Tamara's Dream Comes True

Tamara is 15 year old, goes to Casula High School in Sydney. She has 3 friends. Been in a relationship since she was 13 year old.
Her Parents are very strict. she has 1 brother and 2 sisters (all younger than her).
Her Boyfriend name is Liam Payne (Yeah I know one direction, but he isn't in one direction in this story).


4. My Life as a Adult

Me and Liam are married and i am pregnant with our first child. I am only 5 months. and i am having twins. Boy and Girl. i was thinking of calling my girl Indianna and boy Isaac. We have a penthouse and we are currently painting our nursery cream colour. Liam is in a band One direction. He isn't touring till the babies are at least 1 year old because he wants to support me and the family as much as he can. I am working from home. I am a director of One Direction so i organised their gigs and sell merchandise and stuff like that. But i get so much money like $10,000 per month, no wonder i am so rich hahaha. Ok, it is Xmas Day and my waters are broken... OMG i am going to be a mum today... Indianna and Isaac were born on Xmas Day at 06.30am. OMG me and Liam are over the moon. 2 Years Later I am pregnant again but with triplets... 2 boys and 1 girl. their names are going to be Steve, Brendan and Lucia. i am going to have so many kids and i am proud of being a mum and that is what i wanted to do in my life and that is it. My adopted parents have passed away after Indi and Isaac were born but i got Liam parents to put shit on anyway. On 1st January 1996 my triplets were born at 16.30pm.
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