Sofia's Story- Deathly Hallows

Sofia is not alone at Hogwarts this year. She has her brother and her cousins with her. But as the battle for the wizarding world nears, will having her family so close to the fire really be as good as everyone believes it will be, or will it lead to devastating results?


4. Chapter 4

Sofia, Marcus and James marched down to the Quidditch pitch early Saturday morning for tryouts. The boys had managed to talk Sofia into trying out for Seeker, though she was skeptical. Marcus was trying out for Keeper, and James for Beater. 

Ginny and several other Gryffindors were already there when the three arrived. They waited for another fifteen minutes before tryouts began. 

Ginny had everyone fly a few laps for warm ups and to weed out anyone who had no business trying out. Then she divided everyone by the positions they were trying out for. The Chasers went first. They had to fly vigorous patterns while passing the Quaffle back and forth and then each had three shots to try and score with Ginny as Keeper. Dean Thomas and Demelza Robins stood out from the rest, and would be the clear choices. 

Beaters were next. After seeing the tryouts, Sofia had no doubt that James would grab a spot. He successfully hit every moving target with the Bludgers. Last years Beaters, Coote and Peaks were neck and neck for the second spot, and Sofia did not envy Ginny's decision.

Keeper tryouts were next. Marcus was up against Cormac McLaggan and another boy Sofia did not know. Though Cormac was a decent Keeper, Sofia knew Ginny hated him and would pick Draco Malfoy for her team before she would pick him. The other boy saved most of his shots, but it seemed more like luck than anything else. 

To Sofia's surprise, no one else was trying out for Seeker. Ginny walked up to her after the Keepers were done. 

"I guess since you don't have any competition, you're Gryffindors new Seeker," she said. "Are you any good?"

Sofia shrugged. 

"I'm alright. I'm no Harry, but I'm better than my opposers."

She made a gesture at the open space beside her. She noticed that Ginny flinched a little when she said Harry's name. 

"Ginny, I'm sorry."

The girl smiled faintly. 

"It's alright. I know that he's okay. If something had happened to him, You-Know-Who would plaster it all over the world."

She was right. Sofia had not heard from Harry all summer. If Voldemort had killed him, he would want everyone to know. It would be proof to the world that no one could stand in his way. 

"Well, should I fly around a bit just to show you what I can do?" Sofia asked, wanting to change the subject. 

"Sure," Ginny said with a faint smile. "I'll set up the rings and you can fly through a course."

Ginny headed off to set up the course. A few minutes later Sofia mounted her broom and set off. 

It was a challenging course. There were lots of sharp turns after many of the rings to get to the next. Sofia did well though, not missing a single one and having a great time. 

"That was excellent!" Ginny said as Sofia touched down. "You're better than alright."

Sofia shrugged. 


"I'm sure we have a great team this year. We should give Draco and the Slytherins a run for the cup."

Sofia walked up to the stands to meet Marcus and James, who had stayed to watch her tryouts. Natalie was there as well, along with Daniel, Ollie and the twins, who had all come to watch tryouts. 

"Congrats, Sof!" Daniel said, giving her a hug. 

"Thanks Danny. When are Slytherin tryouts?"

"Right now," Daniel said, nodding towards the pitch where Draco, Crabbe and Goyle were mounting brooms along with several other Slytherins. 

Daniel, Ollie and the twins picked up their own brooms and flew to meet the Slytherins. Sofia stayed with her other cousins to watch the tryouts. Her family members made the Slytherin team easily, and Sofia knew this would make head news at Hogwarts. The Adema's now had players on two of the four Quidditch teams. Sofia could be that the Snytherin versus Gryffindor game would be an interesting one. 


That afternoon Sofia ran into Ginny in the common room. 

"Hey, Sofia are you coming to the meeting?" Ginny asked. 

"What meeting?"

Ginny looked around cautiously to make sure no one was listening. 

"The DA meeting," she said "Neville is starting it up again. We're starting with all the old members and then see if we can recruit more. We're going to fight."

Sofia thought for a moment. She was surer that if there was a DA meeting, most of her family would be there. She knew she had to be there as well, for them. 

"Yeah, I'll be there."

"Great," Ginny said cheerfully. "See you there."

She walked out if the common room. Sofia looked around and saw Natalie looking at her for across the room. 

"I suppose you're going too," she said. 

Natalie nodded and looked smug. 

"Of course I am. And so are all of your cousins from what Marcus tells me."

Sofia wasn't surprised by the fact that all of her family was going or that Marcus and Natalie were talking.  They had really hit it off, and it would not be long before they became official. 

"Come on," Natalie said as she stepped over to Sofia and grabbed her arm. "Let's get going. We don't want to be late."

A few minutes later they were standing in the Room of Requirement with thirty or so other students. Many of them were DA members from last year, including Hannah Abbott, Lavender Brown, Susan Bones, Michael Corner, Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevey, Seamus Finnigan, Ernie Macmillan, the Pavarti twins, and Luna.   All of Sofia's cousins were there, as were Daniel, Andrew and Luke. There were also a dozen or so other students from various Houses, but Daniel, Ollie and the twins were the only Slytherins. Sofia tried to catch Luke's eye but he would not look at her. 

"Okay, listen up everybody," Neville said. "You all know why we're here. The Carrows and Snape have taken over Hogwarts, and we can't have that. Now I know that things will be difficult for some of us without Harry, but he would want us to fight. He would want us to stand up to the Death Eaters. So that's what we're going to do."

"Here, here!" Lauren and Julius called out, and others joined in. 

"Now," Neville said. "Here's the deal. It's not going to be easy, and we can expect that the Carrows will give us a proper fight. So if you're scared, you can leave now. No one is going to think any less of you."

No one moved, but Sofia knew that as soon as things got rough, many of them would abandon all thoughts of rebellion. 

"First off, we've got to give the Carrows a proper Hogwarts greetings. Only," he hesitated. "I'm not sure how. Does anyone have any idea how?"

There were murmurs among the crowd. Some people shouted about feeding them some Weasley candies. Some discussed getting Peeves to drop suits of armor on them. 

"This is child's play," Sofia said over the crowd. "Pranks and jokes, it's all a joke. This is a war we're fighting. You want to make the Carrows wish they had never set foot here, you have to do something big, something powerful."

"Have you got any ideas then?" Seamus asked smartly. 

"A fair few," Sofia replied. "But, they're bound to get us in a load of trouble."

"Trouble? Think we care about trouble?" 

Luke was walking towards her, angry look on his face. 

"If we were afraid of trouble then we wouldn't be here, would we?"

"I know you all are not afraid," Sofia said defensively. She bit back adding that they should be. 

"Then go on," Luke said. "What are your grand ideas."

"There are some curses we could use on them, curses that will make them realize just what they're up against."

"Yeah," Marcus said. "We can use everything your father taught us over the summer. Although, it's very advanced magic."

"We can do it!" Colin said. "We can learn."

Sofia walked up to Neville. 

"Neville, listen to me. You need to teach these students to defend themselves. Leave the Carrows to my family and I."

Neville nodded. 

"Alright then. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to meet a few times a week and practice defensive spells. We'll make sure that there are sessions that everyone can attend. In the mean time, we can all try and make the Carrows miserable. Whether it's puking pasties our whatever, we'll all work at it."

There were murmurs of agreement. The meeting ended and students began to head off to their common rooms. Sofia held back with Daniel and her cousins. 

"Puking pasties?" Marcus said furiously. "They honestly think that Death Eaters will be stupid enough to eat candies given to them by children?"

"Look," Sofia said. "We can't worry about it. We have out job. We're going to make the Carrow's lives miserable."

"We need to stop hiding," Evanna said. 

"What do you mean?" James asked. 

"You know what I mean," she replied. "We need to show everyone who we really are."

Everyone looked to Sofia, waiting for her to reply. She didn't like where this was going, but she understood the need for it. It would show the students why the Ademas were different, and show the Carrows that they did not own them. 

"I don't like this. I don't like it at all. But I agree, we need to do it. Here's what we'll do. Monday we'll meet outside the Great Hall while everyone is at breakfast. Then we'll go in together and show them all who we are."


Sofia stood outside the Great Hall with Marcus Monday morning, pacing back and forth as they waited for their cousins. All weekend she had worried about this morning. She was used to attention, both good and bad, from her peers. She was used to them talking about her behind her back, judging her for who her parents were. Her cousins were not. They had never attended a public school with so many judgmental teenagers. 

"Sofia calm down, it'll be fine."

Sofia didn't have time to answer. At that moment the other children arrived. She looked at all of them in turn. They were all eager and excited. 

"All right," she said. "Let's do this."

She transformed quickly, suddenly feeling comfortable as her soft paws felt the cool stone floor. She took a few cautious steps and then walked boldly into the Great Hall, accompanied by an eagle, a Phoenix,  cougar, a tiger, two foxes, a hawk, and a cat. 

They walked, and flew, into the Great Hall quickly. They stood at the back for a moment until students began to notice. There were yells and whispers. Then Marcus, the Phoenix, took off across the room, followed by Daniel, the eagle and Ollie, the hawk. They circled the room and gave loud echoing shrieks before in front of the teachers table. The two twin foxes jumped onto the two nearest tables, the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and sprinted down the lengths of the tables, sending good and plates flying, and students screaming and running away. They jumped off the far ends and went to stand beside the boys. Sofia walked calmly to the front, followed by James, the tiger, Evanna, the black cat, and Lillian, the cougar. Once she reached the front she spun around and faced the room of students. 

She gave them a long look, and then turned to face the teachers. The Carrows were glaring at her, wands unleashed. Snape was missing. 

She growled from deep within her throat. She lunged at the table, knocking it over and almost crushing Alecto. She screamed and lunged out of the way. Amycus ran to is sister. Sofia lunged at him as he did and knocked him to the floor. Then she jumped off of him and stepped backwards. She saw Professor McGonagall raise her wand and point it at Sofia. 

Sofia transformed quickly and McGonagall lowered her wand, eyes wide in shock. 

"Miss Adema, what..." She trailed off, unable to form words. 

Sofia looked out over the Great Hall. Her family transformed too, and stood beside her. 

Neville stood up on his seat and began to clap. Ginny followed, then Luna, then Natalie and Luke, and Andrew. Soon almost the entire hall was standing up and clapping. 

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