Tamara's Dream Comes True

Tamara is 15 year old, goes to Casula High School in Sydney. She has 3 friends. Been in a relationship since she was 13 year old.
Her Parents are very strict. she has 1 brother and 2 sisters (all younger than her).
Her Boyfriend name is Liam Payne (Yeah I know one direction, but he isn't in one direction in this story).


1. My Life when I was a kid.

My mother Elizabeth Wilson and My Father John Wilson are in Campbelltown Hospital.. I arrived in the world at 02.30am and it is a healthy baby girl.. and I was weighed 3.5kg. It was Monday.. The very next day my mother was rushed into surgery and she died on the operating table... WHAT?!?! I am a newborn and i never saw my mother again.. it was me and my dad... My Dad took me home and he was basically crying every night for over the 6 months when I was home. My dad couldn't raise me anymore he was really depressed and was schedule into a mental health unit and he wasn't going to get out any time soon. I was adopted.. adopted great I have no life and no family for a while.. i stayed in a orphanage for a 1 year and half. Then a family come into an orphanage and they were a lovely couple, they were trying so hard for a baby and they kept on miscarrying. Then they gave up and they decided to adopt and they have 2 adopted children. Lucy and Connor. And they asked for another girl and boy and I was next on the list to be adopted. Tamara is only 1 and 1/2 years and Mitchell is 2 years old... so good age between them. YAY I am adopted.. and I am going to Nelson Bay for the rest of my life!! I am so excited
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