he then slowly rubs his hands all over my back and downwards towards my butt. He then wraps his arms around my body and starts to rub my breasts, finding the most pleasure in it. I then say out of fear, " dad please stop." he the whispers closely in my ear, "you will pretend to be your mother, you will enjoy this, and if you fight back, i will kill you." i gulp and a tear streams down my face. Mom, you probably are looking at dad, with so much hate towards him for what he is doing to me, but really, he just misses you so much, he doesn't know what he is doing, and one day when im gone, he'll regret it. Then all the sudden he starts to kiss my neck and sucking it. He then violently pulls me around to face him, he then kisses my lips violently and wont pull away. He forces his tongue into my mouth and pushes my tongue around. He pulls out for a hge breath and starts to kiss my chest the lower to my breast, sucking on them. It hurts so much, he then pulls me closer to him and takes my hand and brings it down to his dick, he makes me move his dick up and down, he's finding so much pleasure in this while im finding torture. He then grins and pulls me even closer and enters me. In and out, im screaming in so much pain, i feel like every time he pushes in im bleeding on the inside, i scream as he laughs with pleasure and moans. I hate him, he cant be saved. I finally past out from the torture and when i woke up i was really happy to see, im in a hospital. The nurse comes in all the sudden and she says, "do want to know everything that happened after you past out?" i nod my head so she sits next to me and says, "well....after you past out your dad ran into his room, to where we presume he got dressed. He ran into his room because he heard the doorbell. so after he got dressed he laid on his bed thinking that whoever was there would leave, well he was wrong. Two boys felt like something bad happened inside the house so they pick locked the door and ran in. Once your dad found out what they did he was furious, he took a knife from the kitchen and was standing in front of one of the boys, four feet away from him. Your dad didn't know there was two boys, so the other boy was behind your dad with a knife also, he quickly stabbed your dad in the back, and he instantly past out. The one who stabbed your dad dropped the knife and ran upstairs, he thought that there was no way a man that nuts didn't have anybody hostage. He found you in your room past out, naked. He didnt care that you were naked, he just wanted to get you safe so he got you dressed himself and carried you outside to the neighbors while his friend called the police and ambulence.  The boy that found you wouldn't leave your side, he stayed with you in the ambulence even though they didn't want him to he didn't take no for an answer." I'm a bit happy, but wait..who is he? i then ask," oh i see, im very grateful, who is he?" she then says, "the boy that saved you is named......"

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