Tamara's Dream Comes True

Tamara is 15 year old, goes to Casula High School in Sydney. She has 3 friends. Been in a relationship since she was 13 year old.
Her Parents are very strict. she has 1 brother and 2 sisters (all younger than her).
Her Boyfriend name is Liam Payne (Yeah I know one direction, but he isn't in one direction in this story).


2. My Life when I was a teenager.

WOW I just completed Year 6, I am growing to a big girl, my adopted brother Mitchell is Year 7 going into year 8. I am going to Tomaree High School apparently it was a good school. Ok, first day of high school, i am really nervous. And there was a damn hot guy in the school, only year 10, his name is Liam Payne... i basically had a heart attack. I collapsed on the ground, and he came and save my life. He was like my Prince Charming and he asked me out and I said YES!! All of the year 7 students were really jealous. I told my mum and dad and they were really happy for me. My siblings were really jealous.. and there was a KNOCK KNOCK on the door and i answered the door. And there was a girl that went to my school and she goes "Tamara? she said. "Yeah, who is asking?" i replied "My name is Ruby Buckton and I go to your school Tomaree High School" I had a confuse look on my face.. "Ok, what do you want?" i asked. "I was wondering if we can be friends as you need a buddy going through the school and they are really nasty bastards in this school." she said in a nicest way as possible. "OK, whatever, i got to go i have so much homework to do".. "Ok".
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