Mysterious Love

Katie Tomlinson finally graduates her older brother suggested that she moves in with him and the lads and go on tour with them for the next two years. What happened when Katie falls in love with one of the lads? Will it last? Or does she fall in love with one of the other lads? One that she really trusts and secretly loves.


1. Chapter 1

I was working on my essay for English when "Incoming call from LouisTomlinson" popped up in the middle of my screen. I quickly clicked answer. Knowing I could finally skype with my brother and tell the boys the surprising news.

" Hi Louis how are you?" I asked

"Wonderful hold on Katie." He said with a smile.

"BOYS!?" I could hear my brother yell as he tried to cover the mic with his hand.

"Must you yell?"Zayn asked walking into the living room.

"Coming!" I could see Niall coming from the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand.

"Yes Louis? What do you need?" Asked Liam sounding like a dad.

"BooBear I'm here for you!" Shouted Harry running down the stairs almost falling flat on his face.

I giggled at the way he entered the room.

"Katie is online say hi and there is something we have to tell you." I could hear my brother say as he moved the laptop back so I could see all 5 of them.

"Hello Katie how are you?" the boys asked in unison.

"I'm fine school is extremely stressful because exams are next week, I'm graduating the week after exams, I still have to write my valedictorian speech and I have to finish this essay that is due tomorrow and I wish I could get away from this for a while." I replied holding up my rough copy of my essay.

"Oh that's right there is a surprise" I said Quickly remembering "But I think Louis should tell you what it is because it was his idea."

"Only if you want me to."

"I want you to it was your idea after all."

"Will you just tell us already I have to use the toilet I'm about to pee my pants!" Shouted Harry.

"TMI Harry TMI" I said with a smile.

"Yes Harry TMI" Said Liam rubbing his temples

"Okay so boys the big surprise is Katie is going to move in with us and go on tour with us for the next 2 years! It was her grad present from mum.

"REALLY?! YAY Katie is moving in!" Shouted Niall.

Everyone was surprised for sure except for Harry. Harry got up from his spot and walked away with and angry expression on his face I knew why Harry didn't really like me he thought I was spoiled and that I got everything I wanted that I got everything handed to me on a silver platter. But I don't I worked very hard just to get where I am today.

"Harry where are you going?" Asked my brother

"To the toilet I have to pee remember?" Replied Harry sounding really pissed off.

"Well how come your not excited Katie is coming?"

Silence Lurked in the air.

"Well Katie we should go now and let you finish your essay I'll talk to you about this later."

"Okay Louis I Love you I can't wait to move in! I'll text you later.

"Love you too Kit Kat! You better ace that essay."

"You know I will! see you later,bye boys." I said waving to them

"Bye Katie see you in 4 weeks! Good luck on your exams." Said Liam

"Thank you Liam."

"Good bye Katie I promise we will have fun when you get here!" Niall said still munching on his sandwich.

"see you soon Katie love you!" Zayn said with a big smile on his face.

"See you soon I can't wait!" I said before the call ended.



Hi I'm new here my names Karen, this is the very first story I've written I wrote this about three years ago when I was in gr 9 and I'm in gr 11 now anywho some of the things are from when the boys were on the UAN tour but as the story progresses there's been a slight shift to recent times like the TMH tour. Thought I'd let you know. I have this story on Wattpad that's where I started so if you'd like to read ahead it's there under the same username.

Also I hope you liked this chapter I'll try and upload as much as I can but exams are this week so I'll try my best!


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