Mysterious Love

Katie Tomlinson finally graduates her older brother suggested that she moves in with him and the lads and go on tour with them for the next two years. What happened when Katie falls in love with one of the lads? Will it last? Or does she fall in love with one of the other lads? One that she really trusts and secretly loves.


4. Chapter 4

*** Louis' P.O.V***

The lads and I were in the living room watching Friends. Harry had gone into Katie's room so they could finally have their talk when we heard someone shouted "YES! I love you too!" it sounded like Harry. "Should we go see what's going on?" I asked turning to the boys but they weren't next to me they have made their way up the stairs.

" Thanks for waiting for me" I say finally catching up.

"SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" the boys said holding their finger to their mouths.

" Do you hear anything?" I asked as we held our ears against the door.

"No do you?" Liam asked.

"What are you guys doing?" A voice asked us.

We looked up to find Katie standing in front of us holding Harry's hand.

"Nothing what are you doing?" I asked trying to look innocent

"I see your holding hands with Harry there." Niall says pointing to their hands.

"Yeah we are together now as you've heard Harry scream"

"OH! congrats!!" Liam says getting up from where he was sitting on the floor and hugging both of them. In fact we all went in for a hug.

***Katie's P.O.V***

"Thanks lads but you're kinda hurting me." I said with a little struggle in my voice.

"Sorry." the boys said stepping back a bit.

"Oh we have a photo shoot tomorrow lads we better get some shut eye." Niall said looking at his phone.

"Management text you?" Zayn asked


"Okay bed time boys." Liam said clapping his hands together.

"Yes father." The boys said walking towards their rooms but before that they said good night to me and gave me a hug.

"Good night Katie" Zayn says putting his arm around my waist.

"Good night Zayn"

"Good night love" Nial says hugging me a little to tight that I fell back a bit.

"Good night Nialler"

"Night Katie I hope your coming along tomorrow." Liam asks patting my back in the hug.

"Night Liam I for sure will come along I can't wait."

"Good night baby sis see you in the morning." Louis says squeezing a bit to tight when he was hugging me.

"Night big brother see you in the morning."

"Good night my love." Harry says kissing me softly on the lips.

"Night Harry." I say kissing him back.

"Oh and boys thank you for today I will never forget what happened today. Thank you for all the things you bought me I love you and good night."

"Good night Katie and your welcome you deserved it with all the hard work you did just to graduate high school. We love you too!" they all said as they walked into their rooms.

I walked into my room and slowly closed my door. I wasn't really sleepy yet so I put away all the clothes I got from today and other clothes that I brought with me when I moved in. I like to organize my clothes by the type of clothing it is.For example I have pants in one section, shirts in one section and so on, and so on. I also group them by colour. some of my friends say I have O.C.D when it comes to my closet. I also organise my shoes by brand and colour. When I was finished I walked in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After that I walked towards my bed when my bedroom door opened and Harry's head popped in.

"Oh jeez Harry don't do that you scared me to death"

"Sorry I didn't want to knock and wake up the others."

"That's okay, what are you doing here anyways?"

"I can't sleep and I heard the water running from your room so I figured you were still awake."

"Yeah I'm not tired yet so I'm going to watch some t.v you can watch to if you want."

"Okay what are we watching?"

"Friends season one."

"I love friends!"

"SHHH you'll wake the other's we are supposed to be sleeping."

"Sorry I love Friends!" HArry whispered this time.

Harry and I sat on my bed under the covers. He had his arm around me I had my head resting on his chest. At some point I fell asleep because I woke up to Louis,Niall, and Liam singing it's Time to Get Up.

"UGH what time is it?" I asked still half asleep

"5:30" Niall said

"And what time is the photo shoot?"


"And what time do we have to be there by?"


I shot up from my spot noticing I was sleeping in Harry's arms the hole time. Harry was still sound asleep.

"And you woke me up now?! We are going to be late have you even woken up Zayn yet?"

"No" they said in unison.

"Well go wake him up and you guys get dressed after you wake up Zayn."

The quickly left my room to go wake up Zayn.

"Good morning my love how are you this morning?" Harry said finally waking up.

"I'm fine but you better got take a shower and get dressed or else we are going to be late." I say kissing him on the lips.

"Okay I'll see you down stairs"

Harry got out of bed and headed to his room. I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face and bush my teeth. I walked into my closet. I picked out the purple skinny jeans Niall had bought me, with the floral tank top Harry bought with the TOMS Lou got me. I grabbed the sunglasses Zayn bought and the bracelet Liam picked out for me. I curled my hair and put some make-up on. I liked the way the curls cascade down my back, my hair was very long. I grabbed my phone and purse then headed downstairs. I walked down the stairs and the lads were waiting by the door, Harry looked up and said.

"Hey she's a mix of all of us today!" I smiled and kissed him.

"Okay let's goooooooo we are going to be late, you know how Paul hates it when you are late." I said

"Do you want me to drive?" I asked Harry who was reaching into his pocket to get the keys.

"Can I drive this time?"Louis asked

"Sure" I said tossing him the keys.

"SHOTGUN!!" Zayn shouted running towards the car.

"AWW no fair you always get shotgun." Niall says pouting.

"Stop fighting and get in the car we are going to be late."Liam says

When we got in the car I was sitting at the very back with Harry, Liam and Niall were sitting in front of us and Zayn and Louis sitting in front of them. We are off to the photo shoot, Harry was holding my hand when Liam turned around and said.

"AWW look at you two love birds are you guys going to tell the world soon?"

"Harry and I decided that we would wait a month before we tell the world."

"Aww look at my little sister and my best friend making good choices for their relationship." Louis say holding his hand over his heart and looking into the rear view mirror.

"Lou you know I make god choices."

"Of course you do."

*She makes me want to oh oh oh* sang on someones phone

"Hello?" Niall said answering his phone.

"Okay thank you for reminding us... okay I'll make sure to tell them...okay have a nice day... bye." Niall said nodding his head even thought the person on the other end can't see him.

"Management?" Harry asked.

"Yep they are reminding us that we have to be at the airport by 4:30 in the morning on Saturday for the tour in America and to make sure we have Katie's ticket."

"Wait on Saturday? That's in two day have you lads started packing yet?" I asked

"No we haven't we usually pack the day before we leave." Zayn says looking over his shoulder.

"Well we have to pack once we get home I'll help you if you need it."

"We're here and there is a big group of fans waiting for us... I wonder where Paul is." Louis says bringing the car to the back of the building.

"Hurry boys your late... oh hi Katie I didn't know you were coming along." Paul says with a smile.

"Yep I'm so happy to see you Paul." I say giving him a hug.

Paul lead us to a door and walked us down a long hallway we had to go single file because of how narrow it was, it was also dark. I walked with Harry while the other boys were walking behind us fooling around. Paul noticed Harry and I were holding hands and said.

"whoa wait are you two dating?"

"Yeah ever since I moved in yesterday."

"And your brother is okay with this?"

"Yeah, his sister and his best friend what could go wrong? were his exact words." Harry said pulling me closer to him.

"Do the fans know yet?"

"Nope why do you ask?" I said looking at him.

"Well there is a big window up ahead and all the fans can see through it, in 3...2...1"

Immediately Harry and I let go of each other's hands and Harry waved to the fans as we walked past the window.

"Thanks Paul" Harry says.

"No problem, when do you exactly plan on telling the fans?"

"In a month."

"Oh I see well I'll make sure it looks like you guys are just friends and nothing more." Paul said with a wink.

"Okay boys here is your dressing room and hurry you only have 20 minutes to get changed, get hair and make-up done, now go!"

I waited with Paul outside of their dressing room, we talked for a bit.

"So are you ready for Saturday?"

"No not yet and neither are the boys we haven't started packing yet, but once we get home today I'm going to make them start packing."

"That's a good girl, I'm happy your coming on the tour with us."

"I'm excited to be allowed to come."

"We're ready" Harry said coming out of the dressing room.

"Follow me." Paul said motioning them in the right direction.


Hey so sorry I haven't posted in awhile I've been busy but here you go! I hope you like it!






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